Sex Confessions

When did you suck your first cock?

How old were you when you sucked your first cock? Doesn't matter if you are female or male

She can not resist black dick

I have fucked a lot of whitewomen and i was their 1st blackman. They fall crazy in in love for the dick. Forgetting about family and their past lives.

I wanna get a white woman pregnant

I am a black guy.I just want to find a white woman,legal age,single or married,have sex with her until I knock her up and she can have my baby.I have slept with many white women but none has gotten pregnant.Most of them are on the pill or have their tubes tied.With all the white women in the world,I cant believe how difficult it is to get just one... [more]

Whats your sluttyest moment? what i read on this site and i wish to ask all the ladies who post and comment, what is and has been the most sluttyest act or sex event you have been involved in and performed? example being...a threesome with two guys? cheated with someone you shouldnt? etc

Does anyone feel the same ?

What i will write is totally truth .
I swear .
I admit it sometimes I masturbate and thinking little boys but I get horny with adults.
I see children only emotionally .
I think I could fall in love with an innocent and handsome little boy but not sexually , the same with an adult .
These feelings for children came to me suddenly at my 22... [more]

Letting another guy fuck your girlfriend

Is there anyone else on confession post that let's another guy fuck his girlfriend/fiancee/wife ? If you read my confession ( am I wrong to let this happen ? ) then you will see the lifestyle we lead, I would like to hear from either men or women thanks.

Like to get girls pregnant

I love the feeling and get so turned on by getting girls pregnant. I have got 11 girls pregnant. I got started when I had sex with a girl at a party at a friend's house when I was 14. It has his sister's friend and she was drunk. Baby born when I was 15 but I was off the hook b/c she didn't know who fucked her. After that, I knew I wanted more. I... [more]

Husband caught me with our dog

I am a stay at home Mom and our two children are now in school full time so I have found that I have a lot of spare time now. I was cleaning the bathroom floor one day and had on shorts, they cover me well but were pretty loose fitting. I am not sure what got into our dog but he walked up behind me as I was working my way backwards out the door... [more]

Losing my virginity to my dog

Many people might think that having sex with an animal is disgusting and unhealthy in a way, but truly it's quite the opposite. I remember I was 14 and I had had my Labrador for 4 years now but i never rally considered the idea of sticking his warm cock into my pussy. Those things just weren't on my mind. But one day i had come back from the... [more]

Servicing our old chaps

I work in a Care Home for Elderly people. In these places there are (a) more women than men, and (b) the men are always more grumpy than the women.
One night I had helped an old (81) man up to take him to the loo for a pee. I got him back in to bed and decided to give his wedding tackle a little clean and while I was doing it he surprised me... [more]

Met luvly granny last night

I was at a charity quiz last night and on my table was a lady of 65-75 (hope I will find out exactly how old soon) and she was really cute. She was about 5'3", trim figure, smallish breasts, nice legs and short blond hair. She was there with her daughter and to be honest the daughter was not as attractive as her mother. I was sat next to this... [more]

Stomach Sitting

I am a male of 35 and I like to sit on the stomach of women. Now I do it on my wife. Now she is adjusted with the sitting on her. I do it in the night as it is free time for us. But if possible in the day also. I like to sit on upper, lower, middle stomach, waist and breasts also. It is also good feel of squeezing breasts while sitting on. I put... [more]


I am a 36 year old housewife and have been married 10 years but for the past year have been sleeping with my husbands dad.He is almost 60 but doesn't look it,he is a much better lover than my husband and does things to me that my husband never would,when he is inside of me he makes me feel a complete woman and I never fail to orgasm.I know this is... [more]

Whats your sluttyest moment (refreshed) what i read on this site and i wish to ask all the ladies who post and comment, what is and has been the most sluttyest act or sex event you have been involved in and performed? example being...a threesome with two guys? cheated with someone you shouldnt? etc

Oh stupid girl if you knew...

So theres this really awful girl whos gonna come visit my friend Mark, they say to be so in love, especially her, she hates me for being his friend and being way hotter than her but i just laugh thinking.. if you only knew i've been fucking the 'love of your life' in the last days and after sex hes just like oh.. i like her but youre sooo... [more]

I am attracted to old men

I am 16 years old and I was very naughty from a young age and was known as a slut at school. That isn't a fair thing to say because it's OK for boys to chase girls for sex but a girl like me who enjoys sex and likes a lot of it is called a slut. Anyway, I got fed up with the petty minded boys at school and I started to get to know one of my... [more]

I want to fuck my mom

Well it all started when i was in 12 grade .i was 18 .it was summer holidays, My father , and my brother were out of station. Only me and my mom was there at our home.She was about 47 yrs old .ahe was a good looking woman. I loved my mom and never thought about her in sexual way. However that summer holidays changed my thought about my mom. My... [more]

I want a Baby

I am a black guy and just want to have sex with a single or married woman,legal age,any race and get her pregnant.I have been wanting to do this for years.I hope I knock a woman up this coming year.I will be so happy.

Is sex for grades ok?

I'm a college freshman girl, struggling a little, but obviously want to get good grades. I have the same professor for most my modules, and after a poor mid term I was invited to his office for advice/help. After dispensing his advice, he said, "...or you could let me fuck you and I'll see you get an A" and laughed, but i could tell this wad no... [more]

You Pathetic Bitches!

I'm fucking tired of all you sleazy ass white whores looking to steal our black men cause you think they all have huge cocks. Yes some do but many don't. Stay with your own fucking kind. When I see a brother with one of you I take him off to the side and remind him that black pussy is the best and that he will soon miss the sista. Yeah I said it... [more]

Do my wife

I want to watch another guy fuck my cute blonde wife. Stretch her little pussy out!

Are you a female in London, UK 🇬🇧 interested getting pregnant?

I am a fit and well hung black man and I live in London, UK 🇬🇧. I was wondering if there is any adult female 18 and above out there searching for a man to breed with? I can assure you that you will enjoy the best sex of your life. It could become addictive, all I want from it is someone to breed on a regular basis. You can keep the baby or... [more]

My Maserati is a Panty Dropper !

Wow I can hardly believe my luck guys. My Maserati Gran Turismo is a bonefide panty dropping machine. Yep to date I have had hot steamy sex with get this 6 sexy bitches in my car. Oh and that doesn't count the 3 blowjobs I have also gotten while driving. It's amazing how a hot car gets the ladies all hot and steamy. Yep they go for a ride and then... [more]

Bachelorette confession

I sucked and fucked a stripper at a private bachelorette party while the other girls cheered and whooped, he then fucked some of the other girls after me when he was ready to go again. Who else has done this...any stories to tell?


Question to the naughty women who have had threesomes with their spouses or bf’s with another you prefer to have the penis or the mouth of your man? What makes you more jealous/insecure, the additional girl getting oral or getting cock? Or do you not even get jealous/insecure?

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