Sex Confessions


I am a 36 year old housewife and have been married 10 years but for the past year have been sleeping with my husbands dad.He is almost 60 but doesn't look it,he is a much better lover than my husband and does things to me that my husband never would,when he is inside of me he makes me feel a complete woman and I never fail to orgasm.I know this is... [more]

Naughty babysitter

Even tho the eldest was 19 in the house hold I was asked to watch over the three youngest while the parents went to Reno over the week end for the eldest worked and didn't get home till the wee hours of the mornings and everything went well the first night how ever things wasn't what they seemed.
Early Saturday morning the three youngest decided... [more]

Scandal in the Church

As a pastor's kid, I haven't done anything, but have always wanted to. I've secrectly watched porn, masturbated anyway I could, and love to have day dreams. I am now a 19 year old freshman in college and started going to a new church. Our worship leader heard me singing and they put me on the worship team on stage with the huge band camera and... [more]


My Name is Paresh and my bhabhi name is Divya(name changed). i never had craze on my bhabhi but one day i saw my bhabhi's ass by mistakely from that day i want to fucked my bhabhi but i never get chance but i was waiting for something to day my brother take a new home in north DELHI.our whole family were there with my bhai.he taked home... [more]

I am attracted to old men

I am 16 years old and I was very naughty from a young age and was known as a slut at school. That isn't a fair thing to say because it's OK for boys to chase girls for sex but a girl like me who enjoys sex and likes a lot of it is called a slut. Anyway, I got fed up with the petty minded boys at school and I started to get to know one of my... [more]

A friend of my wife's...

JESUS!!!!!! So my wife has this friend she recently met through her daughter (my now step daughter). Step daughter went to a bday part for kids. we had to go pick her up afterwards. We walked in the door and were greeted by BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!! the other girls mom! WHOLY SHIT!!! She was simply fucking HOT!!!!!! I mean just freakin sexy as could... [more]

I love making married women cheat

I am a decent looking black guy, in my late 40s and educated. When I was 21,I had sex with a blonde white woman, who was separated at the time and had kids.
Ever since then,I have been hooked on dating or fucking married women, especially white women.
I don't find myself very interested in single ones-I am mostly chasing after married... [more]

I let things go to far with the neighbors daughter

Our neighbor bought the home as a flip property and the market tanked. So he rented it a few times, but the rent cost was to high for most to pay.
So he turned it into section 8 housing. We all figured we would get some hood rats move in, but its not. A woman who works at the school and her five children.
The oldest daughter had a while bf... [more]

I blew my friends dad

Im 23 years old, female and two weeks ago I made the biggest mistake of my life. My best friends dad owns the resturant where I work. Im a bartender and he pretty much lets us do whatever we want as far as drinking goes. I was closing and stayed after drinking with the staff and him. My best friend was out of town and not working that weekend. I... [more]

My Weird Kinky Fantasy

When I first met my wife she told me of the things that she had done throughout her life sexually. Or rather things that had happened to. I think she was always a sexual person, but these things influenced her attitude. When she was 8 yrs old her father molested her. It has had a profound effect on her because she said he used a vibrator to arouse... [more]

Getting my wife's sister into bed...

My wife and I are both 28 and happily married. We both come from large families, and hers includes several older sisters. They are all quite attractive but are also ultra-conservative. I've never had any fantasies or desires regarding any of her sisters, but that changed about 1 week ago.
My wife has a 35 yr-old sister who is married with 4... [more]

Met luvly granny last night

I was at a charity quiz last night and on my table was a lady of 65-75 (hope I will find out exactly how old soon) and she was really cute. She was about 5'3", trim figure, smallish breasts, nice legs and short blond hair. She was there with her daughter and to be honest the daughter was not as attractive as her mother. I was sat next to this... [more]

Mom's Secret Life

My mom divorced when I was 9 years old and never remarried. She was always a no nonsense prim and proper woman, so I thought, until I came home early from school one day. I was 17 at the time. I heard noises from mom's bedroom and looked through the door which as open a crack. I was shocked to see she was in bed with the 45 year old, married... [more]

She can not resist black dick

I have fucked a lot of whitewomen and i was their 1st blackman. They fall crazy in in love for the dick. Forgetting about family and their past lives.

Bus grope fun

Wasn't sure where this should go coz I'm new so I guessed here!
Years ago I had to take a long boring bus journey to work so I decided to make it more fun ;). Being a series flasher I wore a short wraparound skirt and left my panties off. I was hoping a guy would sit next to me and this day I got lucky.
This guy was much older than my 19 y o... [more]

Mastrubating for CFNM wife and her friend

I was at a party with my wife and after a while she was already buzzed. She asked one of her friends at the party if she and her husband wanted to go to our place for a few drinks.
On the way there she told me that this was the friend that did the most touching at their CFNM parties her friends just started. She told me that they both wanted me... [more]

My wife found us a girl

For a few years now my wife expressed her desire to eat pussy. I told her I wouldn't mind but I'd like to be able to at the very least watch. Last week we were in a park hanging out. We saw this young woman who was very attractive and had long thin legs. I said to my wife, there's a nice piece of candy I'd even do. My wife said let's see. She went... [more]

My first time as a "HotWife"

I guess I have my husband to thank for that.
We were on a vacation to another state and he started asking me all kinds of sex questions while he was driving. What would my ideal 3-way be? Would I ever want to be in an orgy? Would I ever give a stranger a “Handy” if I wouldn’t get caught? This went on for about two hours and it got me... [more]

Twisted First threesome.

I am a 30 year old male, my wife is 27. My wife has been wanting to have a threesome for some time now and I am not really into that type of stuff. So she finally talks me into it, details: I will be blindfolded, tied to the bed, one will ride me while the other rides my face and they will switch spots, my wife insures me this is someone she can... [more]

Servicing our old chaps

I work in a Care Home for Elderly people. In these places there are (a) more women than men, and (b) the men are always more grumpy than the women.
One night I had helped an old (81) man up to take him to the loo for a pee. I got him back in to bed and decided to give his wedding tackle a little clean and while I was doing it he surprised me... [more]

Fucking friends mom

I have always had a crush on my friends mom. She is slim, small breasted, brownish/blonde hair, really good facial features. I was over at his house for a sleepover when I was 17. Still a virgin, I wanted her panties for a little late night jerk. About 2 am, I snuck upstairs and slowly opened the door. I was so shocked to see her lying on her bed... [more]

35 with 18-19 over and over and over

I confess that I am 35 years old and I use my house, nice car, money, and decent looks to sleep with 18-19yo girls. I don't mess with anything underage and only really good looking ones. I charm them and get them to fall in love and then use them as my sex toys until they get too old. One of my favorite parts of doing this is watching the boys... [more]

My wife's best friend

My wife's best friend is extremely flirtatious. We recently had a pool party where she wore one of the sexiest bikinis I have ever seen. Her and I were in the kitchen and I told her I thought she looked incredible in her suit. She told me I was being naughty and laughed. I told her if I was being naughty she would know and grabbed her ass. She... [more]

Impregnating my daughter in law

My son and daughter in law can't have kids. The problem is with him, not her. He gave her permission to go out and find someone to father a child wit her, but asked her not to tell him about it. He discussed it with me and at the time I thought it was a rather sick scheme. I could never have imagined letting my wife (now deceased) to go out and... [more]

My dog

I had just come home from a long run and the day was very hot, I almost did not go because of the heat. Everything I was wearing was drenched so I grabbed a towel, turned the ceiling fan on high stripped off all my running gear and laid down on the floor under the fan. I am a woman, 32 years old in pretty fit condition. I was laying there getting... [more]

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