Cold winter morning 1972

It was a very co;d winter morning in 1972. My best friend and I were at his house just waking up. His parents were both at work and no one was there but he and I. We laid in bed talking and we were both 13 at the time. We started talking about girls and both of us were hard in no time. We talked about jacking off and before long we were both naked laying side by side jacking off together.
We talked a little as we jacked off and when I told him I would jack hm off if he would do me it wasn`t but a few seconds before we had our hands on each others dicks really stroking each other. Both of us said it over and over that it felt good and I told him we should try sucking each other and before he could answer I moved quicly and had his dick in my mouth and he just moaned and shoved my head down with his hands and without any warning shot his cum in my mouth and I was shocked but just sucked and swallowed until he let go of my head.
My head was laying on his leg my face just inches from his dick when he asked if I would do it some more. I said sure if you will do it to me. I moved around until I was on my side his dick in my face and my dick really close o his face. I started to suck on his dick and then I felt his mouth on my dick. It felt good right away and before long he had a mouth full of my cum and I could tell he was swallowing it as he sucked my dick. I got him to cum again then we just laid there naked talking and we both agreed that it was OK to suck each other and we both liked doing it.
The longer we talked the hornier we got and he wanted to get on to of me and we rub our dicks together. Well it felt good being naked with his naked body on top of mine as we dry fucked and humped each other. He rolled off of me and asked me to turn over so he could try humping on my ass. It felt way too good to stop so I rolled over and he got on top of me and his hard dick was between my ass cheeks and his dick was rubbing across my asshole and he and I both were enjoying it andI told him 2 or 3 times it felt pretty damn good. Then he said "How would you lie it if I put my dick in you?" I tod him to try it and lets see. I will never forget how he held his dick to my asshole and how he pushed and pushed and how it felt and how I just knew it would never go in. Then I felt myself begin to open up and it stung a little as the head of his dick went in my asshole. We both let out a moan or two and he was pushing hard as his dick went up my ass a little bit at a time and I kept telling him to keep going. I spread my legs and pushed my ass up a little bit and before long I could feel his nuts pressed to mine as he thrust his dick up my ass a few times then asked me f I was OK. Then he asked if I liked it and how it felt. We talked a little and he told me it felt good to him and I had to agree. He asked if I wanted to try fucking and I said yes pleae lets try it.
As soon as he started to fuck me I started telling him to keep going. He fucked me good and both of us were enjoying it very much. He tod me he liked fucking me and I told him I liked it too. He fucked me hard for a few seconds then said he was going to cum and I told him not to stop keep going. He said really you want me to cum inside of you. I said sure it feels way too good to pull out. In a few seconds he came in my ass and I could feel his rock hard dick pulse inside of me each time his warm cum shot up my asshole.
We just laid there quietly for awhile as he humped on my ass pushing his dick up my ass then he started to tell me how much he liked fucking me and I had to agree and told him it sure did feel good and it really felt good fuck when he came in me.
I could feel him getting hard in my asshole and I asked him if he could He started to work his dick in and out of my ass and it was alot easier with his cum in my ass. We fucked for a very long time my legs spread wide his naked body on top of my naked body his dick going in and out of my asshole his cum dripping on my nuts as he fucked me and it got really good and he came in my ass again.
Once his dick got soft and he slipped out of my asshole I felt his cum trickle out of my hole. We talked a bit and then went to shower together. We played with each other in the shower even sucked each other a little then I asked him if he was going to fuck me any more. He said he sure wanted to if I did. I told him I would be ready when ever he was.
We spent the rest of that day fucking all over their house and twice in front of a mirror so we could watch. I got excited watching him fuck me in the mirror and each time he came inside of ne made me want it even more. For about 7 or 8 years he and I had oral sex and he fucked my ass all the time. No one ever knew what we were doing and that made it even better. In High school we would run out to the edge of town to this old vacant house in the woods and suck each other off or he would fuck me and I would sit in class all afternoon with my best friends cum in my ass. It was a good time for both of us and I think about it often. I would do t all over again for sure

Mar 1

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    • That's a beautiful story of sexual discovery, sweet and innocent, as it should be!

    • I had the same experience with a friend when we were kids.
      On the bed together talking about girls. Got hard, touched each other. We tried in in our mouths - but the best was when he turned over and I slid between those very girly looking young butt cheeks as he clenched and relaxed them for me.
      No anal.
      It was great!
      We both married and had a slew of kids. I doubt either of us ever touched a male again the rest of our lives. We didn't have a girl - so we made do with each other!

    • I did the same growing up but it was with my brother

    • My best friend and I started much like this. When we stepped up to anal, I got to go first and finished before I started. He proceeded to take me to pound town. I never even asked him to blow me again but I always get mine, just not like I used to. I give him bjs and my bootie anytime he wants now.

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