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Cash Creek

My husband Jim and I have discussed the possibility of one day him sharing me with another guy and it seams that lately that is the only he can get it up is when he is fantasizing watching me do another guy and some of the things he comes up with are kind of fun and once he tied my hands and feet to the bed and said that he had a guy in the other... [more]

My wife,my friend,and me

Several years ago my wife and I stopped in at a close friend of ours on a Saturday morning,he owns his own business. Saturday is always slow for him. Now my wife has always been at ease with this guy,always flashing him when the three of us get together. This one Sat the place was . empty. My wife done her usual stuff. This time she sat on his lap... [more]

My darkest fantasy

So this is my darkest fantasy, and I've told no one this at all and need a place to let it out. I'm a 30 year old gay male and have been into bestiality for many years and have performed in several porn videos as well. Something about animal cock and cunt (only types of females I'll enjoy lol) just gets me rock hard. However that's not the darkest... [more]

Inappropriate at work

I have a very unique job where me and another person monitor overnight supply from a power substation. The system is old and requires manual support around the clock. I work with a guy named Jason who is cute. I was out one night with my friends and before I knew it I was late for work. I went in wearing the clothes I had on, a sleek little black... [more]

Night out with Wife

We went out on a dinner date and usual went into a few bars. Had awesome time and my wife had one too many. So we decided to call it a night it was late getting into 1am. We got an uber and got picked up. Wife was in the front passenger didn’t want her to vomit. While driving the uber driver was looking my wife’s legs. She had a skirt on so they... [more]

Where are the glory holes

I need sex so bad can someone cum inside me

Where are the glory holes

I need sex so bad

Sorted night

We had some friends over Friday night for pizza and some gains. 2 couples and 2 guy friends. Everyone was feeling pretty good from too many drinks. Talk turned to kissing and who was the best. The 3 women finally agreed they would judge. One of the wives, call her J said it was kind of wrong. But we all did it. Single guy named Mike won, with my... [more]

Do any other women have really sensitive nipples?

I have very sensitive ones as well as the areolae around them, the first time I started noticing how sensitive they were was around middle school. If I do not wear a bra they are constantly erect from the material moving across them.
The first few times my first serious boyfriend got to touch them it felt like electricity shooting down the front... [more]

I Fucked my Brother

One day, I was watching a movie and I realized that I needed to go to the bathroom. My brother was playing with himself and for the first time, I saw his dick. It was around 13-15 inches long. Our eyes met and in an act of pure mindlessness, I grabbed it. (I'm a girl). My brother got up and locked the door. then for the next 30-45 minutes, it was... [more]

How can I tell my wife's friend is flirting with me?

So my wife's good friend has been very flirtatious (I think) with me. She calls me beautiful, touches my leg, laughs way too much at my jokes but I don't know if she's being serious or just friendly. She is married also but her husband is way older and she complains about him a lot. She is really attractive and I've had sex dreams about her... [more]


I love it when my gf is dominant and makes me be her little bitch !!!!! She will tell me to get a bath then she will lay me out what she wants me to wear !! So by then I know to do my nails my hair and makeup and put in the the bra and panties and babydoll that she has laid out for me I also have to change my ways of acting I change my voice to... [more]

Discovering dirty movies

This is absolutely a true story: When I was 13 I accidentally discovered some really dirty movies. My dad traveled a lot for work. He'd come home on weekends, he and my mom would go out and I'd babysit my younger brother and sister - I was 6 years older than them. Then, usually on Monday, he'd leave again and be gone for the week. One Friday, I... [more]

Discovering dirty movies

This is absolutely a true story: When I was 13 I accidentally discovered some really dirty movies. My dad traveled a lot for work. He'd come home on weekends, he and my mom would go out and I'd babysit my younger brother and sister - I was 6 years older than them. Then, usually on Monday, he'd leave again and be gone for the week. One Friday, I... [more]

She was always out of it

When I was in early teens it was just me and my mom at home, she was self medicating and drinking to top it off so quite often she was completely out of it. This was completely irresistible for me and I still look back on it feeling guilty but at the time it was happening I was a hormone crazy teen.
I still remember the first time something... [more]

Secretly shared fiance's nudes online with face

So about a year ago, I started secretly sharing my fiance's nudes online on a few websites, with her faced cropped out. It was a HUGE turn on for me just thinking about her being exposed to so many strange men, fantasizing about what they're gonna do to her. She's got tiny little cute tits, but hips that can make you drool.
After a while, nudes... [more]

What the fuck is wrong with me?

So I got married to my beautiful wife 4 years ago. I dated her for about 3 years before. Never in my life have I ever thought about watching her with another person. About 4 months ago we went to a party where everyone was pretty drunk. I was drunk, wife was drunk, and this guy we know was drunk. I was sitting on the couch across from my wife when... [more]

A craigslist post

The following story is why I miss craigslist personals.
Please forgive my spelling and story telling. I don`t write much but, I`ll do the best I can.
I meet this woman one time through a craigslist posting, She was asking for help with paying some of her bills that month. She wasn`t very descriptive as to what she was offering in return but... [more]

Trained to lick

My wife found these toys for our new dog that have a hole in them that you add some treats to for him to lick out of it. One of the treats she bought is this type of creamy peanut butter flavored stuff, when I watched him working his tongue trying to clean out the toy all I could think about was him doing that to her pussy.
We have always done... [more]

Teaching a girl how to swim

We went swimming into the swimming pool in the backyard. It was a hot day. One of the girls asked me if I could teach her how to swim. I said yes of course. She came to me in the water. I grabbed her soft body in my hands and held her gently in the water in swimming position. I held her belly and thighs with my hands while she went through the... [more]


The man that I'm in a relationship with now is everything I could possibly have dreamed of wanting. He makes me very happy and I love him more than I've ever loved anyone before. We plan on getting married.
But, there's one problem: One day, I showed him the results I got back from the doctor after I got tested for stds and pregnancy before I got... [more]

Secret gay affair

I am a 35 yr old divorced white male who never thought I would be confessing anything like this.Lately I have felt rather lonely and disconnected in my life.I have been taking long walks down by the lake on various secluded trails.There were various men walking along the trails who would try to catch my eye but i would shyly walk away and keep... [more]

Dominante man

I'm 29 and a single mom of 2 children. Been separated from ex husband for a year. Just focused on my children and myself. It was the beginning of July, while the kids were at daycare. I getting new tires put on my car and I was in waiting area. Short while later, a heavy set black man came in to get new tires on his car as well. He sat near me... [more]

First aid fun

Well only last weel me and another lady had go on this first aid course for work thourght me and ann would been teamed up but instead was teamed with this 6 ft + black man very fit well well was on floor i trying get him into recovery position but as was moving his leg over body felt outline his man hood so put leg back thinking give it another go... [more]

In the bedroom

My wife recently had a car accident and broke her leg in multiple places. She's laid up on the couch and needles to say I'm getting no sex. My 30 year old stepdaughter is living with us, so just the three of us in the house. The other night I decided I needed to masturbate and figured I could do it while laying in the bed before I went to sleep... [more]

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