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Used Wife

I was really attracted to a girl that I first met when we were sophomores in college. I was about to ask her out but then she started dating another guy. She had several boyfriends before I finally asked her out when I thought that she had broken up and was single.
I didn't know that she was still dating him when she agreed to go out with me... [more]

Obedient adoring husband

I am the husband of 'strict wife', she showed me what she had sent after she sent it, and she told me to reply, that she wanted to see what I would say. So yes, what she described how we got together, our kids thought we were a good fit, how the spanking started, all true. I accepted that I am more a submissive guy, that she is very dominant, I am... [more]

Why do serious girl friends want you to cum in their mouth

Every girl friend I ever had - at one time or another during our relationship - moved into position and let me know without doubt that they want me to finish in their mouth when they go down on me.
Frankly I prefer to be inside their vagina!...between their soft thighs with my balls nesting against their little butt hole!
One girl, a nurse in... [more]

Having fun with sister in law

I have a really great relationship with my brother in law Dan.
We hang out quite a bit since my sister is always working out of town for a week or two every time.
Well this past weekend me and Dan went to a ball game and had a great time,
We drank and ate and after the game we headed to his house and dan asked me if I felt like partying... [more]

Never thought we would be here

My wife and I have been married 17 years. About 3 years ago we both decided on an open marriage. I wanted to have sex with men and she had a coworker she wanted to start seeing. She was only with that guy probably 6 or 7 months. She had sex with a couple other guys and she has been with her boyfriend for about a year and a half now.
We... [more]

Wife's bikini

My wife ordered a Brazilian bikini for our summer holiday. She wanted to trim her pubic hair, but I insisted on her not to do. She left all the hair above her vagina grow, only shaved the side areas. When she cane out of water the hair was visible that men and women next to us saw it. I'm sure some of them fantasised her.
I also fantasised all... [more]

Woman Of My Dreams

I never ever thought I wound find someone that I wanted in my life but it happened. I've been married several times and dated a good number of gals I thought I wanted badly. None didn't really fit my dreams and fantasy. I wanted someone with the same desire and dreams that I craved for. I have deep sexual urges with an open mind. I cheated on my... [more]


During college, my roommate and I both had sexy girlfriends that we fucked when we were virgins and they were also. After we had dated for several months, we fucked our girlfriends and left the room to go to the bathroom. When we came back to our dorm room, I got into my bed but quickly realized that my roommate's girlfriend was in bed with me. I... [more]


I fucked my wife about 200 times while we were dating and lived together before we got married. She had also been fucked another 300 times by two other guys before me. How many times had your wife been fucked by you and other men before you married her?

Happy She's History

My ex-wife is a bitter, sad, frigid, angry woman who compensates by being a manipulative, critical, domineering bully. She was happy to pull me down into her unhappiness with her, so she'd have company, with no regard for my feelings. Misery really does love company I guess. Well...fuck you bitch, and good riddance.

Strict wife

I am a strict wife, I wasn't with my first husband, he took advantage of me, screwed right left and centre, I didn't realise it, my friends had to tell me. I was on my own for years, put on a .lot of weight, then met a guy at a talk, we hit it off, got married three months later, both our kids are grown up. I'm big, 5'3 but nearly 15 stone, but... [more]

Wife's Tattoo

I finally convinced my wife to get a tattoo. She agreed to get a butterfly on her lower belly where it would be covered by her bikini bottom. I knew the tattoo artist and talked to him about him doing a different tattoo above her bikini bottom.
I was concerned that my wife would be upset if the tattoo was visible whenever we went to the beach but... [more]

Making out and a little more with brother in law

My flirting with brother in law went from a kiss to a little more than I thought was going to happen.
My brother in law and I had gone to the mountains for a day hike.
No one else wanted to go with us to do the hike, so we drove to the forest and went on our hiking adventure.
It was a great day and we were going to hike on a trail that was... [more]

My worst spanking ever

I was asked recently: "What was your worst ever spanking?"
That’s a tough one to answer - because, in my experience, most hard spankings combine pain and pleasure.
I was an only child and my parents were divorced. My mother and I had a close, loving relationship. She encouraged me to enjoy literature, the countryside and many other things I... [more]

Alone with sister in law

My sister in law jen was in town visiting,
She went by the house to visit her sister (my wife) who was out of state for 2 weeks.
Jen asked if it was okay if she hung out with me.
I said sure you can stay here if you want.
Jen smiled and thanked me for the invite.
We hung out watched the game on TV and drank beer.
I told jen that she could... [more]

Hands free orgasm

Last night my wife told me about the first time she had anal sex in great detail. I came hands free while she was telling me the story. My wife (29) was really surprised at how it happened but was happy that I got that turned on for her

Hairy pussy fetish

I’ve always had a hairy pussy fetish since I can remember. My wife (29) was always shaved until about a year ago when I told her that I like seeing hair down there. Since then, she has grown out a bush and it drives me wild! I can spend hours down there just licking and pleasing her. Cumming on her bush is my absolute favorite thing

Anniversary Present

On our 20th wedding anniversary my wife and I went to Vegas and she hired a prostitute to do a 3 way with us. It was hot to see my wife go down on her and it was exciting to fuck someone different after 20 years.

She didn’t expect that

My wife and I have been married several years. For about the past 2 years she has had little luck cumming from sex and has to masturbate later to cum. About 6 months ago, we had sex and she didn’t cum. She said, “I don’t get it. Why can’t I cum during sex.” I said, “Maybe it’s me.” She said, “Honey, don’t say that.” I said, “You should try having... [more]

Uninhibited Aunt

I always enjoyed the company of my aunt. I began to have wet dreams of her even though she's over twenty years older than me. Her cleavage turns me on. I gotten a digital camera for Christmas and enjoy using it. I was over her house snapping pictures about the house. Her cleavage was showing and she realized I snapped a few shots of it. "You're... [more]

Mutual Masturbation in Movie Theatre

Me and girlfriend are going through some rough time in our relationship. Decided to take a day off on Tuesday and go out to movie and lunch and spend time with each other. Haven't had sex in 3 weeks. It was weekday afternoon and movie theatre was almost empty with no one else in our row. It had those new reclining seats but the movie itself was... [more]

My hot slutty wife

Before I married my wife I knew that she was fucking other guys long before I fucked her. We knew each other because we lived in the same neighborhood most of my friends had fucked her and everyone in the neighborhood kinda knew about her. We became good friends and I understood were she was coming from she told me everything about herself and how... [more]

Just a little tease

I am a married woman of 57, been married for 35 years, my husband is my one and only lover, I have given him all of my holes to fuck and I enjoy being intimate with him as he does me. I have never been tempted to stray and neither has he, I am all the woman he needs and he is all the man I require.
That does not mean we take each other for... [more]


After a long time in trying, I finally talked my girlfriend into a threesome. She said it had to be someone that she could trust, so we selected my younger brother. My girlfriend is 5'1" tall and weighs 105 lbs. She's very-pretty and tight. My brother and I are over six feet tall and weigh 190 lbs.
It was a thrill to watch him work his cock... [more]

Big turn Off : Cumming in own hand

My wife does not like birth control pills. Both of us don't like condom either. She doesn't want any more kids. She finds cum disgusting and hence won't swallow or let me cum on her face or breasts or ass. So the only option I am left with is pull out when about I'm to cum and cum in my own hand. I shoot big loads. There is always a fear or... [more]

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