Sex Confessions

Junkie Panty Boi

Since losing my job and coming out as trans male-to-female ive been whoring myself out to my drug dealer's do-boys for money and free drugs. Im usually wearing my teenage cousins panties. Right now im sitting at the family table with cum leaking from my asshole into the panties i stole.

Sweet, Innocent Dr Mandy Is Forced To Try Anal

There is a chiropractor I go to named Mandy H, she goes by “Doctor Mandy.” She is in her early 30’s and single. She is petite (5’ 2”, 110 lbs.), has shoulder-length dark brown hair (usually pulled back in a pony tail), brown eyes, firm B-cup breasts, and a firm round butt I love to see in the tight jeans she usually wears. I’ve been going to... [more]

Trying to breakthe shy girl

She just hangs in her safe area i guess..but she so shyand quiet..shed be such a good sub girl for roleplaying lol im waiting still for her its just me and her why not have time she goes back to sleep i hope with no pants or blanket! if you see this k dont be shy baby lets make some stories!

I know she knows

I cant helo but wonderhow to aeduce roomyinto aome kinky rp lol shed be perfect for a cute horny tease! hope she sees

My wife still loves to please

We are in our 50's and years ago when we were first together and then married my wife always told me if I ever needed anything in the sex department just ask for it. I mean we had a great sex life when we first got together in our twenties and would wear each other out on the weekends, what young couple does not have a great sex life, right? The... [more]

My wife flashing

We've talked about my wife "flashing" while we are out to spice up our sex life but it became a lot hotter one night. It was her fourth time. Jen wore a button up dress with stockings suspender belt bra and knickers. By the time she was ready she was already feeling randy although it would be her doing the flashing. We arrived at the pub I went to... [more]

Older lady next door

The lady next door to me is in her seventies and a widow, I guess her son moved to a different state for a job but I have never met him or even seen him. She asked me if I would mow her lawn and how much I wanted for doing it, I told her not to worry about it because with my riding mower it takes me like twenty minutes to do both our lawns. She... [more]

My wife still has no idea

When we were younger we were both pretty adventurous with sex, we did some pretty crazy things and one night I let a friend lick her for quite some time. I talked my wife into bondage one night and told a friend of mine that lived a few houses down from us that I would call him if it was a go. All I had to do was call him and he did not have to... [more]

Arab Baby For My Wife

I watched as an Arab guy fucked my wife and put a baby in her belly. I felt helpless to try and stop him. My wife always makes me wear a condom, so I am sure the baby is his. He works at the same company as me and has already spread the story around the office.
My wife has told her girl friends, and they give smirk at me when they come over to... [more]

I love to be watched fucking my wife

We have been married for 18 years now, my wife is 2 years younger than me and it took sometime to turn her into horny wife. I have a strong sexual drive and loves to have sex with her daily and some times twice or 3 times in a day. The thing is she is reserved and while she enjoys talking about our fantasies when we are doing it I feel she stops... [more]

Beautiful Doctor Nausheen Helps Me Cuckold Her Husband

To learn about everything that’s been happening to the Beautiful Doctor Nausheen read “Beautiful Doctor Nausheen Receives Unwanted Anal – Parts 1 and 2,” “Beautiful Doctor Nausheen Is Violated Again;” Beautiful Doctor Nausheen Is Visited A Third Time;” and “Beautiful Dr. Nausheen Learns To Swallow.”
These stories reveal a smart, beautiful, Indian... [more]

Julie's birthday present

My wife got a obscene phone call and she listened while the guy told her all the things he wanted to do to her. she later told me about it and wondered what it would be like to have another man. i said well your birthday is coming up maybe i can set something up but hey you know what one dick is like how would you like two? she laughed and said... [more]

Abused by step-father and his son

I had sexual relationship with my stepfather and his son for two years.
It started when I was 14. I was living with my mother and his son, who was two years older than me in my stepdad's house.
I guess, I should have noticed his interest earlier, before my mom got married to him ... he was very attentive to me, always trying to sit next to... [more]

New fetish

So my wife knows that before I met her, I had sex with a guy (multiple times a week for over a year). She knows that I was the bottom. A week or so ago she said she wanted to fuck me with a dildo. So we did it. Her with a strap on. I must say I loved it.

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