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Training Monica

I have recently commenced a lesbian relationship with my now best friend Terrie we both have sex with her dog Fido, it is a fabulous relationship because Terrie's husband knows we have fun but that happens when he goes interstate usually for a week, we work together on the same shift so travel to and from in the same car this also let's us have a... [more]

My Wife Wants to Become the World's Fattest Woman.

In the past 2 years my wife has been steadily gaining weight. Now normally I wouldn't care but it's kind of out of character for her. She has always been on the chubby side and at times she has been clinically obese like during her two pregnancies (around 300lbs at the heaviest) but she has always managed to diet back down to under 200lbs. But... [more]

Sisters hot tits

Me and my sister have always been close. i used to spy on her in the shower and when she'd change when we grew up. she's almost 3 years older than me. well, she has always had huge tits and got attention from guys as long as i can remember.
i think she knew when i was spying on her when we were teens. we're now in our 40s and just last year she... [more]

I want to be a fat housewife

I want to be a fat housewife. I love the idea of just wearing yoga pants all day and having huge fat b**bs, big fat a$$, and a big heavy belly that hangs over my stretch pants. I want to sit around and eat all day whatever I want. I want my husband to text me to “check on me” but really he is calling to see what and how much I’ve eaten. I want him... [more]


I like to top when 69ing. The wife complains that my nuts are smothering her and causing a form of claustrophobia. I think she’s just making it up. Am I wrong?

Being a Sissy

My wife is turning me into a sissy for a long time I did not mind it was great fun but she is getting really serious now.
Initially many years ago I always wore sexy pantie and bra sets with nighties at home we both enjoyed that, about eighteen months ago we expanded and I was wearing suspenders, stockings, pantyhose and heels then she started... [more]

Military mom

when I just turned 16 my mom was being deployed over seas for a year so she aske me to take care of daddy while she was gone. I said I would but then I asked what did I need to do and she said your daddyy has needs at night and they should be taken care of. I knew what mom was talking about because I could here them some times getting it on. I... [more]

His lips tasted like. . .

My husband took me to an informal, casual dinner meet up at his co-worker's house. There were only seven people there, pretty small. We drank wine, chatted, had a nice time playing Cards Against Humanity and had some laughs.
The host was this woman Patrice. She is divorced and works in a different dept than my hubby but I know they kind of... [more]

I don't want to live.

My wife has told me she is involved with another man. She met him at the gym. She said it started innocently and now they are sleeping together. I had no idea anything was going on. She seemed happy. She was even still having sex with me all the time. I thought things were great. I help her clean the house and spend lots of time with her. We do... [more]

Fat Wife

Last night my wife went out with a few friends and I was on stand by to be their driver when they were ready to come home. Now I’ve been married to my wife several years and I’ve never cheated on her. But sometimes it’s torture because my wife is fat. Really fucking fat.
Long before we were married I remeber fucking a couple fat chicks for fun... [more]

Boyfriend wants threesome with my sister, should I?

Me and my boyfriend were discussing sexual fantasies a couple of days ago, and with a little persuasion he opened up and said he always wanted to have a threesome. At first I was angry that he wanted sex with someone else, was I not enough?
Then I started thinking about two men, two hard cocks to play with, a night of being really slutty. Then... [more]

My boyfriend

I am like at my wits end. My boyfriend Zakk is a real asshole. He is such a shit head. Yeah I'm fat but so is he. Zakk thinks he can just come home and stick his dick in me and come in mouth. I'm tired of being treated like a ho. I'm a nice girl. I cook and clean his place. Put up with his parents who put me down. His mother said that Zakk doesn't... [more]

Living as a slut

Hey all. i have been posting and commenting since before xmas and some of you all have named me "Soph the Slut"
well i will confess that i didnt exactly feel that great with all the negitive comments and insults however, not long ago one these comments got to me, and me being me i rebelled again.
i contacted some of the guys who previously... [more]

No longer Pathetic Cuckold. How about you ?

I have been married twice and twice burned by lying cheating whores. It's been 10 years since I have had a girlfriend. I'm no longer controlled by these venomous lying bitches and the system created to care for these whores. My life is so much better off now and in just a few short years will no longer have to pay my last wife for anything. It's... [more]

Slumber Party?!?!

My wife got home tonight and said that she's going to be hanging out with her friend Heather and a few others this weekend. I said no problem. Then she said that Heather is hosting a slumber party, so she won't be home until Sunday at around noon.
I said, "Slumber party? wtf?" My wife is 36, we've been married 15 years, and never, ever has she... [more]

What do you guy's think?

My husband has been asking me to wear top's that would allow you to see in my top, Low cut, blouse's that open up as I turn or bend over. I have always thought of this as slutty, he is telling me it can be done tastefully. He would like me to do this and to some degree make it seem as if I am unaware that I am exposed. Mine you he would also like... [more]

It's nice having a pool

Mom climbed the ladder and got out of the pool completely nude. I followed her as she walked over to the lounge and laid down on her back. As I approached her, I could see how beautiful she was.
She laid there in the full sunlight with water droplets glistening on her skin. She spread her legs wide and I started moving between them.
"Fuck me... [more]

Older bf likes me to wear school uniform, is this ok?

I have been seeing my boyfriend for 2 years now, and i adore him, but i worry about our age gap and his obsession with school uniform. We got together when i was 15 and he was 22, it's was a secret relationship as my parents would go mad if they new his age. He would meet me in secret after school etc. I wore a uniform to school till i was 16 and... [more]

Minute Man

I'm 21 and have been seeing this guy who is 20. He was a virgin when we met. He's really shy and sweet and I love him, and I started slowly with him with regard to sex, as he was inexperienced. The first time we had sex I rode him and within maybe 30 seconds I could feel him spasm and fill me up. It was his first time feeling pussy, so I thought... [more]

Cuckold Hubby

I have had a relationship with a young well hung stud at my work for about 3 years about 2 years ago my husband brought up the idea of being locked in a chastity cage so I jumped at it, after he was locked for 3 months I told him about John and explained John would be sleeping with me quite often and he would move into the downstairs... [more]

GF and the QB

My first year of college my roommate had been the QB at his high school and had fucked many of the girls which he continued doing in college. He often would bring a girl into our room late at night and fuck them while I was already in bed. About half way through our first semester he brought in a very cute blond girl with great boobs. As usual I... [more]

Wives who were not virgins

This is for the guys who married women that were not virgins when you started dating. Did you or your wife have more sexual partners before you got together? How many women did you fuck and how many men fucked your wife?

Daughter controls our sex life

On her 16th birthday our daughter wanted to have her younger brother locked in a cock cage and she would hold the keys to control his masturbation urges after almost two years she has shown very good resposibility to the extent that she advises him when he will masturbate and if he will do it or she will he is no longer allowed to discuss anything... [more]


How long a cock has your wife had and is it yours? My cock is 7 inches and my wife says that both her previous boyfriends had longer cocks. She does say that mine is the thickest of the three of us and that she likes the thickness.

Totally under my control

I am so very happy, about three months ago my husband started talking about playing with chastity, I jumped at the idea helping him to select a chastity cage, we ordered a clear plastic one with internal locking device bit expensive but the reviews were great.
When it arrived I shaved him and gave everything a perfect clean before locking him in... [more]

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