Sex Confessions


Sex with my neighbor I fucked my neighbor who is 10 years older than me and I think it's nice sex

Dinner for two

We had a great date. Laughed and talked the entire time. Not only was she breath taking beautiful, she had a great personality and was hilarious. So I walk her back her car in the now empty parking garage and open the door for her. When she sat down in her seat, she sat facing me. She grabbed my pants pocket, pulling me close to her and unzipped... [more]

So hot...

My boyfriend has been picking a lot of absolutely stupid fights lately and we've had some huge arguments but Im actually starting to not mind because the make up sex is mind blowing. Im wondering if this is some weird addiction we've created with each other. Im thinking of picking a fight just for the sex. Not that it's ever been bad, but it just... [more]

I finally had some luck today

Five guys responded to my ad over the weekend but most flaked out after seeing the address for the meet up. One guy told me he really wanted a blow job because he had not had one in months, sent me a pic like I asked for in my ad. His stats were not bad at all so I responded back to him and he actually showed up this evening. His cock was awesome... [more]

My first Blowjob and Intercourse experience

I was almost 14, first year at this school, a boy 4 years older than me, took a special interest in me, why?
I had no idea at the time.
All I knew was, he was a kind boy that said he liked me a lot and wanted to show me what sex is all about.
As a boy myself, I had never been with a girl or any boy before, but curiosity was mounting and I felt... [more]

Woman in my thirties and yes, I love sex

My husband was really surprised that on our second date I invited back to my place and we talked for a while, had some tea, I found out he was not a fan of it. So after a few hours of just getting to know each other some more I just moved over on top of him and started kissing him. He passed the first test because he was and is a great kisser and... [more]


As a black guy, what's the craziest experience you've had with a white girl?

Drive Inn Movie

When I was in High School a friend and I would often go to Drive Inn Movies. Sometimes we had dates, others times it was just us. When it was just us, we would end up jerking our cocks at the sex scenes. One night he asked me to play with his dick, so I reached out and started rubbing it and jerking it for him. I was leaning toward him on the... [more]

Pizza girl

It was January 2nd, I was still hungover from New Year celebrations and too lazy to go out and get food, so I ordered a pizza for delivery. I was living in an apartment just outside Atlanta, Ga. I was on the second floor, and due to no activity going on outside, I heard a car pull near the building. A beautiful redheaded girl reached in the... [more]

Married the hottest woman I thought I never had a shot with

My wife turns heads, she is 5'9, about 125 lbs, DD real boobs, curvy hips and waxes everything. She truly is stunning and even better when naked, people see us together and I know they are thinking this guy is rich or hung like a horse. I am neither for sure but one thing she said to me on our first time going on a semi real date was that I was... [more]

My gf wants me to try hotwifing

Hi, my gf and I have been together 5 years and have an amazing sex life.
She has told me a lot of stuff about her past which has at Times took me a while to digest but the past is the past .
In her last marriage her ex had a fantasy of her being unfaithful etc as in a hotwife capacity.
Naturally I was curious as had never heard of this before... [more]

Caught my guy roommate with my panties

I’ve lived with my male roommate for three years and known him for seven years. I’m that time there has never been an oops or anything, especially since we’ve lived together. However, before COVID something did happen. He worked from home pre COVID, and I usually work until around five. But this one day I needed to run home and grab a document... [more]

Sex with a younger girl

Almost 3 years ago I posted an ad on CL after being in a sexless marriage for a while. looking for a girl to bang in exchange for money. professional escorts weren't my thing.
I was straight up in the ad and just said I wanted a couple of hours of bedroom fun. over 3 weeks I had a number of responses but none that interested me. some girls... [more]

Father in Law (2)

So, after seeing my Father in Laws penis in the pub toilet, and him saying he was gonna give his wife one (my mother in law) when they got home i couldn't wait to go round to see them again.
My chance came the following Thursday, my wife was working 2 late shifts on the Thursday and Friday so I was in on my own. My Father in Law goes out with... [more]

This Friday

This Friday I’m going to a party and I want to get fucked by as many different men as I can, I have promised 4 via text and I’m working on another two, fingers crossed!

Not in my wildest imagination did I think I would walk in on this

My wife is a twin and they both still looked really alike into their thirties, my wife has slightly larger hips and boobs but she had a little more body fat than her sister. They have always been close and my wife never wanted to move away from her family so one day I was at work and just felt like taking the rest of the day off, this was back... [more]

L want meet hot lady xxx

L want meet hot sexy lady x l want fuck her how she want x welcome any of them.l m glad to so anythings you like it xx

Hotel photo session goes gang bang...

My wife and I started taking nude pictures of her soon after we got married when we were both just eighteen. Soon this led to my wife becoming an avid exhibitionist. We would go to nearby cities every weekend so she could go into stores and let shoe salesmen see her pussy or she'd go into convenience stores and get both hands full of penny candy... [more]

Regular Guy

I don't look or act gay and in fact I'm attracted to women and straight porn. But when it comes to sex the only thing that turns me on is sucking other guys cocks! I fuck myself with huge dildos and other objects like bottles or the handles of tools. Sometimes I like getting fucked in the ass and I'll offer it to all the guys I suck. I go to a... [more]

I shouldn't have waited so long.

I was 43 I was 43 recently divorced. Was stopped at a local pawn shop and I couldn't find a woman and late at night. Dudes would follow me around going to the back by the video booths. How horny I would strip naked and go to it watching videos. Men would follow me around but turn me off. Some of the booth had glory holes. they would look. I... [more]

I am so happy I found the perfect woman to marry

My wife is gorgeous and I am not saying that just because I married her, honestly I did not think she would even go out with me but we ended up married like two years later. She is quite the different person than I thought she would be looking at her, she is a complete submissive and is a stay at home mom which is great. She has never turned down... [more]


Noooo.. stop that hurts after much complaining and saying no he finally gets in ..... and it was painfull … this was the 5th time we were having sex , after about 20 minutes he was finally all in and i was rubbing my pussy i could feel his balls slamming my ass as he push his cock inside my virgin ass ... when he finally pulled out and... [more]


My boyfriend joined the military after high school... i was devastated .. i am a single child and my parents used to go out on weekends to do their thing.. i started going to my boyfriends house to hang around with his family ( they were only a few houses down from us) then one day his brother was working on his car and wanted to test it out... [more]

Sexy Ex

I’m 16 and in my freshman year of highschool I had my first girlfriend. I broke up with because we didn’t connect well. Now over a year later she’s gotten so much hotter. We never did anything more than hold hands. I’ve never even had my first kiss. But now she’s so sexy and I wish we were still together so I could fuck her. Her tits are perfect... [more]

Crossdresser loves sex

Hi everyone I am a crossdresser from Lakeland FL. I am on hormone therapy mtf and I stay horny I love men who have very big cocks love to suck on them but love when they go balls deep in me I love to get fuck for hours I love the taste of a man's hot cum the more I get the more I want and it seems that men love to fuck the shit out of... [more]

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