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Used and abused

I'm 17, 5'2, 114lbs, active, small waist, big butt, average boobs, cute face, long black hair, I dance, I'm a competitive pc gamer, I love all forms of art, I'm friendly, funny, easy going, great in bed, down to earth and honest. I've been told that I am the perfect girl...but I'm treated like shit, I've been molested by my brother and raped by a... [more]

Not incest but close

I married into a wealthy family too young and it was a huge mistake. My wife constantly bitched at me for not being more productive and earning more money. When we made a yearly pilgrimage to see her family during the holidays I would try to avoid every event they were at because all they did was talk business, how they were better off than... [more]

My husband's ex

My husband lost his job, so he could not pay his alimony or child support to his ex. She was going to be evicted, so I told her to come live with us.
Two women, four kids of which two were full grown female teens, one man, one dog. We were living on a two bedroom trailer, so it got crowded. All kids in one room, two women in one bed, one... [more]

Hidden cameras revealed secret

After just a month of dating, I moved my girlfriend into my house so she could quit stripping without risking becoming homeless with child. I'm not in love with her, but she's the most spectacular sex partner I've ever had and I was living alone with extra space in a 3 bedroom house I inherited. The daughter is 12, a honor roll student, well... [more]

My wife's bf

So my marriage to my wife had been anything but ordinary. I fell for her because we are very much alike. She has a high sex drive. She wasn't afraid to tell me that she masturbates every day. Sometimes first thing in the morning and sometimes right before bed.
Before the wedding she sat me down and asked what I had planned for the night before... [more]

Adventures in Monogamy

My husband and I have been married for 14 years . We always have great sex! One Friday afternoon I was at work, everyone else had cut out early to get an early start on the weekend so I was working alone. My husband is a contractor and sometimes works out of town. It just so happened that they finally finished a job they had been working on for... [more]

Unexpected threesome

Several months before my high school graduation my boyfriend and I were at his house. He told me we would have the house to ourselves that night. His mom is a nurse and works nights and his dad was suppose to on a boys night out. We are in his room with the door open having sex on his bed. Both of us completely naked and involved with what we... [more]

My Wife's Slutty Girlfriend

When my wife and I were dating she brought her slutty girlfriend over and we would all go out drinking. Not drunk just a little buzzed. Staying out late, going to dance clubs and occasionally strip bars. She loved taking her friend to strip bars.
We ended up back at my place having fun. She tempted her friend into playing the roll of stripper... [more]


When I was sixteen, my bed-ridden mother passed away, and it was just my step-father and me. One day I had just got out of the shower, blinking water out of my eyes, when a large bag suddenly went over my head, and fell all the way to the floor, enclosing me in it. I struggled but he was too strong, and quickly had me tied inside it at the neck... [more]

I live with my MIL

I now live with my Mother-In-Law (MIL) but before you start getting up on your high horses please read our story.
I met and fell in love with her daughter some years ago, she was an only child whose father had died when she was very young. Her mother had never remarried and they appeared to be, to me anyway, very close. The first couple of... [more]

Found Explicit Video on Girlfriend's Computer

My girlfriend of a year recently had me work on her laptop, as she had been getting the "blue screen of death" frequently. I traced it down to driver conflicts, and fixed it.
However, while scanning trough the drives, I found a video of her having sex with two guys, while her best friend (a lady) watches. It was deep in an obscure folder on... [more]

White guy, Asian girl, and room service

I wanna share this naughty experience that I just had with my boyfriend 4 days ago in our hotel room.
We've been dating for a little over a year now. All the sex we've had since then have been great! The best I've ever had, actually. You see, he's the 1st & only white guy I've dated. He's tall (6'2"), very attractive, and muscular. And the size... [more]

Camping in the back yard

My friends and I all used to camp out in the backyard one of their houses, they probably had a two acre lot with some trees in it so we actually felt like we were camping. I always looked forward to doing it because one of them would bring all these porn mags that he would get from his dads garage. I guess he had boxes of them up in the attic... [more]


I love my wife and for the most part we had a great relationship with the exception of the bed room. She would always complain that I wasn't rough enough and that she wished I was bigger.We had a talk and she asked me if I would be upset if she hooked up with a co-worker. I was speechless and didn't know what to say. She said it would strictly be... [more]

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