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A guy at work is constantly flirting with me. I’ve already exchanged boob pics with him. I’m married and happy, I think. He’s 23 and i’m 38. Should I risk it . I just want fun. Scared he might get pocessive of me. What should I do?

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  • Work is always a dating ground, whether one is married or not. When men and women are together, hormones happen. Whether following through with your instincts is worth it is a different topic. There is a lot of social wreckage that occurs when people fuck around.

  • Doesn’t sound like you’re happily married to me. Sending boob pics at 38 seems a bit immature as well. Anyway, just go ahead fuck the guy. Just be sure to swallow, we guys love that.

  • Um why cheat stupid especially with a co worker I mean leave your hubby first

  • What should you do? Nothing, apart from learn to spell obviously.

  • Your married and happy but you want to fuck a younger guy? Ask your hubby if he's ever thought about sharing you

  • I’ve been in your position .. Ive been married for 20yrs & it wasn’t until my 11th year I got involved with someone. I couldn’t resist the attention & her huge ass. The way I saw it was that monogamy & marriage is one big lie we tell ourselves its like, can we really promise that marriage can blind us fron being attracted to other people? & the ugly truth of it is no, thats why people are always caught having affairs & its to a point where the Ashley Madison website became popular because lifelong monogamy isn’t realistic because eventually you’ll be attracted to someone else .. so yeah have fun with that guy & fuck his brains out but make sure you let him know from the start that whatever happens your not gonna leave your family for him, make sure condoms are used, & try not to bring too much attention toward yourself for example, don’t get glued to your phone by texting back & fourth, don’t leave the house or come home in the middle of the night & if you worry about him leaving his scent on you just tell him to ditch the cologne ..

  • Definitely give him some.

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