Helping a friend

I’ve been thinking about this for so long time now and still not knowing what to do.
My friend is a really lovely person but never seem to have any luck with men.
We talk a lot and basically she is just wanting some sex.
It’s been ages since she last had sex and I feel really sorry for her.
I’ve not said anything to her or my boyfriend but I’m wanting my boyfriend to have sex with her.
I’m sure my boyfriend is gonna think it’s great but I’m wanting him to do it for her and not for himself.
I’m unsure how my friend will react if I was to bring it up in conversation and for sure I’m unsure how I will think and feel if it was to happen.
Right now I’m wanting it to happen for her and for it to be with my boyfriend knowing it will be done nicely.
I’m so wanting to help her but don’t know what to do, I’ve pretty much tried everything.

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  • So you shared your boyfriend with her? Man, I wouldn't do that in a trillion years! I have huge jealousy problems.

  • Maybe you could make it sound like she's doing you a favor. Tell her your BF wants to try a MFM 3-some and she's the only friend you trust to not try and take him from you. Then say jokingly that it might help her out too by having a good fuck with no expectations.

  • Take her to a nice classy club where more black men frequent than white men. If the white men don’t hit on her she’s more than assured to be hit on by black guys.
    There was a very place here in my city where the white ladies would go to get action from black guys. I visited there a few times to check out the scenery and I was surprised how many hot attractive sexy white females were dancing with black guys. There were the many rumors white females were going there to get some much needed action from the black guys. Trust me you can go wrong if she needs some action

  • Friend of mine is attractive but I have known her for a while and remember back when she was only like a hundred pounds, she is a really fun person to be around, great personality and any guy would be lucky to marry her.
    She called me up one night after another date gone bad because of her weight and she progressed later in the conversation to just wanting to get some sex, told me it had been a few years since anyone. I was half joking and told her if she just wanted to have sex with someone I can be right over, she told me she would hop in the shower and be ready when I got here.
    Several years later she has lost a lot of weight and we have some great times together, she just needed someone who believed in her and it gave her the confidence to do it.

  • Trust me.. do it while the opportunity awaits. I wish I would have tried more things before marriage. I had several opportunities to perform a gangbang on a married lady with one of my friends, had a chance to make out with two females that desperately wanted it and much more. It’s only sex and all are in agreement why not?

  • We are two bisexual girls who share men, I have shared a man with my girlfriend and she has shared hers men with me, we like threesomes best of all,
    we first like to do a demo for him it makes us all really horny, the amount of spunk we get.

  • Man I wish I had a bisexual female friend. I want pussy bad.

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