The neighbor's son

My husband would get home by 6 every night. During the day I enjoyed my gardening, working around the yard. From the street you could see very little of our yard, as it was about 10 feet above the road, so only as you would pass the driveway could you see any of it.
On the weekend we enjoyed going place's and doing thing's, but during the warmer month's he would have to cut the grass trim tree's edge the driveway, some kind of work outside. He didn't mind but it took time away from us going out and doing more fun stuff.
One day while I was outside gardning I noticed my neighbor's son cutting another neighbor's yard, I taked to my husband and asked if he would like me to talk to him about doing some of the work outside for the summer so we had more time to go do the thing's we liked to do. He was fine with that.

A few day's later while getting the mail I saw our neighbor's son carl driving by, I waved him down and asked if he would concider cutting our yard and some of the other work around the yard? Carl said sure can we look at what you want done now? That would be great.
He pulled into the driveway and we walked around the yard as I was telling him what kind of thing's we would like to have done. I noticed him looking at my chest, I was wearing a pair of short's and a loose t shirt without a bra. This is what I alway's wear when doing my yard work, I started to wonder what he was thinking, and was getting excited by that, and found that my nipple's were getting hard thinking about that.
Carl had just finished High School and was going to college in the fall, so in a few month's he would be unable to help around the yard.
We decided Thursday midday would be a good time for him to come by. When Thursday came my husband had gone to work and I was just having my morning coffee,
I found my self thinging about carl coming over and thinking about what I should wear. I had some short's that were shorter and looser then other's, and I had a v neck t shirt that was my husband's that I sometime's would wear to bed, I had cut it so it hung down only as far as my last rib, when I started to wear it a while back. I got dressed and found myself looking in the mirror to see how it looked, and when I did that I found knowing Carl would be able to take a good look got me excited.
I went outside and started my stuff early enough so when Carl came over I would be in the middle of my gardening. Carl got their a little after 12, as he drove up I got up to greet him and walked over to the car. I could see him looking over to me as I walked up, he got out and said hi, and we spoke for a minute. It was easy enough to see Carl looking me over, and with that my nipple's hard gotten hard.
He started his work and at one point when I heard the lawnmower stop I asked if he would like something to drink? He was happy for the drink and happy to have me bend over to give it to him. He had turned the lawn mower over to get ride of the build up of grass, so I thought I would give him his drink while I had the chance to bend over for him. As he looked over at me to take the drink he had a clear view of my chest, and took it. I asked him if the lawnmower was ok only to stay bent over a little longer.
I found myself very excited by this, at one point I could see him looking down my top and I looked down to see what he was seeing and then back at him, he looked up knowing I new ware he was looking and just smile, I asked him if he had a girl friend? No I don't going away soon I thought it best not too.
He was only their for about an hour, I was hoping some how it would have been longer, By the next week I had found a few more thing's he might be able to do, just for that reason.
I knew most of my top's were the same and could show my chest, but I want something that would make him want to look more often. In the morning before he came over I found a scoop neck t shirt that was loose, I cut it down the front about 6 inch's more and put a lace in it to look like you would tie the front. I knew now he not only could look down my shirt but from the side, he would see in also.
I was outside when he got their and again walked over to say hello, and let him know I wanted to make him lunch to day when he was done. I knew he noticed my top as soon as I walked over and was happy to have me make lunch for him, as much as I could I would stop him for some reason just to keep him looking.
when he was done he came over to let me know he was done and I on my knee's was happy for the visit. While I was finishing up what I was doing we talked and I made sure he could look all he wanted.
We went inside and he sat down and I started making his lunch, I would bring thing's over a little at a time and bend over for him to look as I did. Out of the blue he told me how nice my top was. I said thanks I had made some changes to it for the warmer humid month's, while saying this I was putting down his plate and looked over to him, to see that he was looking in my shirt, he looked up and I smiled and said it is nice isn't it. Yes very.
I told him I had an idea about another flower bed if he would he could help me with, so I got some paper and pencil and stood next to him bending over as I drew looking back at him from time to time only to see him looking down my shirt most of the time. At this point I was sure he knew I was ok with he looking and gave him the time to do so.
When lunch was over I asked him if he could make time for us to work on my idea next time he came over. sure that's good.
When he came over the next week I had on a guaze top that was more sheer, and he noticed right away and said you look real nice. I said thank's and asked if he wanted a drink before he started? Ok that would be great, so we went inside, he hard a hard time looking anywhere other then my chest, my nipple's where so hard and I was so excited, I just said Carl would you like me to take off my top? he looked up so surprized, and said yes if that's ok I would really love that. I told him so would I.
I took off my top and as soon as I did he asked if he could feel my chest, Yes if you would and if you don't mind could you take off your pant's? He looked at me with such surprize and did so as fast as he could, as he did I then took off my short's. I took his hand and walked him into my bedroom and we spent the hole afternoon fu#king. He was great he could stay hard for so long.
After that Carl knew that during his time at my house he would be fu#king me one way or another, inside outside wherever we could. That was a great summer for both of us, and my husband often would be fu#king just hour's later happy as could be.

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