I'm the girlfriend

I'm not gay. I'm not trans but do admit to enjoying some cross dressing. I'm not submissive normally. But, Most of the time at home, I am my wife's best girlfriend.

We don't usually have sex when fully dressed as Vickie but when casual afternoon Vickie is hanging around... Its not a fetish thing, its just that I'm usually wearing women's clothes.

This started out as a lark. I was an under dresser cd'r and my wife was okay with that. I had plenty of dresses but just never felt the urge. However, after a move for my work, my work from home wife was having trouble establishing a social group. So, one Friday, i went all out and I became Vickie and pretty much stayed Vickie all weekend. I have not slept in mens clothing since. I don't always dress all the way, in fact most of the time, I am just wearing women's clothes at home. I don't dress up completely... breast forms, make up, etc. I have some black and some army green yoga pants I'm comfortable being seen in. sometimes in a fem t-shirt but mostly one of my band souvenir t shirts...

Its mostly about the mind set. She loves having Vickie around and I don't mind. I don't pass... Its not sexual, I just happen to be wearing night gowns when we have sex. I am the man! I wear mens clothes when we go out.

The one thing we have argued about is her nickname for my junk. She calls it Miss Petunia or Petunia. I can't get her to stop. I'm worried she's going slip up around my friends. She won't respond to my requests concerning it unless I call her Miss Petunia or use the fem pronouns. I'm still referred as a guy no matter how I'm dressed.

A plus to this is, I get two birthdays, Christmas, etc...

21 days

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