Sex Confessions

I love to please

When my husband and I first met we did some wild and kinky things. He loved me telling him about my old boyfriends and what I did with them. He told me that it turned him on thinking about me with them. He wanted to know how he compared to them. I didn't want to hurt his feelings so I lied a bit telling him that I thought he was about the same... [more]

Little wife

I have a deep need to watch my wife with other men but I can’t even bring it up to her she is completely humble and won’t cheet I have even waited till she drank way to much and tried to let my friend have her but she rejects him even if she is barely awake and I won’t let him have her when she is passed out I am a sick man but I won’t condone... [more]

Fun times.

My wife and I have found a way to make long trips more enjoyable and it started soon after our baby was able to travel with us.
We were on our way up to Eugene Oregon to visit my family and it was hot in the car and we were both tired when Olivia our daughter started fussing and Sherry opened up her nursing blouse and started feeding her .
It... [more]

My GFs' Roommates

I'm a 20 year old college student. My GF lives with three other girls in an apartment off campus. They're all in the same sorority. I live an hour away from my GF and visit Thursday thru Saturdays. Being that they are all in a sorority almost every Thursday they have house business and I'm left alone at the apartment waiting for my GF to come... [more]

Mu shared wife

Kathy and I were married almost 6 years before I first felt the desire to watch her with another man and when I approached her with it she just laughed thinking I was teasing her but after I convinced her I was serious instead of getting mad she was curious as to why I wanted to do that.
I admitted that I did not really understand myself but... [more]

Crossdresser bet

Well first off I am a older crossdresser and me and a few of my sister's where at the clubwe were have funa girl's night out so we were talk and got in to make bets between each other and my was I had to put a 9inch dildo up my ass for 24 hours if couldn't I was going to get gangbang by 7 guys so I said ok we all to bet and weal went to one of the... [more]

Catching my son masturbating

I know its normal for boys to masturbate well everyone in fact I do as well.
But I keep catching my son masturbating while sniffing pairs of my dirty panties and it still shocks me. He doesn't know that I have caught him sniffing my dirty panties almost every day.
Is this normal? Do any other boys use their Mothers dirty panties while... [more]

Turning my boyfriend into a sub

I am a dom by nature I am into fingering and pegging boys , and my boyfriend is a vanilla who doesn't know a thing about kinks but good for me he was open to try new things.
When I first tried fingering and pegging him he was a mess ,We talked about it alot before we try ,he was so embarrassed by the idea and even thought it's a gay thing ,but... [more]

My Overpowering Sexual Desire

I have miniaturized myself to the size of my thumb. My Sweetie has stretched into her pink fleece footed pajamas, which have snaps on the front. After she falls asleep, I wiggle between the snaps on her footed pajamas, and downward, until I am positioned just above her pink wetness, and suddenly, perhaps dreaming of pleasure, she opens her pink... [more]

Kids in the woods

When I was 13 I had a girlfriend of the same age. She lived off some railroad tracks and there was an old wooden shack in the woods off the tracks. We used to sneak out there and make out. I would kiss her breasts and we even gave each other oral a couple of times. Not very well though because we were too young to really know what we were doing... [more]

She's leaving me

Let me start by saying I am married, and have been for 20 years. I work with a woman whom I'm not married to, but I would marry her in a heart beat if we weren't married to other people. We have worked closely together for the last 14 years st our place of employment. Some good days, some bad days. We've been together so long that we know things... [more]

Slut wife

I met my wife in college. She was at a party and was pulling a train. For those of you who don't know what that means, it's when a woman allows multiple guys, normally whoever's in the vicinity to fuck her while she lays there taking load after load from over wants to give it to her. Needless to say she was nasty looking with jizz all over her... [more]

Sex on Drugs

What was your most memorable sexual experience on drugs? Did you do anything that you wouldn't have done sober?

Crossdresser on cloud nine

Well I got up early and get dressed in my new dress pantyhose heels and walk to my mail box I open it and this sexy black guy walk and hi sexy I said hi and we enter talking and I notice his cock was hard bulging out so I ask him if I could suck his cock he get on your knees so I did got his big hard cock and suck that cock like it was the last... [more]

UK pussy

Went on a business trip to the UK. While I was there I met this woman who I ended up fucking in my hotel room. She had nice tits, a round ass, and gave the best head I've ever had.

Wife rides cock

My wife and I were introduced into swinging by an older friend of hers shortly after we marred.
We decided to wait to start a family until we saved up some money for a down payment on a house and Connie was working as a lab assistant at Kaiser drawing blood at the time.
Diane had taken her under her arm and taught her all about how she was... [more]

Black Cock

I'm a wife and mom of two in my 40's. I've been fantasizing about taking a BBC. My best girlfriend told me about this guy she met and he was amazing. She set us up on a blind date. We met at a hotel in the area. I got there first and was excited to meet him. I was wearing a tight low cut shirt and yoga pants with no bra or panties. When I opened... [more]

The masseuse

My mom's best friend is a masseuse. For my 18th birthday my mom scheduled a massage for me. Her friend works at a proper practice, but said it would cost money if it was at her workplace. She said she had a massage table at her house, and she'd give me a massage there for free. We did that instead.
I got to her house, stripped down, put on the... [more]

Bar wife

Me and my wife have been together for 16 years, married for 5 years. It's never been a secret that I fancy the cuckold lifestyle. I told my wife when we started dating. She also told me it would never happen. I have accepted that but still fantasize about it often. She and I got together not long after she graduated high school, so needless to say... [more]

My Husband Really Got Into Taking My 2nd Virginity

My husband and I have been married 5 years. We met at work, after graduating college and had both dated several people before we met. Before we were married, my husband asked if I liked anal sex and I said that I don’t know, I had never tried it before. He was shocked that I hadn’t given up my “2nd virginity” yet. I told him that several... [more]

Gf dildo

My ex gf was very sexy short ebony naughty girl
I just can’t stop thinking about her bringing home real touch dildo for a mmf role play fantasy
She laid on the bed me one side and dido on other side and definitely wanted to blow two guys at once
I can’t stop thinking about how she went to work on me and dildo with her eyes closed why can’t I... [more]

Wife's girlfriend

My wife has this friend whom she's known since the beginning of time. She's kinda hot but I have never made a move on her. She on the other hand fucks with me all the time. It's like this long running joke about her taking me when my wife is done with me. She pretty much doesn't care if i see her naked or she sees me naked. She crawls in bed with... [more]

Getting fucked over and over

Well at a friend's house last night and I got to be everyone's present for Christmas so everyone come in and I sucked there cock get them hard then then they would fuck me until they cummed in my ass I must of sucked 25 cocks and fucked that many too my jaws are so sore an d my ass is num and I still have cum leaking out my ass it was so much... [more]

My College Story - or - How I Fell in Love with Oral Sex

I was a virgin when I went away to college and was terrified of living away from home. Early in my freshman year one of my dorm mates brought me to a party to meet some other students and local residents. I guess I drank a little too much because I ended up hitting it off with this guy and we broke off to a spare room. We were kissing and he... [more]

Mother inlaw

My mother inlaw was going into minor surgery. I was tasked to take her and bring her back home.
So I took a day off work. After her surgery she was under medication and sleepy. So I took her into the room. She asked me to undress her as she was medicated. I took off her pants and she had laced panties. I took her top off and left her in her bra... [more]

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