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I’m 32 and my wife is 30 we have been married for 8 years have kids normal life etc. we have never had just great sex or sex on a frequent manner. I have always been open to try stuff to keep thing interesting but nothing too crazy with former people I dated. My wife is not a very sexual person I’ve tried to offer ideas or tell her I want sex more often and she never seems to care and says sex just isn’t important to her. I’ve mentioned trying toys before and she has said she doesn’t know why I would be ok with her using them or me using them on her. I’ve even tried to ask ab former guys she has been with just for curiousity or maybe see if they did things I don’t to make sex better for us and she acted like it was weird. I never really knew my wife in school she was younger and ran with a different crowd. I do know one guy she dated and I’m not sure if they ever had sex but this guy had the biggest dick I’m talking huge and I’ve honestly been so turned on thinking ab if she fucked him and how good he must have fucked her. I know that’s weird but for some reason it is hot to me. I’ve also encouraged her to dress sexy but she doesn’t and wears simple panties never thong or lace boyshorts. I’ve known of one time she did dress up at work she bought a skirt that was stretchy material and really showed off her ass she always wears pantyhose as her legs have to be covered at work. I told her that night how good she looked and tried to touch her but she wasn’t into it and I told her I liked her dressing like that and mentioned maybe wearing sexy panties and thigh high stockings instead of ful pantyhose but she didn’t seem to care. I’m honestly just at a loss with the fact that she isn’t very sexual yet I love the idea of her dressing sexy and getting attention plus the thoughts of her with the guy that had the big dick.... but how would I ever mention any of that considering she. Shuts down anything I say?!

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  • I was lucky that my wife enjoys exposing herself,sex with others, and wild sex. but It just happened to work out that way. I didn't marry her for that and if we hadn't gotten into things like that I'd have still been happy.

    I'n our time swinging I saw several guys try and push there wives into things they didn't want to do. The wife finally gave in there fantasy had been fulfiled and the husband thought life was great he'd gotten what he wanted. Until the divorce papers came. If you love your wife & kid's and the rest of your life with her is good. Don't take a chance of losing it all on some sexual fantasy.

    If you want to try and heat her up don't buy toys that discust her. Take her on a surprise weekend get away. Have roses waiting in the room when she gets there. Ger a couples massage. Treat her like she's the only girl on earth. Look in her eyes constantly telling her how special she is. Have a sexy but classy piece of lingere for hef.

    Then make love to her. Not trying to make it a fuckfest to try and set records but to connect with her. Maybe the 2nd night be a little more intense. And at no time bring up your fantasies. If this doesn't loosen her up decide. If you want a great life with you wife and kids. Or a divorce so you can find a girl who'll be your wife in public and your slut behind closed doors. I'm not saying the 2nd choice is bad. But you need to decide which you want more.

    I truly hope you pick the right one. I'm not trying to preach or play Dr Phill I've just seen guys try and push there wives into fulfilling there sexual fantasies an end up hating themselves for it. So now that I'm an old fart I wanted to share my 2 cents...

  • Isn't very sexual, or is very asexual.

  • You already have your answer. You married the wrong person.

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