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I convinced my wife

I convinced my wife to have sex with other men. I also told her to have unprotected sex with them while she is fertile since I want her to get pregnant by someone else. I will be so turned on seeing her large belly full of another man's child.

After years of marriage

My wife and I have been married for 15 years. She is 48 years old. I am 46 years old. Things sure have changed over the years. When we first got together she wouldn't admit that she masturbated. She also didn't own any sex toys. Now, she has a night side table full of them. Some that she uses when we have sex and some that she uses to masturbate... [more]

I'm upset and hurt

Think maybe he drank a little too much, said a bunch of stuff and it kinda got to me, thought I could handle hearing anything from him wow that was hard to take..

Seduced By Her Daughter and Son In Law

I convinced my friend's boyfriend in sneaking away one weekend and try out the local nudist resort for kicks. This would be my chance to see his endowment and have fun with him.
We got to the resort and stripped down next to the vehicle. We smiled at each other's body. The resort rules was no hard penis showing. Cover it with a towel, so... [more]

Covid-19 Created A New Type Of Household

I never thought I be living in a polygamous household. Due to COVID-19 many people lost their jobs and/or couldn't afford to pay their rent. I'm the main bread winner in this household. My lady friend convinced me in letting her dearest friend Carol and Carol's daughter ,Pam, to move in with us until the situation improves. I have known Carol and... [more]


I was a 25 year old virgin when I started dating my wife, Jenny. The first time we had sex it was at night and fairly dark in the bedroom of her apartment. The next morning I woke up to the smell of bacon and coffee and pulled on my pants and went into her kitchen.
Jenny's naked butt looked great and I came up behind her and grabbed it. She... [more]

Wife's first partners

We had been dating about a month and hadn't had sex yet. We were both virgins. While we were making out she said that one of us should probably have sex with someone that was experienced. I said that I didn't know anyone that had already had sex and she told me that she did and maybe she should ask them to have sex with her. I agreed that she... [more]

Wife's Cervix

Have you ever hit your wife's cervix while having sex? The first time that I did I asked her and she told me that her previous boyfriends often hit it since they were longer than I am.

Fiancee at Nude Beach

I always enjoyed having my fiancee dress in halters and short skirts since I liked other men looking at her and wanting her while she was mine. Over time I even got her to not wear panties and spread her legs while sitting on benches at the park and showing her pink lips to other men. Some would actually come over and talk to us while they didn't... [more]

My wife kissing

Now that I have been sharing my wife with other men for about a year and watching her with them on our bed, I have found that I am more jealous of them kissing her than them fucking her. Maybe it is because I think that a good fucking is just something that a woman's body needs but kissing seems much more intimate.
What do you think? Do you feel... [more]

Wife and Nude Beaches

When my wife and I were dating she introduced me to nude beaches. Before we were married, we took vacations to both coasts where we went to nude beaches. For our honeymoon we went to a island where we spent two weeks nude on the beaches. It turns me on knowing that hundreds of guys have seen my wife naked and that she has seen these naked guys.

Wonderful little wife

Ok so I have posted hear befor how I want and wish I could share my wife. But I have tried all the comments suggestions and I am still not gaining And have decided to give up on that for awial. I did figure out that during forplay she does like to feel stretched out some, as I finger her she will ask for more and harder. but I messed up I think... [more]

His Secret Slut

I was my brother-in-law secret slut. My sister screwed and ruined her marriage by her values. I learned that she wouldn't suck his cock or let him do oral on her. Later I learned that oral sex is great. He tried to convince her into wife swapping and I found out later that wife swapping is a great past time.
She once was married before and... [more]

Boyfriend And His Sister

I never expected to be in a relationship with this guy and his sister but my sexual cravings and lustful thoughts caused me to venture out and try Bi. I never was interested in same gender sex until I started to pal around with my boyfriend's sister. She was a couple of years younger than my boyfriend but the same age as and me, but a bit lighter... [more]

Tight Wife

Knowing that my wife had sex with several previous boyfriends, I was surprised that she felt so tight around my dick when we had sex. I told her that she was very tight. She seemed surprised since she told me that more than 10 guys had fucked her before me. I had never had sex with someone as tight as her.
She told me that my dick while not as... [more]

Measuring Up

I’m in a LTR with a woman I’ll describe as “Chubby” and I have a side thing with an NSA “Supersize BBW (450+ pounds) Friend With Benefits. I wrote about my FWB in posts “Sugar Sack” and “I Fucked a Huge Fat Woman” and I was the one who posted the Deodorant for women that had a secondary use when you emptied it.
Growing up and going through... [more]

Slut Girlfriend Made Me Her Cuckold

Pam my girlfriend is not one to get guys to eye her. She's plain looking, chubby, with sort of a beer belly, small breasted and likes to turn me on with her nasty talk as she gives me head and while I'm eating her out and rimming her. She makes sex an enjoyable past time. I thought I was the only guy pleasing her because of her doggish... [more]

I wear a wireless bullet all day/everyday

I want to keep my man thinking about me. I work from home and he is an executive working in the office. I slide my Lovesense bluetooth bullet in and show him the tail sticking out as he goes out the door for work every morning. Throughout the day- he will buzz me while he sits in meetings to let me know he is thinking about me. This usually... [more]

Girlfriend niece.

I am an male, and I been with my girl for a while now meaning years. So, to start this off. I use to hate my girlfriend niece she had a damn bad ass attitude which I hate af. She now 21 years old. She came to visit a few days ago and I started thinking like naughty things. I told myself hell no stop thinking that shit, but for some reason i caught... [more]

Girlfriend niece

I am an male, and I been with my girl for a while now meaning years. So, to start this off. I use to hate my girlfriend niece she had a damn bad ass attitude which I hate af. She now 21 years old. She came to visit a few days ago and I started thinking like naughty things. I told myself hell no stop thinking that shit, but for some reason i caught... [more]

Bluetooth wireless toys

Does anyone have any of the Lovesense toys they love? I work from home and my husband has meetings and such where he goes to work. I think it would be hot for him to give me a “buzz” when he gets bored at work.
If you have the lovesense luna 2... what is your favorite thing to do with it? Public/shopping? Parks? Car rides? Restaurants? Tell... [more]

I am my husband’s Pregnant, nympho, cum slut

The past few weeks have been 100% bliss. Im just transitioning to my second trimester of pregnancy and at some point turned I’ve into a complete and total nympho cum slut. I thought my husband wouldn't be able to keep up but he has gone above and beyond to make sure I stay satisfied. Every day he practices or nails something new with me and it... [more]

He is finally treating me like his personal cum slut

My husband is turning me into his personal sex slave. He is so quiet and shy and not the dominate type at all. He is often railroaded at work and no one listens to his ideas. He has been frustrated at his job and I asked him to take it out on me. At first he didn't understand. So recently on especially rough long days with his job, I would wait... [more]

My wife was pregnant

When I first started dating my wife she was pregnant. My wife had just broken up with her boyfriend after being together for almost two years. She wasn't showing yet but after a month of us being together it was getting noticeable particularly when she was naked and she was having morning sickness. I wasn't concerned because I could see that we... [more]

I miss cock so much!

I'm a bisexual guy & am in a relationship with a woman who I love from the bottom of my heart. She is really lovely and we work well together - not to mention that she is my perfect type. She is big, almost my height and has the most gorgeous massive ass that is so perfectly round and big. When I go down on her she wraps her big soft legs around... [more]

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