Sex Confessions

Horny teen

Ive been thinking about working on my shyness simply to procure sex by having a friend with benefits and I'm only 16 I'm also a guy so don't bother hitting on me and dropping ur email or skype to me because u think I'm a girl

I want to sleep vith my cosion by giving clorofarm

One day at night i sleep with my cocin i triyed to see her pussy 4 times at that night but she is wake uping every time her mom also their at bed i try her also then i removed her dress and i enjoyed by sleeping upon her but i want to sleep with her dugther only can i give cloroform to her

Possible MILF and softcore bondage fetish

Lately I've been having these fantasies about being a 15 year old dude(I'm 18) and being seduced by a timid, busty, brunette history teacher with bangs, wearing thick rimmed glasses, a gray sweater, a black business skirt and pantyhose, involving a private-tutoring session, an opportunity for extra credit(i you know what i'm getting at) and a... [more]

Hirsute divorced bisexual

I am a 36 year old woman. I was married for 10 years. We got along ok but we almost never had sex. A year before I got divorced I started exploring what turns me on about myself and I started cheating on my husband...a lot. A year and a few months ago I decided to break the gender norm of shaving all body hair off. Now it had been that long since... [more]


I caught my mother's maid stumbling back home drunk at 2am. I tip toed out the back door to her room and found her laying on her bed in her under wear. She was so out of it she never knew I took her panties off, spread her legs and took pictures of her.

Wife wants a trans woman

Wife and I have been wanting to spice up our sex life. There is nothing wrong with it, but we want to be more adventurous. More naughty. She mentioned a threesome. I asked if she wanted another man or another woma. She said that she isn’t particularly interested in eating pussy. She would rather have another man.
When she wants something she... [more]

My wife and our doggo

Our pitbull licked my wife's pussy while we are watching TV on sofa! I didn't cared about it! Long story in short MY WIFE AND OUR PITBULL ARE ENGAGED IN RAMPANT SEX ALL DAY LONG! She said it was her long unfulfilled fantasy to get fucked by dog and she said she loves me and our pitbull equally!
Can anyone tell me should I permit our pitbull to... [more]

Landlady - 2

She went to the bathroom to clean herself as I was relishing my first experience of most exciting fucking with a mature woman, almost half my age!! She returned and retired by my side on her back. I knelt beside her and lowered my mouth to her pussy and kissed, licked and sucked her to full arousal once again. I slid two fingers into her, gently... [more]

Landlady - 1

She was not actually my grandma but she preferred me to call her ‘Gran’ – she was my landlady while I was in England for my doctoral. She was in her early 60s, widow for the last 20 yrs or so, slim body with an ample of pair boobs with little sag. She lived alone in a suburban small town and we got closer as days passed by. We used to spend hours... [more]

Wife seduced by her old HS teacher

When my wife was 20 she was invited to the house of a teacher she had had a crush on in high school.
She said it was a real "learning experience" about men -
She said that though she was not popular in school, and had had few dates - she would come to find out over the following few years that men found her to be very desirable. High school... [more]

I'm angry

While I was away on a business trip my wife went out to a bar and got picked up by a guy. She brought him to our home and fucked him in our bed. I am not angry that she brought a man home and fucked him in our bed, but I am angry that she caught Covid from him!

Me and my stepdad

A few years ago my step dad was taking me in his 7 seater car to look at a flat and on the way there my step dad pulled over cause I started feeling his leg so we started kissing the next thing my step dad out the seats down in the back then we started to rip each others clothes off and I was on top of him bouncing on his big cock and I mean... [more]

Fucking a petite Russian homeless girl in LA

I recently went to go see the movie Father Stu at the movie theater and was hungry after the movie so I went to the nearest MCDONALD'S. I wanted to eat inside but at this time it was like 9:30 and they had closed their doors to eat inside and while I was walking back to my car I see this homeless person walk past me and we exchanged a look and I... [more]

Girlfriends mom and sister

So I always wanted to be in a pile of my gf mom and sis with strapons lube and a Neverending night.....I see it happen all the time why oh why can't that happen for me ?

I secretly subscribe to my mom's Onlyfans

I guess I should begin with saying I always had sexual fantasies about my mom. I never wanted to actually fuck her, but I sure did enjoy thinking about it. Going through puberty, I would masturbate to fantasies about eating her pussy and I even devised a way so I could secretly watch her take a shower and peep on her.
It was a month ago after... [more]

Male who loves sucking cock

I am married, but love sucking cock. There is something about the feel of a hard cock in my mouth is extremely satisfying. I absolutely love that feel.
I have a couple of guys that come by, so I get to preform oral love to a cock every week, sometimes twice in one day.
I suck them until they unload their balls into my mouth. I swallow their cum... [more]

My horny pussy

I was 12 when i lost my virginity.My mother died 2 months before.My father and i could not believe that this had happened.My father took away any “to” covering.So most of the time i was naked.Soon enough we started fucking.It happened only once for 10 minutes.Until i wanted it.That was 7 years ago and we still fuck today.I love my daddy.

What is your favorite position when preforming oral sex on a man?

I am a male. I love giving bjs I think my favorite position is laying on the bed with my head tipped back off the bed so he can fevers face fuck me. I live the feel of his cock thrusting in and out And of course I love it when he paints my throat with his cum

Sneaking sex with 19 yr old wife on Army parade grounds

My 19 yr old SoCal wife and I had to be inventive in finding ways to satisfy our sex needs while I was in medic training in Texas.
Wives were allowed in the specific training areas on certain days - until just after dark - then they were bussed off post.
Thankfully my wife was as horny as I was - because the poor girl endured a lot of heated sex... [more]

Our first time with another couple.

My 1st wife and I liked to visit with our friends Sonny and Laura.
One evening we got drunk, Laura was talking about bras, my wife mentioned she never found one that fit.
Next thing we knew, they were trying on each others bras, since both were about the same size.
Sonny and I were enjoying the hell out of looking at their boobs, and he... [more]

I slept with my step father

Okay, he's my STEPFATHER. Not my real dad. And it was a huge mistake. But still, I can't help but feel attracted to him. Please don't comment; I'm not asking for advice or anything, but it just feels good having that out in the open somewhere.

I miss blowjobs

I have only had a few good blowjobs in my life.
My ex girlfriend from high school used to give them to me all the time but was usually not very good at them...too affraid of getting anything in her mouth. The night before we left for college she gave me an amazing blowjob and that was it. I had a few lousy ones in college and then I met my wife... [more]

Best friend

Ive been crossdressing since like 6, when i was 16 i was staying overnight at my best friends house, he was 17 at the time it started off us playing video games eating pizza just hanging out...i went upstairs to use the bathroom,i noticed his sister's door was open since no one was there but us i went in,she had lots of clothes laying around,i... [more]

Wife gets felt up and is told to imagine it's him in her now

My wife had a crush on her best friend's husband.
He had been wanting to get in her pants for a long time, too.
She and her girl friend would exercise in his living room - while he watched her in her very short and tight little silky gym shorts. Bending, spreading her legs, etc., etc. he'd get an eye full and she got off on his ogling her... [more]

Married guy who enjoys being penetrated

I'm happily married and an active member of my community. Since I was a teenager I have enjoyed masturbating anally with different objects. It's something that I have always kept private. After ten years of marriage, I went stray with a coworker, who confessed me her idea to be with another woman, so I took the opportunity to tell her that I... [more]

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