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Insecure boyfriend

I've been dating this wonderful guy for about 2 months. I really love him, but he has a problem that I have a lot of male friends. I'm female, but have always gotten along better with guys in pretty much any aspect. In contrast, he is an introvert with virtually no friends.
I've been besties with some of my guy friends for years, going back to... [more]

Is this a healthy Dom Wife relationship?

My relationship with my wife started out very vanilla, but over the past 14 years has morphed into something else. I'm surprised to find that I'm mostly okay with it, but I sometimes wonder if it's healthy.
Here goes: We used to have regular sex, but now we have just one kind of sexual contact: my mouth and her vajajay. In the morning, we start... [more]

First night

I was brought up in a very conservative and traditional atmosphere where even having boyfriends was frowned upon. I had my first kiss in college and proceeded till second base but that was about it, I did not go further than that as I thought it was wrong for a 'good' girl. However my family was accepting enough and after graduation, I got married... [more]

Husband fantasizes about my friends

How many of you fantasize about having sex with your spouse's friends? My husband has openly mentioned that he fantasizes about fucking three of my female friends, sometimes even when we're having sex together (really odd, imo).
I can tell he flirts a bit with them when I have them over, but thankfully they don't flirt back. Just curious about... [more]

Gay Sex with friends father ?

I'm a 54 y.o. guy and recently had some surgeries.My friends father from my old neighborhood is in his late '70's.He has been widowed for about 40 years.Without a girlfriend for about 15 years.We discuss this.He mentions missing having "someone" in his life.
Not a woman,"someone"There are a few times I thought he was showing signs of coming on to... [more]

Double date threesome

I went out on a double date with a good friend of mine Lara. The guy she's been dating, Jason, is really new, like they've only been on three dates. I've been seeing a guy named Steve and we've been an item for only about a month. The four of us went out to a comedy club, had dinner, and a nice time. We went back to Jason's place since it was... [more]

My Aunt part 2 update

Hello everyone here is An update of what happened after my previous post. I have also added this as comment in my original post. I am contemplating about updating everything that will happen from here on the portal.
- the other day, as usual, she was standing close to me & intermittently touching her boobs along my elbow region. I advanced... [more]

Can't turn the clocks back

The old saying don't try to fix it if it's not broke , We had been married 20 yrs the kids had grown up and was doing there own thing . Over the years I would ask my wife if she wanted to have sex with anyone else , She would always say no , I suppose things was a little bit stale but not bad between us we was best friends has well has man and... [more]

Wife's past

My wife and I have been together for over twenty years. It was on our second date that she had admitted to me that she had been a prostitute for several years. But she had quit ten years before I had met her. She wanted to tell me this up front in case I wanted to walk away. But what she didn't realize was that I have had a very active sex life... [more]

A fun night at the Casio

Let's go to the Casio tonight, just for a little while. I really did not want to throw away money, I never win. Come on, just for an hour or two, we are so close. And how much money are we going to give them? My wife said we can set a limit, and if it would make you happier, I will wear an outfit that will keep your mind off the money. Ok, the... [more]

To see the look on a guys face.

My wife now knows that I really enjoy when another guy get a look at her chest.
She knows what colors look good on her and has great taste in clothes, and likes to look nice. Once in a while she would be wearing a top that allowed her chest to be more exposed. But she looked nice and not sluty.
One day while we were out she had such an outfit... [more]

Finding out the wife likes to be caught having sex

We enjoyed having sex when possible, outdoors, in a new work van, in my job site trailer. When my wife wanted sex we found a place. Once in a while I thought someone might catch us, or be watching. Not close up, but close enough to get a good look at her. A few times when she was on top of me, with her top still on she would ask if I wanted her to... [more]

Clingy or what? WTF.

I just started seeing this guy Ted. We met through friends, and we've been out on dates 3 times a week for two weeks, but we're not living together or anything. He's definitely potential boyfriend material, but we're still early in the process, imo. I don't consider him a boyfriend at this point, though it's close.
Ted wanted to go out on... [more]

Dating twins didn't know at first

I started dating a girl, i say date, it was fucking really, basically i called at hers or she called at mine, always quite late so we had sex and fell asleep. I didn't realise she was a twin until she confessed that her sister had taken her place when she was busy one time, and then they kept it up, switching places. I thought she had an... [more]

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