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I’m 32 and have been married to my wife for 8 years kids jobs home normal life. Our sex life has never been great but was better when dating she never really dresses sexy or anything. I have pushed for more sex or for her to dress sexy or wear lingerie but she doesn’t seem interested. I get turned on at the though of her dressing sexy at work which she has only done once. She wore a tight skirt with heels and pantyhose that she always has to wear and i told her that night how great she looked and told her it turned me on she looked good at work I even mentioned maybe wearing sexy panties with it or thigh high stockings instead of pantyhose which she didn’t seem interested in . I don’t really know my wife’s history before we met with guys I do know she dated or talked to a guy I know from the small town we are from. I’m not sure what all they did but I know from sources that he has a huge dick I’m talking 8 or 9” and thick af I’ve honestly thought if she fucked him and it turns me on so much but considering how she tends to be a prude I have never told her how I felt ab that or been able to even ask her about it..... just kinda lost as what to do since she isn’t open to hardly just having sex as to how I be open with her ab how I feel

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  • Well I hope all 16 year old girls have twins or quads or more and end up super fat. even mr meghan (meagain markle, me despicable me, thinking of me all the time meghan thinking about herself all the time) . fat gut here she cums cowsie!

  • You both need to share fantasies - and I mean "no-holds-barred" kinds of fantasies. Promise each other that there won't be any negative feelings or anything as a result! My wife and I have a rule, whatever is discussed in the bedroom stays in the bedroom. She can tell me everything she did before me, and what she thinks about and craves for (even if it's involving my friends), and I won't get angry or upset. This truly has spiced up our sex life!

    During these sessions, I discovered that she has a huge MFM desire, and we regularly go back to it and expand on it when we're being intimate. I also discovered that I have a cheating kink, as in I wouldn't mind if she were to flirt with other men behind my back and see where that takes her. We're still in the early stages here, but it's a lot of fun to torture her with ideas and pictures along those lines.

    It turns her on greatly, especially because she doesn't have to hide it when another man flirts with her when I'm not around.

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