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Unexpected threesome

Several months before my high school graduation my boyfriend and I were at his house. He told me we would have the house to ourselves that night. His mom is a nurse and works nights and his dad was suppose to on a boys night out. We are in his room with the door open having sex on his bed. Both of us completely naked and involved with what we... [more]

My wife said to me

My wife said to me, "Don’t be nervous. My love for you is unconditional. I know you can’t help it. You are who you are. So if you believe being a cuckold epitomizes your inner self. If you know it defines you. You should accept it. You should be proud of it. Your declaration will be the ultimate act of liberation. I promise to enable your every... [more]

Older bf likes me to wear school uniform, is this ok?

I have been seeing my boyfriend for 2 years now, and i adore him, but i worry about our age gap and his obsession with school uniform. We got together when i was 15 and he was 22, it's was a secret relationship as my parents would go mad if they new his age. He would meet me in secret after school etc. I wore a uniform to school till i was 16 and... [more]

Being a Sissy

My wife is turning me into a sissy for a long time I did not mind it was great fun but she is getting really serious now.
Initially many years ago I always wore sexy pantie and bra sets with nighties at home we both enjoyed that, about eighteen months ago we expanded and I was wearing suspenders, stockings, pantyhose and heels then she started... [more]

I never dreamed of this

My sister has a friend who was divorced. Her X stupid husband did not appreciate her, she had a good job and makes a good dollar, not the prettiest but far from ugly and has a drop dead hot body with a great personality. He cheated on her a lot, he's an ass he lost her for it. Now that she has no man in her life she needed help with an electrical... [more]

Husband won't give me my birthday wish

My husband is a pretty straight-laced guy with not a lot of kinks. I have several, and he is reluctant to indulge me. He asked me what I wanted for my birthday, and I told him that I wanted him and a couple of his friends to roleplay a home invasion, tie me up, and fuck me. He looked at me like I was crazy and asked if I was kidding.
I am dead... [more]

In a Loving and Sweet Cuckold Relationship.

My wife and I have been in a cuckold relationship for about ten years. She doesn't find it necessary to belittle me or degrade me or laugh at me. I enjoy watching her with other men and get very excited seeing her cum. She talks very sweetly to me while she is being fucked telling me how his cock feel and how much she is cumming. She is at her... [more]

Naughty wife

So I was at work 2 nights ago. Wife texts me. It said, "I'm horny. I want to fuck when you get home." I said, "Sounds good to me!" She said, "Wanna do something naughty tonight?" I said, "Like what?" She said, "A threesome." I said, "Lol yeah right." She said, "Seriously." I said, "got someone in mind?" She said, "Not in particular." I said... [more]

Training Monica

I have recently commenced a lesbian relationship with my now best friend Terrie we both have sex with her dog Fido, it is a fabulous relationship because Terrie's husband knows we have fun but that happens when he goes interstate usually for a week, we work together on the same shift so travel to and from in the same car this also let's us have a... [more]

Military mom

when I just turned 16 my mom was being deployed over seas for a year so she aske me to take care of daddy while she was gone. I said I would but then I asked what did I need to do and she said your daddyy has needs at night and they should be taken care of. I knew what mom was talking about because I could here them some times getting it on. I... [more]

Shared GF

I used to share my girlfriend with my roommate when we were in college. My girlfriend and I were virgins and after a few weeks of dating we had sex. Then a couple of months later my roommate walked in while I was balls deep in my girlfriend. After I pulled out I noticed that he was standing there watching. My girlfriend looked at me and then asked... [more]

My wife spanked me

We are a real couple who practice domestic discipline in a wife led marriage. I don't get spankings often but it still hurts to sit from the spanking I got a couple days ago.
without going into too many details I started an argument with my wife over something I thought was a bigger deal than it was. I said some disrespectful things to her and... [more]

Drunken threesome

I'm 26, female, 2 kids, happily married. I love my husband. He's perfect.
I'm friends with a woman at work. She's single, 23, and we have some chemistry. We like shopping. I asked her out for lunch/shopping last Saturday, but she said she was meeting up with a male friend that day. I asked if could tag along, and she said that would be great... [more]

Cocks and cum should rule

I am a strong independent woman with an excellent career. I make good money, drive a nice car, pay the bills and run my life.
BUT...when I am home with my husband he has the cock and it must be worshiped. This isn't a Dom/sub marriage/union, and we just lead a normal life together. We both cook and clean. We just act like a normal couple. In... [more]

My well used wife.....100 guys maybe?

When we married, I was 21 and my wife was 19. She was a virgin and had been raised in a very Catholic family. She was little shy about sex at first but came to really enjoy the things I did for her sexually other than actual intercourse. She eventually told me that she was expecting more from sex. I suggested she meet someone for sex and she... [more]

My sons real father

This is a secret that most likely I will take to my grave. Four years ago my husband and I wanted to get pregnant and after trying for almost a year we went to a doctor to see what was going on.
The doctor did all the tests and told us that my husband had a very low sperm count and although not impossible it would be very hard for him to get me... [more]

Anal At Last

Last night after nearly 30 years of trying I have finally had anal sex with my wife.
She was lubed up and relaxed. We were both surprised how easily and pain-free I penertrated her. We both had our first anal orgasm.
The only problem we can find is how messy the bed sheets got and we seem to have stained the mattress.
This will definitely... [more]

In love with an older man

2 years ago (I was 20 years old at the time) I was invited to a reception at a famous London Art Gallery to see works by an up and coming young Russian female artist. I was close to finishing a Law Degree at that time and really should have been working, but all work and no play..... I met a much older man there, he later described his age as... [more]

Wifes ex liked to watch

My thirty two year old wife of two years recently told me about her first marriage, I had been after her about her sex life before we met. she was married for eight years and most of that time he was getting her drunk and watching other men fuck her, lots of other men, his friends at first one or two, he rally liked it when she sucked cock while... [more]

Boyfriend wants threesome with my sister, should I?

Me and my boyfriend were discussing sexual fantasies a couple of days ago, and with a little persuasion he opened up and said he always wanted to have a threesome. At first I was angry that he wanted sex with someone else, was I not enough?
Then I started thinking about two men, two hard cocks to play with, a night of being really slutty. Then... [more]

Watching My Mom!

I'm 35 now but when I was a little boy my mother would walk around naked and she was always showing me her nude body. I slept with her until I was around 15 years old. In fact when I was 13 one night I was playing with my cock stroking it and I ejaculated in bed with mom right next to me. It felt so good plus I wanted to shoot my cum all over her... [more]

Cuckold husbands

I read quite a few posts here about relationships where the husband is considered a cuckold however very few if any ever mention the husband being locked in a chastity cage.
I feel it is essential for a real cuckold relationship that the wife is in complete control, dominating her man and that means having his penis caged, locked and under... [more]

Sibling love

I am a dad of 3 teen daughters, current ages: 15, 13, and 12. Several months ago, I walked in on my 2 oldest girls VERY heavily making out with each other (deep kissing). They were so involved in making out that they didn't see or hear me walk in. I didn't say anything and just quietly left the room. I never brought it up to them, but since then... [more]

I encourage my wife to date

I met Tara on a dating site and arranged a live meeting. I wanted to make it interesting so I suggested I look at her trees (I'm an arborist) and she could check me out. I put on some tight jeans, no underwear, and went over. She is blonde, slender, green eyes, great legs, pretty face. She wore a thin dress.
We played the parts. She was... [more]

Paying for repairs

When we were first married, my wife would pay for things by having sex with men. The first time was when we needed work on the car done and didn't have the money to pay for it. She said that she thought that she might get a discount if she had sex with the garage guy and if I wanted her to try. I thought about it and her having sex with him... [more]

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