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Show me your boobs

Show me your boobs if you Hate racism.

Anal Freak Wife

My wife has turn into a anal freak all she want is to be ass fucked all the time she has guys coming by the house to fuck her in the ass she has ass fucked all my friends she lets guys DAP her asshole she does atm and is now working her way through the neighborhood she says she wants to do a anal gangbang here lately she has been getting spit... [more]

Off To A Great Start

I spoke softly so as not to startle her, “Get on your hands and knees for me honey.” She promptly assumed the doggy position. I moved around behind her and very gently and carefully pressed my slick dick head against her wet pussy lips. As I entered her, the sudden intrusion caused her to let out a yip, and then she moaned until I was all the way... [more]

Wife dancer to..?

This damn pandemic managed to destroy our finances, I was laid off when the place I worked at was forced to close.
Needless to say, the bills pile up fast, sure, we can delay the mortgage so at lease we are not homeless, but that piles up too.
My wife used to dance in a Gogo bar, topless back then, not full naked like now. But the money was... [more]

I'm a cockslut!

I'm a cute guy with long wavy blonde hair, very soft, soft shaven face, passionate cocksucking lips, and looking to give pleasure! I've always had a fantasy of sucking a black cock or any cock for that matter,I have sucked to dicks previously, to completion, and I've been told I'm really good at it! Cum tastes good too! I love the way the head... [more]

Regretful Admission

My wife and I are open about what or who turns us on. She will point out a woman and ask me if I think she's hot and if I'd fuck her. I do the same with guys. We had an interesting conversation the other day thanks to the new transphobic movement.
I said that I think it's crazy that ppl are labeled transphobic just because they wouldn't have... [more]

You just wait until I get home!

I reached home and saw the light in his room. After parking the car and locking up, I went inside. I began climbing the stairs while at the same time taking off my coat and blouse as I climbed them. I stopped at my room to take off my bra, skirt, and panties. Everything being dropped on my bed as I got completely nude. I then tiptoed toward his... [more]

Am I The Only Woman Who is "Numb"?

So I'm 21 years old, Female, and in college. I have never experienced anything pleasurable from my vagina. I noticed this the first time I had sex, which was with another girl (we were both 16 at the time). She tried fingering me and rubbing my clit, but I didn't feel anything. To put this into perspective, I was horny because she was touching me... [more]

Don't even want to drink, just see HER

I've recently connected with a smoking hot, long blonde hair down to her perfect, bubble ass, gorgeous bartender at the sports bar I go to. She's a goddess and knows it. Plays up her perfect ass, red lipstick on her full, likely botoxed lips, and has permanent (3 month) eyelashes on her soft, blue eyes. Her very long nails, which are my fetish... [more]


I'm a 23 year old college senior. All I want is someone who loves to tell me all the things they want done to them but are to scared to admit it.. Ever since my ex recently would text me all the wild things she wanted done to here but felt like a whore telling anyone I have found that I I love hearing these thoughts.. I know this sounds pretty... [more]

I really enjoy sucking on guys

I built a glory hole door right in the entryway of my condo, I am retired, 63 and live down on the Gulf coast. I have been widowed now for almost twelve years and never really dated another woman after my wife passed.
When I was in my pre teen and teen years a few of us that had been friends for several years started experimenting sexually... [more]

My boyfriend is my dream sex partner

I love having sex with my boyfriend as he is handsome (he looks like a movie star) he's super fit with big muscles and toned body and beautiful cock which I have lovingly sucking these days. I came into his house last night and proceeded to sit down thinking we would talk a while about our days. He suggested we kiss a while. In barely a min. he... [more]

Lock down joy

I always fantasized about black cock - try sex with it. This soft spoken black man aged 40 or so (about my age), I met him recently couple of times while shopping in my neighborhood shop. For the last one month we walked back to our home together while returning from shopping or my brief morning walk. I could not but notice his sturdy-muscled body... [more]


I first found out that I liked girls when I was 6. There was this girl and she made me kiss her. I enjoyed it, but knew it was wrong. About 6 years later, I fingered my best friend. She liked it and I sorta did too. But she wouldn't do it back. I feel like I hurt her in some way. But the next day, we did the 69 position. She volunteered!! I didn't... [more]

How I impregnated my mom

I was about the age of 13 when my hormones surged. Being honest I am not a late bloomer. This how I seduced my mother. Since I don't have a father I was all my mom's pet. We were really very friendly. I just forgot to tell you she likes a couple of drinks as she was 33 and working! But still I managed to get into her panties. It happened so that... [more]

Gay Massage Fantasy

For such a long time now, I have been wanting to get a massage from a gay man. I imagine him in just a tee shirt and shorts and me laying naked face down on table. He pours oil all over my body and rubs it in a little. He starts on my back.
First he is standing on the side of me as he rubs the oil all over my back, then he moves to the head of... [more]

Bisexual man

I am a bi-sexual single man in my 40's. I sought out and found another bi-male and we meet monthly (or more often) in hotel rooms around the city (NICE hotels - makes it really great). We have been meeting for about 6 months and we have had a wonderful time every time. Sharing and acting on fantasies with another man is amazing. We both have... [more]

Horny Old Camping Cougar

I never imagined getting seduced while camping. I camp a lot and meet a lot of good of friendly campers. One weekend I decided to camp at my favorite campsite. I helped this elderly lady get her camper set up. She was friendly and thanked me. We got to chat about each other and said it's more better being with someone while camping.
That... [more]

Do women like shaved or unshaved hair around the cock?

My wife doesn’t tell me and am planning to by a razor for my balls

Mother In Law’s Pussy

I finally had a taste of my mother in law’s sweet pussy. The heat has been building up for some time. All the flirting, light touching, sexy glares, and teasing advances... I had big hopes for the weekend and decided I would take advantages of any opportunities to make some progress. I can barely handle being in a room with her anymore... I get so... [more]

I fucked a tranny

I am a married man and I went home with a super hot tranny. I sucked her cock and then she fucked me in the ass. It was so sexy and hot.

Does anyone know any real mom and son or other sibling homemade ?

Does anyone knows any real video of real mom and son or other family type shit ? Like real homemade that u can actually tell it’s true, maybe a gem somewhere ? I really enjoy watchin it and as real as it gets the better

My sister and I are in a relationship

My sister and I have been dating since we were teenagers, she was 15 and I was 13. We are in our 20s now and have 2 children together. We moved to a new state and tell everyone we are married. We long to tell the world the truth.

I can hear him moaning while I give him a blow job

Last Wed. night I saw my handsome, hot bodied, sexy boyfriend with his beautiful blue eyes and brown hair, which matches up with my beautiful face, blond hair, sexy 32 DD boobs, and my size 0 body. We are the perfect looking couple, we're both educated, smart, we live upscale lives, we hang out together so relaxed and so comfortably. Well, he... [more]

When I finally admitted my fetish

So - here is my confession. I am a 43 year old woman. Never married. I'm in pretty good shape and proud of it. I am gay. That part was easy to admit and happened years ago. The other admission to myself is what I truly like sexually. I felt "weird" for the longest time about what I was doing - but I loved it and it satisfied me so much... [more]

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