Do I have a sexual problem?

I’m a 46yo female and for the last four months I’ve been watching porn a lot.
Prior to this I’ve never watched porn, the reason for me posting this topic under strange is, when I’m watching porn I have no interest in touching myself or wanting sex, yes I’m very sexually aroused but that’s as far as it goes.
Interested to know what you’re thoughts are.

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  • I'm a sixty-four year old man, and a longtime pornophile, and I do mean LONGTIME. I was taking pictures of my erection, and those of naked playmates, male and female, at fourteen, with my Swinger polaroid camara, some of which I still had until twenty years ago. When I got old enough to buy it, I consumed paperbacks, magazines, super 8, and, later, videos. I got married at twenty-six, and my wife was surprisingly tolerant of my habit, but, her dad was a pornophile, and her mom titillated by it, if not a pornophile herself. The only thing that's changed with my pornophilia, over the years, is that I no longer collect it, and my viewing preferences are more varied and cyclic than before. I don't always masturbate to it, but I never did all that much...well, except at fourteen, when I never seemed to quit jacking-off . Anyway, happy viewing, and I do hope you'll touch yourself, at some point.

  • It's a dopamine hit, whether you are male or female. Watching people fuck is nice.

  • It seems you just want a little romance in your life. I understand how you feel it is not just sex.

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