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I really want to fuck a milf. I want her to teach me and tell me what to do. I want to fuck her and her daughter all night! Any milfs out there who can help me out?


My step daughter has seen me naked has grabbed my privates in the pool. She has come close to kissing me on the lips I had to turn my head very quickly to avoid it. Yes I find her very attractive no I have never seen her naked. My question is what should I do. Someone please help!!!

Fucked by Moms boyfriend

When I was 16 I was fucked by my moms boyfriend.
My mum had me at 19 and was 35 at the time of meeting Daryl. They had been dating for a few months and one night they had been out and came back both drunk. I was still up watching TV and my mum let me have a drink with them. I only was allowed two Vodkas but they had a few, within a short time my... [more]

Amazon position

Can a fat couple do the Amazon position successfully? Even if my boyfriend has a little Willy? I'm really getting turned on by the look of it.

My best friends Mom

I met my friend when his family moved into our neighborhood in elementary school and one of the first things I remember was thinking how beautiful and young his mom looked compared to mine. I discovered years later that she was indeed younger than my mom by quite a few years even though we are the same age.
Growing up we had a lot of fun which... [more]

Virgin wanting to get fisted

Im a virgin but i have masturbated with a toothbrush before. I eventually want to get stretched out to the point where i can get fisted. How do i start stretching my pussy because whenever I try to to use anything thicker than a toothbrush it hurts. Any advice? Thanks!

She became and escort

My wife is a very sexy mature woman, when we are out men keep checking her out. She never dresses sluty but very sexy. I talked to her about escorting she was not up to the idea at first because of her past life when she was divorced and all the men she well dated. After a while after I stopped talking about it, I brought it up once more. Met... [more]

Had sex with groom and bride on their wedding day

So at the weekend my friend got married. We have been friends since we were young so i was her maid of honour. When it came to booking the hotel for the night before, she asked if i could book one less room and i come in with her as she was nervous and wanted a friend. Fair enough. That night in the room together she recalled the time i came on... [more]

Wife and young friend

My wife Dana is 42 very well in shape I’m 9 years older than her. I’ve noticed I can’t my cock erect as I used to. We’ve discussed this, even to the point where I’ve brought up Her needs and me wanting her to stay loyal to me and not some young random guy at her job. She’s been getting hit on by guys since we both can remember. She tells me how... [more]

Interracial porn

I love watching amateur interracial porn,
I totally love watching hot white fit classy females being recorded either by themselves or from hubby or boyfriend.
Love hearing them say how they have always desired and were always curious about having sex with black guys.
Then love watching their expression when seeing their first BC in... [more]

My submissive panty sniffer

My gf and I entered into a Dom/Sub relationship with each other recently. She’s excited that I’m leading her and pushing her limits. She is a “good girl” with a high sex drive. I’ve introduced using her panties as a gag and also making her smell them as I play with her. She enjoys it a lot. Recently I was at her best friends house and managed to... [more]

Older and wetter

A few years ago I was banging a woman 27 years older then me. It went on for about 3 months, it was good fun, her pussy got so wet, loved cumming in her pubes!

Good girl gone bad

I've always been the good girl, the one that pleases everyone and stays out of trouble. at 17, i just want to be a teenager and do something stupid for once, even if it's just once.
i have a thing for a music teacher (i go to a fine arts school). i was a crew member for a play that he was a musician for and we got along really well and talk... [more]

I want a Baby

I am a black guy and just want to have sex with a single or married woman,legal age,any race and get her pregnant.I have been wanting to do this for years.I hope I knock a woman up this coming year.I will be so happy.

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