Fun while out to dinner

Lisa, knew I enjoyed her wearing top's that allowed you a view of her chest, and knew I enjoyed other men getting a look also.
We went out one night for dinner at a restaurant about 40 minute's from home. If you could, you could sit out on a back patio overlooking the river, and they had a great menu.
We had eaten there before. When we got there we had to wait a bit to sit out on the patio and new that as we hoped only two male waiters working that area. When a table was ready, we headed back to the patio, and shortly after sitting down a waiter came over to give us our menu's and said he would be back in a minute to take a drink order. As Lisa sat down as I looked at her across from me, I could see that her dress opened up nicely, you could tell from the deep v neck she had no bra on. And I knew that if you stood or sat to the side of her you could see in her chest very easily. There was no table to the side of us, so it was just going to be the waiter to see her chest.

Once the waiter came back, with Lisa sitting relaxed and hand down off the table her top was open enough for him to get a great look at one side of her chest. She knew this was going to be her first impression on the waiter, He asked if we were ready to order drinks, I Looked at Lisa and said you go.
As he looked over to take her order I knew he could see in her dress, Lisa would look at the possible drinks just to take a bit longer, and they asked for a glass a of wine. As she looked up she could tell that he was looking at her chest. I gave him my order and off he went.
During our time there he made many stop's to see how we were doing and to get a look at Lisa's hard nipples. Each time Lisa would ask him about something just so he could stay a moment longer, it was great to watch him try to take a look whenever he could.
At one point I noticed him talking to the other waiter, and not long after the other waiter came over to ask if we had a white Camry, he said the light's were on and thought it might be our's. He looked at Lisa for the answer, Lisa at the time had a bite of food in her mouth, so she took a moment to answer. No, it is not our's and said wow, I hope you find the people. Let us know if you do, he looked with a smile and said sure I should be able to find them.
Not a minute or two later our waiter came back and Lisa asked if the other waiter found the people whose car light's were on. He said he did not know.
Lisa was very happy to come up with thing's to make it easier for the waiter to stay a little longer. After we asked for the check, again, I saw our waiter talk to his co-worker, and within a minute the other waiter came over and said he had found the owner. Lisa knowing this is his last look, Lisa said she was glad,it would be bad to find your car had a dead battery after a nice dinner out. He said yes it would, the hole time getting a great look at her hard nipple and nice firm chest. As he was just about to walk away, Lisa asked what are the best night's to eat there when it's not as busy? He said it depended on weather, but early part of the week was best. And then she said do you and our waiter work early in the week? He said we both work the week night's so if you come back then one of us will be your waiter.
Lisa looked at him with a smile and said great, we'll remember that. Once we had paid the check, the waiter was telling us he hoped we had a nice meal and it would be nice to have us back when we could. Lisa started getting up and as she was leaning forward a bit to give him one last look, as he stood looking in her top, she took a moment to look for her phone witch she had put under her napkin on purpose, as I stood now almost next to him I could see with ease the one side of her chest and could tell her nipple was hard, he then looked at m , and saw I was looking at the same thing he was. I looked at him and just smiled as to say it's ok look while you can. Lisa was so horny the hole way back home, it makes for great sex she love's when I tell her what I think they were thinking about her or what they wanted to do

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  • Enjoy the fun, and if she ends up having sex with a guy,so be it. She likes the attenion, You might get to watch one day

  • Well I hope all 16 year old girls have twins or quads or more and end up super fat. even mr meghan (meagain markle, me despicable me, thinking of me all the time meghan thinking about herself all the time) . fat gut here she cums cowsie!

  • We only play like this out of town on vacations and at hotels, no where close to home. My wife likes to be naughty like this and I like it as well. My wife will hold the menu up and close to her chest then start pointing at items and asking questions while the waiter gets a good look at her nipples. Some times I will hike her skirt up so her panties or her skin is showing to upskirt her to the waiter or other patrons. Flashing gets her so excited and it turns me on.

  • Sweetie my name is lisa as well, from NYC. My husband used to have me get all dressed up too, and tease other men. I found myself going back to the same restaurant with my girl friends on multiple occasions. Eventually I hooked up with the waiter. If you don't want this to happen cut that shit out.

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