Finally after 23 years

When I was 27 I met a married lady, she had only been married for 4 months and she and I liked each other a lot, for 3 months we met up so many times with each other saying the same thing over and over again, if only we had met sooner.
In those 3 months we did just about everything but penetrating sex, we so wanted each other but knew it was never to be.
23 years later I’m at an old school friend wedding reception, as I’m saying hello to old and new friends who do I see, yep the lady never to be in my life!
OMG was the first words said to each other, after half hour of giving each other a speedy update of our lives we both mentioned about those 3 months many years ago.
I told her for ages after I regretted not having full sex with you, she said the same.
As the evening went on I couldn’t help but keep looking at her and every time I looked at her from across the room she was look back at me.
The music was really loud and it was really difficult to have a conversation with anyone, we continue to keep looking at each other, then I watched her put her drink down and walked towards me, in my ear she shouted, I can’t take this any longer, come outside.
Once outside she continue walking not saying anything, she stop and said here come on, we both started kissing and undressing each other, within minutes I’m fucking the woman I so wanted to 23 years ago, as I’m fucking her she’s telling me I love you I’ve always have I so want you, keep fucking me I want your cock inside me for ever!
After fucking for a bit she is sucking my cock, she just kept on saying get that cock of your back inside me, I said I want to taste you and oh boy did I, she had both her hand behind my head forcing my face and mouth in her pussy, then it was get that cock back inside me.
I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer so I started two finger fucking her, curling two fingers up inside her I’ve hit the prefect spot and she is how wriggle about, I’m really going for it and she is about to have an orgasm, she couldn’t finish any words spoken, all I heard was I’m I’m I’m then a big scream, she must of move 4 feet from where she started having an orgasm, before her orgasm had finished she said cum in me just cum in me, I’m back inside her and thrusting away, her legs locked around me we started kissing and I’m cumming, I hold deep inside her pumping cum into her, as soon as I finished shooting into her I continue thrusting again before I go soft, as I’m doing this she said that’s it keep going keep going I’m I’m I’m and she’s having another orgasm, omg omg from both of us.
When we got up she looks like she has been fucked, hair all over the place, makeup smudged!
It was just the so perfect thing for us two.

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  • Hmmmmmm....

  • Sounds like a great time and awesome memories.

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