Sun bathing in my back yard

I did this a few years ago and have repeated it a few times since then. We had received a lot of rain and the lawn service man we use was off schedule. It was a beautiful day and he usually came by in the mornings so in the early afternoon I decided that I wanted to lay out and soak up some sun.
I was in my lounger on the back patio for about twenty minutes feeling very nice and relaxed when I heard the engine start up and the familiar sound of grass being mowed out front. I laid there thinking I should really get up and put something on but at the same time I thought to myself why not just lay here. I mean what would be the harm in him seeing my naked butt, not like I was laying here spread out showing him everything.
We have talked in the past about both yard stuff and other topics, I have even given him a cold drink and a snack so when he got to mowing the back yard I would just give him a wave and not worry about it. Our patio is pretty big and there are shrubs around it on two sides so I just laid there and listened to the mower drive around. He started at the back of the yard and was working is way towards the house when he threw up his hand and waved at me, I returned it and he continued working. I heard him mowing right next to the shrubs and I watched as he slowly passed by and never even turned his head towards me. He cruised across to the other side of the yard and soon I did not hear the mower anymore. I then heard him trimming around the yard then came the blower getting all the cut grass off the walkways. I looked over at him towards the end of the patio, I was keeping my chest down but told him he must be pretty busy with the rain finally ending. He told me that he was indeed very busy that day and then commented on me getting caught up on my tanning, I laughed and told him yes I am and he told me that I better not get burned out here because that sun is hot. So that ended the first time that he saw me out tanning and he was very good about it so I did not feel uncomfortable at all.
I was surprised though at how turned on I was letting him see me naked and I wondered how many times this happens for him. I could not be the only woman who tanned in her backyard naked but I guess most would cover up or go inside once they heard him working.
It was about a month later when I heard his truck pull up out front, I was standing at the back kitchen window looking out at the yard. I saw my lounger sitting there but the sun was not hitting hit, I glanced over to the other side of the patio and noticed that it was in the sun. I could not believe the bad thoughts I was having but within minutes while he was mowing the front yard I had myself out there naked in the sun waiting for him to come around back. This area of the patio only had shrubs along the rear with the side open and I was only about ten feet if that from the edge. He came around to the back yard and I was again on my front side as he continued working his way around the yard. He stopped at the end of the shrubs and turned off his mower, I looked up at him and said hello, he was just on the other side of them. He told me hello back and told me that he would certainly love to keep on mowing while I tanned but this time I was laying to close to where he needed to mow and he certainly did not want to accidently hit me with anything flying out of the mower from the side yard. I told him I understood and with a flurry of butterflies in my stomach I turned over and sat up on my lounger then wrapped a towel around me. I turned and asked him if he wanted something cold to drink and could I get him anything to eat, he just smiled at me and told me that he would love a cold drink.
I went into the house while he finished up the lawn and came back out with a big plastic cup of water for him to just take with him. I did not put anything on and just kept the towel wrapped around me. He finished up with the trimming and blowing then walked over to me on the patio, he picked up the water and asked me how things were going while he drank some down. We chatted briefly and then he told me that he would be on his way so I could work on my tan some more. I joked with him a little and asked if he wanted to put tanning oil on my hard to reach spots, he smiled back and told me sure. I walked over to my lounger and spread the towel back out on it then laid down. He spread oil over my back and worked his way down my legs, he got to my feet though and he started massaging them. It felt really good and I was amazed at how good he was doing it, I had massages before and he seemed to really know how to do it. He worked his way back up my legs and did my lower back feeling around finding the knots and working them out. I was getting so relaxed under his hands turning me into putty that I did not want him to stop. He did though and told me to have a wonderful rest of my day because I just made his day really great. I looked up at him and asked him where in the world he learned how to give such great massage, he shrugged and told me he was just a natural at it. I asked him if he would rub my neck and shoulders telling him about a really tight area I had in my left shoulder. He laughed and told me sure, I began to melt again under his hands as he dug in to my skin soothing away the tight spot. I was truly enjoying the massage, he is that good at it and he never once made a sexual joke, he just massaged me like it was no big deal to him.
I kept up the routine of being out sunning for him if it was a really nice day out for it and one day while he was making his way around the back yard I decided to lay on my back. I stretched out on my lounger with my hands above my head and closed my eyes just listening to the mower drive around the yard. I was in the middle of the patio so he could get the side without stopping but as soon as I heard the trimming stop he never came back around the house. I stood up after quite a few minutes of no noise and walked into the house, looking out I did not see his truck and trailer. I thought that I had offended him some how but surely the time he was here and massaged me he would have seen all of me except for all of my breasts. I thought it was odd and then I decided that maybe he was just in a hurry that day with plenty of work to do but it kept bothering me so a few hours later I called him but he did not answer so I left him a message. When he returned my call I told him that I had a water ready for him but you did not come back around the house, he told me that he had seen me but did not want to disturb me so he left. I told him he was being ridiculous and he never would disturb me at all but he was quiet and then told me that he did not want to walk around to me because I was a very beautiful woman and he was afraid he would not be able to resist trying to make love to me. I was really flattered by him telling me this and I assured him that I was not offended in any way then I told him that I would love a great massage again and next time he came by I would be ready for one.

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  • What would you think about spying on a guy?

  • I tan topless with tiny tie side bikini bottom on my lounger all the time next to our pool in summer, we have five story condo's at one side and the rear plus a double story house next door that all overlook our back yard but do not reduce our sun light during most of the day, I know most of the male even some female residence perv on me some with binoculars or scopes and it makes me so horny I do put on a show for them laying on my back, opening my legs, putting on sun cream and letting my bottom drop off as I get out of the pool etc. it is so great some times I can't wait for my husband to get home and screw me I go to our room and masturbate.

  • My parents have a gardener come round once a week in the summer, i live at home and go to college locally so I'm often home alone studying. He works with his shirt off and he's very cute. I have to confess to sunbathing in a bikini when i know he's due round, sometimes we chat, other times he just smiles at me last time he came round i was sunbathing topless, face down, and he came to talk to me, i have never felt so naked around a stranger and so turned on. I'm 18, i think maybe he's like 30, but he pushes my buttons lol ;) Laura

  • You gonna try anything with him?

  • If you want him, he can be yours. Just reach out and pinch his nipple.

  • Wouldn't mind some updates :) You write well and it's a very engaging story

  • I am writing a follow up to this story, thank you for your comment.

  • Honey be honest the only massage you want from him now is his big hard cock massaging the inside of your cunt ?

  • Yes isn't that what all men want as well as women?

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