My first bbc experience

One day on Business trip out of State with nothing to really do after our netting. I decide to cruise the city when I came across a nice clean XXX adult bookstore. I’m not sure what to expect since some stores can be slightly different as to what goes on inside. I purchase some tokens when after about 5 minutes I hear a knock on the door. As I open the door I notice a nice looking black guy asking if I would like some company. Without really being able to be just comes right in. Shortly after that as I’m sitting and he’s standing without not saying anything he unzips his zipper and pulls out his cock
I’m not sure as to what to do when his pants drop to his knees. I position myself to get a good look because at this point I’m curious as hell. I could not hardly believe what I see.
His black cock is fully out and it’s clearly thicker than my wrist and still soft and just just hanging. It appeared to be around 8 inches on soft. All this time I’m thinking about my wife and her one nighters with all those black athletes in college. I decide to grab and touch it to see what a real cock feels like. I’m still so shocked at the size. I start to stroke it when I notice his cock is very wet at the tip. I keep imagining something so big and thick entering my wife. I stroke it as if it were my cock. It grows a little more in length but gets thicker almost to where my hand is too small to fully grip. After about 15 minutes of striloking I notice his moans getting deeper and moments later he shoots off at least 8/9 huge massive loads. I can hear the spurts hitting the floor and his cock throbbing as I unload it.
He finishes cumming then puts cock back into his pants. From this moment on the site of seeing black men and white women at clubs or bars excites me. I’ve even gotten many glimpse of black cocks pissing in stalls. One night after dancing at a club these black guys were asking my wife to dance and it turned me on. I saw the excitement in her eyes. When we were in the car I told her so many attractive white females were all over black guys. She asked me if it turned me on? I said yes it does. I got her to open up about her college days and she told me that was her past. I asked her what she missed the most and she said how well they fuck, their stamina and of course their size. I told her yeah I confirmed that in the bathroom. Those black guys are like horses. Before you know it she’s sucking my cock and I tell her to suck it like she used to suck that black cocks in college. As she’s sucking me I ask her if she still thinks about fucking black guys. And she says yes a lot. She assures me as she’s stroking my cock that it’s the fulfillment she misses but she could never live without me. I tell her I would love to see her with a black guy. As we get home I start to eat her when i just start talking dirty to her about black cocks.she had not been turned on thismuch in a very long time. She then ask me if I would eat her pussy clean once her black lover cane in her. I told her if that’s what she wanted. I cum a little in her when she tells me this hot black guy flirts with her at work and she would love me to watch them fuck. I move down and I tell her I’m pretending his black cock came in her and I’m immediately eating her out and she releases this huge orgasm and collapsed.
She tells me she flirts back with him and he’s always telling her you just tell me when your ready mmmmmmm

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    • All ways teased wife about bbc well she was on work course for a day well dinner time her friend video called me and was fondling her boobs i said nice she said my wife had made her horny and turn cam around showing how she had her feet on man legs and taking bbc in toilet Cubicle seeing her there legs spread wide boobs bouncing pussy filled bbc then watching as both come fantesy of mine to watch her with another man

    • I'm a white male and I've had my share of sucking on a few black cocks at the ABS and I luv it.

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