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Red Flags?

I'm 20 and have always been partial to milf types, wanting to fuck my friends' moms and the like growing up. You get the picture. I went on to a dating site and started chatting with this woman who is 47. She looks more like 35. We hit it off immediately. She's single but has been divorced twice, has two sons aged 21 and 17, and she's a lot of... [more]

Asian love

A few months when I visited my local pharmacy chemist I was greeted by a very pretty Asian Chinese woman. I immediately took a liking to her as she was warm and friendly over the coming weeks I say her now and again and became really friendly with her name is Ang then one day we met in the post office. I asked her if she would like to go for a... [more]

Sex with age difference

Just started seeing a much older women I'm 51 she is 80 i have the urge to have sex with her she still looks good tidy body. Question is she wants friendship and companionship should I try to get her knickers off and pound her mature pussy.

Minute Man

I'm 21 and have been seeing this guy who is 20. He was a virgin when we met. He's really shy and sweet and I love him, and I started slowly with him with regard to sex, as he was inexperienced. The first time we had sex I rode him and within maybe 30 seconds I could feel him spasm and fill me up. It was his first time feeling pussy, so I thought... [more]

My wife told her family and friends that I have a small cock.

I have always known that I have a small cock. When I was 14, both my 12 year old and 10 year old brothers had larger cocks than I did. Even my mom, in a truly concerned tone, told me that she was sure it would eventually grow. It grew to about 4" and no more. My wife admitted that she shared my size with her friends, her sisters, and her mom. I... [more]

Wife's new hair

My wife came home tonight with a new hair cut. As always when she gets her hair done my fist thought is I can't wait to get her to suck my dick. This time though is a little different in that it's the same style as her slightly older sister's hair. I've been eyeing the sister lately, even though she's heavy she's been working out and I keep... [more]

Grandma Cuckolds Grandpa

It started after I turned 18. I was doing yard work for my grandparents. It was ok for me to shower off in their bathroom. One time the bathroom door I forgot to close completely. I had a stiffy while drying off. I didn't know it but grandma peeked in. For some reason after that incident, grandma started to get extra nice to me and very... [more]

Brotherly Love

I was browsing the internet and came across this site. I needed to explain my situation. To the eyes of the public I'm a sinner and to others I'm perverted and should seek help. I'm in a loving relationship with my brother. I'm 26 and he's 24 and we live and sleep together. Our folks thinks we are just sharing the house. I'm a SSBBW and ever since... [more]

1st time pussy licking...sweet!!

Well this post refers back to my very first girlfriend that I had in high school. She was 16 and I was 18. She thought being the girlfriend of a senior was cool, but in reality, she was the cool thing. She was hot, a real looker, and my kind of girl. That meaning that she didn't have any problem trying new things or putting up with me.. She took... [more]

Confused about wife's jealousy

Should my wife get upset whenever I walk around naked in front of her friends and Mother? I'm never dressed whenever I am relaxing and tanning in the pool because my cock is to large to confine inside clothes. Nothing has ever happened sexually between any of us except my wife always wanting to suck and fuc.k with friends and Mother watching.

Black guys and sharing partners

Are black guys more into sharing their partners than white guys? I just ask because I'm dating a black guy for the first time and he's really eager to share me.
I'm 41, newly divorced, and had only been with white guys in monogamous relationships. I've never cheated in my life. A friend of mine hooked me up with this black guy Richard. He's... [more]

Stroking and smoking...

Before my wife and I got married, when we were getting to know each other better, my girl loved sex...and loved it to the moon and back. I thought I had a pretty good sex drive, but there were times that she would way out do me, and I'd be in awe of her confidence and her creative mind. she would sometimes call me up, ( this was before cell phones... [more]

Committed plural relationship w/2 fat women

I am the luckiest guy alive. I’m not going to get into how it happened, just sort of one thing that led to another and now going on a couple years I’ve been involved in a committed relationship with two women. It’s a 3-way relationship meaning they were both bi-curious and get feisty with each other sometimes. It really took the planets aligning... [more]

The beginning

So I've been married to my wife for 13 years. We met on a dating website. Her profile jumped out at me and I sent her a message. I knew women probably get a ton of msgs but I hoped that she would respond. Her profile said she was looking for a long term relationship. It also said that she is not your average woman. She said that to the guy lucky... [more]


My wife and I went to the beach with a couple of our friends, Mike and Jana. We had hotel rooms down the hall from each other. The four of us were going to go out to dinner and Mike said to stop by around 5:00-5:30 or so. A few hours later I went over and saw the door was not locked and knocked a couple times before opening it. I was just going to... [more]

Now a different friendship

3 months ago my friendship to my best friend has changed in a big way.
From the age of 12 I’ve been best friends with a girl, she is the daughter of my parents friends.
Whenever our parents met me and her would play together, even through are teenage years to today’s date we’ve remained best of friends.
We are both 26 and 3 months ago she got... [more]

Is it for real or just for the money?

My girlfriend got invited to a posh party from the ceo of the company she works for.
The invite was for plus one so I went with her, all I noticed was old wealthy men with stunning young ladies, some of the men looked really old.
I’m not talking one or two, I’m talking every man in the room having stunning looking women hanging from the... [more]

His lips tasted like. . .

My husband took me to an informal, casual dinner meet up at his co-worker's house. There were only seven people there, pretty small. We drank wine, chatted, had a nice time playing Cards Against Humanity and had some laughs.
The host was this woman Patrice. She is divorced and works in a different dept than my hubby but I know they kind of... [more]

Naked girlfriend mum

When I 18 I so wanted to fuck my girlfriend mum, I had a big crush on her and she knew it.
When I first met my girlfriend mum I saw her completely naked.
We had been dating for a couple of weeks and it was that time to meet the parents.
When we entered the house my girlfriend shouted mum we are home, her mum came walking in from the garden... [more]

Christian family shit storm

My girlfriend lives with her parents and I live with mine, we're both 18 soon to be 19. Her family is mega religious, go to church every Sunday (I went with them to keep a good image) and her mom even goes to mass on Wednesdays too. They had been nice to me, but never let me stay overnight, didn't let her stay over at my parents' place overnight... [more]

Nasty Divorce

I'm in the middle of a nasty divorce. My wife Sara is the love of my life. We were college sweethearts and have been married 7 years. She is still the most beautiful woman on whom I've ever laid my eyes: blonde, beautiful face, c-cup tits, bubble ass and tight pussy. I never cheated on her or even thought about another woman, because no one could... [more]

Cuckold husbands

I read quite a few posts here about relationships where the husband is considered a cuckold however very few if any ever mention the husband being locked in a chastity cage.
I feel it is essential for a real cuckold relationship that the wife is in complete control, dominating her man and that means having his penis caged, locked and under... [more]

Slumber Party?!?!

My wife got home tonight and said that she's going to be hanging out with her friend Heather and a few others this weekend. I said no problem. Then she said that Heather is hosting a slumber party, so she won't be home until Sunday at around noon.
I said, "Slumber party? wtf?" My wife is 36, we've been married 15 years, and never, ever has she... [more]

Changing rooms

I'm on vacation with my girlfriend and to cut costs we've been staying with friends and family when we can. We made a trip to Disneyland and stayed with my aunt and uncle outside of LA. They said they were hosting a block party with the folks in their gated community, so it would be extra fun if we were into it. We said sure and it sounded like... [more]

Help! Husband shaved his junk

Been married 6 years and have what I thought was a good relationship. Last weekend my husband got out of the shower and he had shaved his pubic hair completely off. He doesn't have a hair on his cock or balls or anywhere near. I asked why he did that, and he couldn't give me an answer. I said I wish he would have asked me first, since that look... [more]

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