Sex Confessions

My first experience with a guy.

I was 9 and my boy cousin was 8 the first time we started playing with each others cocks. We stayed the night at are grandparents house alot and we started measuring are cocks also and my cock was exactly 6.3 inches long and the girth was 5.4 inches and my cousins was 3.4 inches long and the girth was 3.1 inches. And over the next 3 years we... [more]

I want to 69 my wife while she is being fucked

I’ve had this fantasy for a while. I want to be in a 69 with my wife on top as she gets fucked by a big cock. I’ve told her about it, and even role played the scenario. I bought her a large, realistic dildo that I’ve used on her while she suckers me. I love easing that dildo in, seeing her pussy stretch with each small push until she can take it... [more]

My first cousin

When I was 12 years old, my cousin asked me how often I "jack off". I told her that I usually engage in masterbation while taking a shower. Sometimes when I'm feeling horny, I look up pornographic photos on my tablet an use hand lotion to make it feel even better.

Wife Loves Sucking Cock

I am 60 years old and have been married to the same woman for 35 years. We are both in good health, average weight, and enjoy a good sex life. The last two years my wife has developed a strong taste for cock sucking and has become quite good at it. She’s enthusiastic, loves a juicy, spit-soaked cock and rubs my shaft around her lips and face. She... [more]



Showtime for trucker

Last Tuesday afternoon my wife and I went for a ride on I 40. She wore a short black miniskirt, a light pink see thru blouse without panties or a bra!! She flashed her ass to several truckers and then we stopped at the Jamestown NM truck stop. It was still daylight as we slowly drove through the parked trucks. My wife leaned over the center... [more]

Have you ever watched her vagina close....afterwards?

One day after fucking my young blonde wife over the arm of the couch, I finished and pulled out of her cunt. She was pretty spent - and feeling a little flirty - she stayed bent over in that crude but inviting position for a few minutes ....and said, "Next!"
Anyway, as I stood there looking down at her sweet, very moist pale pink pussy hole...... [more]

Camel Toe Sister

Both of us was bored one weekend when our folks was gone. We found our folks porn and watched it. My sister a couple years younger started to tease me with her body. She lifted her top showing me her pointed cone tits. We was in my bedroom watching the porn in my bed.She took off her top and curious about the size of my dick. It was soft but... [more]


Sue and me had been friends when were were about 9 . Showing each other our bodies , and touching each other . Then we drifted apart . When we were both 13 . We met up again , she was with my friends . My firends wanted to do something . Sue did not want to go , so i said i would stay with her . Over the years , i had only met her in the street ... [more]

Music to her.....

After several years of marriage and discussing sharing my wife it finally happened. Over the years she had a few other guys but none like a recent experience.
He plays guitar in a band and would always flirt with her as she loved the attention. I didn't mind because we were in a club setting. She came up with a fantasy to bring him home and... [more]

Park enjoyment

Some years ago I heard on the news about a problem of gay men having anonymous sex at local parks. I've been fishing and never realized that some of the guys getting friendly with me might have the idea of having sex with me.
I decided one day to go to a park about 20 mi. away to see if anything would happen. It was a cloudy day with a little... [more]

Wife's Mother

One night while my older wife was masturbating me she started questioning me."Would you do my mom? " and fed me her big long saggy tit. I was surprised that she asked me that because I thought she had some religion in her. " Why are asking me that, hun? " as I held her long tit in my hand.. Mom hasn't been with anyone and she thinks her... [more]

Felt dirty and used but it felt good

When I was twenty I started a job working for a friend of my mom's husband.
He a nice car dealership his name is Leonard he goes by Lee I have for years enjoyed working for him he was is always nice to me.
I have seen and had gotten turned on watching him bully some of the mechanics and sales team around. He was like the highschool jock who grew... [more]

Having sex with a female the night before her wedding

I had been working at a job for only a year when a much older female and very very hot ask if I would meet her and have a few beers and I did. I was 20 and she was 32 so she came to my apartment and we started drinking and talking than she went to the bathroom and came back out totally naked and she looked hot as hell and I got naked and when she... [more]

Truck stop ass flashing

About 2 weeks ago my wife and I went on a drive on I 40 by Grants NM. She was wearing a see thru pink top and a short black mini skirt. She was not wearing a bra or panties. As we were driving back towards Flagstaff she bent over and began to give me road head. We pulled into the parking lot of a flying J truck stop and began to drive slowly by... [more]

Sissy crossdresser

Hi everyone my name is Cassie Harsh I am from Lakeland Florida I am a mature sissy crossdresser I am very feminine and dress only in feminine clothing I am 5'10 235 and love being feminine sissy crossdresser I am bottom only I love to suck cock I do swallow but most of I love love to get fucked hard I love to fuck men ages 45 to 65 color and... [more]

Half time

Both the husbands where occupied our friends eight teen year old son was bord not bothering with football Sunday.
I hooked him up with the PS4 in our room
Went to check on him an hour later.
I had noticed he had checked me out for years
I purposely wear slutty clothes when they come over or at least more so revealing clothes.
I saw him... [more]

Sex with my stalker

Am I crazy for fantasizing about my hit stalker raping me?

Wife made these comments when having sex with her

I have been married 1 year. Believe it or not we did not have sex before we got married. These are some of the strange things my wife had said to me during foreplay and having sex. One time she was giving me a hand job and I asked her to play with my, balls. She started to but was feeling them with her hand. Then she says to me are you sure you... [more]

Interracial Sex swap

My wife told me her ebony female coworker friend invited her and me over to the coworker's home for dinner and do some socializing with her and her husband. My wife told me she and her coworker has a bit of a bond between them and my wife wanted us to bond with her coworker and her husband to see if we can become dear friends.
My wife... [more]

Private Part Waitress

When I was in college I worked at an upscale restaurant that also did private events. One private event I worked I had to stay late and clean up. The man that hosted the party and his friend fucked me until 4:30 in the morning. It was my first DP. And I made $2000.

Sex Club - Is this a crazy idea?

So I have this idea to help address my insatiable need for cock. I’m tired of the endless routines either in bars or online to actually find someone willing and interested and sane and discreet. So my idea is this. I find maybe 5-6 guys with similar needs and we establish sort of an informal club. Membership would require gay or bi orientation... [more]

Getting your ass fucked

My boss started fucking me. He came over when I was on my period. He turned me onto my stomach, got on me and dry fucked my ass. It hurt but felt so good.

When my wife and I 69

A few times when 69ing with my wife, when she orgasmed she farted in my face and I find it incredibly hot.

She never knew which 2 took her on our bed ! PART 1

My 37 yr old wife used to fantasize about the rape scene in the movie where the girl gets drunk in the bar - flirts too much and a couple of guys take turns fucking her on the pinball machine.
Actually - my wife said her female friends agreed that they'd fantasized about that same movie scene, too!
My sexy - slim 5'8" SoCal wife was a bit of a... [more]

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