Sissy Maid Hotel Confession

I’m a little bit kinky where sex is concerned, I’m vey voyeuristic and love to crossdress.
I love to listen to sex while in hotels and when a Premier Inn was built just around the corner I had an idea.
Around once a month, usually on a Saturday because it’s busy, I book myself a room for the night.
I check in as early as I can so I have the maximum amount of time before everyone checks in.
I start with a shower and shave myself all over.
When dry I empty my bag of sexy lingerie on the bed and select a set to wear. Once I’ve checked my stockings are straight and everything is perfect I apply false French manicure nails which make me feel very feminine.
Next I sit down in front of the mirror and open my makeup box to start on the long job of making myself look sexy. I have a specific look, dark smoky eyes, false lashes, lip liner and striking lipstick.
Once I’m happy I put on my long auburn wig and adjust it to perfection.
Next are clip on earrings, necklace, bracelet and rings before I don my satin French Maid uniform. Once adjusted, I slip on my patent high heels and admire myself in the mirror. I usually get so turned On at the transformation that I have to plug myself too.
Once I’m happy I watch porn on my laptop with the sound down so I can hear if anyone is having sex. When I hear it I usually lie on the bed and imagine it’s me being banged while pushing back on my plug. I try to time my orgasms with whoever is climaxing. After cleaning up I touch up my makeup and turn on the porn again and wait for the next show.
Recently I’ve been taking risks in the early hours and walking down the corridors fully transformed. The thrill of the risk makes me so horny that I sometimes video myself toying on a chair or more recently, at the window.

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  • Want to join you too , l'll suck your cock and lick your balls and drink your load , then l want you to suck me off . After that l'll take you out to dinner . If you want me to spend the night , we'll drain each other , from nyc

  • I want to stay with you we would have so much fun
    Looking forward to chatting

  • I would adore making love to you in your girly clothes!! I would be very gentle with lots of caressing and fondling. xx

  • How hard does your cock get? Does it turn purple and ooze pre cum ? Do you ever taste your own pre cum or load ? Do you finger or toy your asshole while beating off? And lastly do you ever use a cock ring to constrict your balls and make them super tight ? Thanks

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