I am a cuckold

The wife and I have been married for several years. I’ve been damn near begging her for the past 2 years to have a boyfriend on the side. She initially asked why and I told her that I want another man to satisfy her sexually and I wanted to watch it happen. She was shocked to hear that I wanted her to cheat on me. I told her it wouldn’t be cheating since I’m asking for it. She said that she never thought about it that way and she would have to think about it.

Over the next few months we talked about it. It was a slow process. She would begin to mention to me guys that she saw when she was out that she thought was cute. I’d ask if he was boyfriend material. Sometimes she would say yes. Sometimes she would say, “I dunno about boyfriend but I’d like to fuck him a few times.” Hearing her change from the “Oh I’m a good faithful wife.” To seeing a guy at the gym and telling me, “He had a nice body and a big cock. God would I love to have him bend me over and fuck me till I couldn’t stand.”

So we had been talking about it for several months and I was really amping myself up about it and her about it. We had more and better sex than we had in ages. Then it just stopped. She stopped talking about the whole boyfriend thing. She stopped wanting sex. She would tell me no when I asked for it.

So after a month, I asked what was going on. She said, “Nothing is going on. Just you should know something. I’ve been a good and faithful wife for like 17 years. Now you ask me to have a boyfriend because it will sexually excite you. I’ve thought about it and I’m ok with it. Just know that once I flip this switch, I would be able to go back very easily.” I said, “I know babe.” She said, “I’m gonna want to get to know this guy sexually before I allow you to watch. That means me having sex with him alone. A lot of sex.” I was getting turned on just thinking about it. I said, “Sounds very good to me.”

She said, “I’m glad you’re ok with it. His name is DeMarco.” I said, “Who is?” She said, “My boyfriend. His name is DeMarco. I met him at the gym about 2 months ago.” I said, “Oh yeah. Nice. How is that going.” She said, “Very well. He knows I’m married. He knows what you want. He’s cool with all of that.” I said, “Have you had sex with him yet?” She said, “Yes dear.” I said, “More than once?” She chuckled and said, “Yes dear. Would you like to know how much?” I said, “Yes I would.” She said, “You sure? You can’t get mad.” I said, “I won’t.” She said, “6 times a week for the past month and a half. I met him the first day I went to the gym. We talked while I was there. He hit on me hard. We got a family changing room and I sucked his dick.”

I said, “So I assume you like him?” She said, “Yes, very much.” I said, “It really took a month and a half of sex to get used to him?” She said, “No. Just two times. First time was ok. Second time was that night you thought I had been drinking. He fucked me so good I almost couldn’t walk.”

10 days

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    • Letting my wife loose was the best thing ever for us both. She used to be a grumpy chubby mom who didn’t want sex, and now she works out, gets her nails and hair done, dresses slutty, and loves sex. She dates men and goes out to dance and meet guys. I get to be home which I prefer and have sex with her when she comes back and she tells me all about it.

    • Being a cuckold for your wife is a special and rewarding loving experience. I guess it started before we were married and still dating she was young and she loved having sex I talked her into having sex with a couple of my friends had threesoms with her and it didn't stop after we got married. We really never talked about me being a cuckold it was just the lifestyle that progressed over time at first I was still having sex with her but as time went by she was denying me sex and I was masterbateing more and more watching her getting ready to go out with someone else and seeing how comfortable she was about taking to me about different men that she had been having sex with I was so proud of her. I would do anything just to stay with her even though I wasn't allowed to fuck my wife anymore and I was her submissive husband and she was enjoying having me lick her pussy after she had been fucked by someone else. She had the master bedroom to herself and I slept in a spare bedroom. It's been 25 years that I have been a cuckold for my wife and 10 years with my dick locked in a metal cage it never comes off. Now it not even a sexual thing for me I just love seeing how happy she is and how excited she gets with someone new.

    • Wait until you get to clean up his cum from her swolen pussy! Creampies are the best!

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