Forcing a guy

I’m really ashamed of this story but to cut things short when I was 15 I forced my friends 13 year old brother to have sex with me. Essentially I raped him. More than once. The first time i did it, I overpowered him and hurt him to make him do it, the next year I blackmailed him to do it with all the photos of him I have. One day I realised it was rape. I thought it was ok, it was just me being a dominant empowering girl. But I reversed genders in my head and imagine if a guy did that to a girl. The guy would get killed so I stopped but I didn’t delete the photos. Only because I can’t risk him telling anyone so I told him I won’t do anything to him as long as he doesn’t tell anyone otherwise I’ll release all the photos. I don’t want to be cruel like that but I can’t risk it getting out, and I’m not like that anymore. I’m just really sorry for him and all the pain I’ve caused. Idk I feel like I’ve gotten away with it all and it was such an evil thing to do


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  • Congrats your torture of a young man will turn him into a serial killer, and he will see your face in each of his victims. He is afraid to confront you. But it burns deep inside him, the hate of you and the hate of his fear of you. So he will take it out on other women that reminds him of you.

  • I don't even know if you need to acknowledge this. Maybe just being the 'different person' you are around him may be enough. Acknowledging it might cause more problems than its worth.

  • The best thing to do is to talk with him about it. Apologize. Be a good friend to him. Show him you've changed. Way to go for recognizing what you did. That's very mature of you.

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