Partner's Fetish Became A Desired Fetish Of My Own

This happened when I was sexually active. My partner and I exchanged sexual fantasy and secrets while we was seeing each other. While we was out and about I would jokingly point out some of the BBW black gals that was out there. "There's one for you to play with!" I would say and snicker.
I invited my partner to my work place Christmas party. Their he flirted with Beatrice, a black co-worker of mine. She was a typical black thick ebony that couldn't hide her thickness. "You just have to ignore him." I told Beatrice. "He has a fetish for gals like you." After the party, during working hours Beatrice and I chatted about my partner's secret fetish. I told her I would like to find a big black gal for him to hump. "You wouldn't mind?" she said to me. "Hell no! I know he loves me. It's a sex fantasy that he has and it be interesting to see him hump a big momma." I told her. "Does he have stamina and a package that goes with it?" "Hell yes!" I said and laughed. "Gives me multiple orgasms." I told her. "I'm for it. Invite me over. Let's make his fantasy come true." Beatrice said.
I told my partner that Beatrice wants to be humped by him. "Seriously?" he said. "Yeah and I want to watch you hump that fat bitch!" I told him.
We got a motel room to fool around in. I laid on one bed and they was on the other bed. My partner exposed her big fat tits and pulled out his cock and she wrapped his cock with her tits and sucked it. I started to get turned on. He lowered himself down, grabbed his cock and rubbed it over her pussy. She held it open while he inserted it in her. Seeing a white cock in a black pussy really got me excited. I started playing with my clit. He was pounding her good and she started saying, "Fuck me babe!" Hearing her caused me to go on the bed they was on and feel those big breasts. I face sat her and ordered her to eat me while I slapped her tits. My partner and I looked at each other and smiled I started playing with her clit as he had his cock in her. I told him to pull it out when he was ready to cum and cover her hairy bush with the cum. He did and I started slapping Beatrice's cum covered pussy with my hand and calling her a slut.
We started taking these big mommas to a motel room and I started to call them filthy names while they was humped by my partner. This one gal Joan, became a regular. I would stroke my partner's cum in her mouth and all over her face.

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  • Sounds great! Did they or you ever lick each other’s asshole?

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