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Brother steals my panties

Hi been looking for answers on the internet to this one, bit confused. I'm new here sorry. So background, I'm 14 and i live with my parents and 16 yo brother. I recently started noticing that my worn panties were disappearing from the washing basket, and after looking I found a pair under my brothers bed stick with his cum, it was gross.
I... [more]

Castrated by ex wife

For quite a few years my ex wife and me played around with the the fantasy that one day she would castrate me as it always made her hot usually at its best when I had my head between her legs licking and sucking her flooding pussy,
-she used to tell me that was where I belonged and how she so preferred my tongue to my cock and that removing my... [more]

Ladies do you like anal sex ?

I have been reading a lot of discussions on females that like or dislike anal sex and it surprises me that the majority appear not to, just after we were married my husband introduced me to it and was very patient, it did not take long and we both adored it and used it as our birth control method, so if I wanted vaginal penetration he would use a... [more]

Any girls want to tell their dog/horse/boat sex stories?

Not seen much of these stories lately. Any girls want to share with me?

Step daughters dirty panties

I love to sniff my 22 yo step daughters dirty panties. She has a large collection of sexy panties. She is a a very hot brunette 5'7 125lbs 36d. After a night out she peels her panties off and throws them in the laundry basket for me to sample. I love to grab them while they are still warm from her body. Some date nights she will even have had some... [more]

Pee turn on

I don’t know why but lately I’ve got so turned on by women peeing outside. I don’t know why but it turns me on so much. I’ve been watching hidden cam videos online and really loving it. The best was a few nights ago I was out with friends and went down a lane to piss and mid way 3 girls came to do the same and had no problem with me being there. I... [more]

Our first time

I've begged and begged my wife to have sex with others while I watched. On Friday we worked out all details and she picked a couple guys she knows from the old area we used to live in. She called them and they were down so the next day we took the 3 hour drive there and rented a hotel. The guys showed up we had some drinks and slowly got started... [more]

Married male and I love the taste of cum!

I am a married male and I am also bi. I love the taste of cum and would love to eat my own cum but once I ejaculate I lose the urge to eat it for at least a few minutes so I usually just wipe it or dump it. Then after a few minutes I cannot believe I wasted a good load like that! I know I like the taste and my wife knows it as well. I have sucked... [more]


Is anyone else really obsessed with the smell of pussy and/or smelling panties?!?

Describe how your cunt smells right now

Ladies, please describe how your cunt smells right now, how strong it is, and how close or far you have to be to smell it. I love a strong musky sweaty heady pungeant smelling cunt especially if it's hairy and even better if it's really meaty stretchy and loose. And even even better if it's under a pair of smelly pantyhose.

I'm addicted to ass

Some guys like a pretty smile. Others love a nice set of tits. Others like feet (not my thing at all). I have a different kink. I LOVE ass! Or course I love to fuck in every way imaginable but there is nothing sexier than a woman's ass. The act of bending her over, planting my face in her cheeks, and tongue fucking her tight ass drives me insane!... [more]

Love Crossdressing

I am going to say straight up I am not gay and only enjoy sexual relation's with my wife of 10 years, I do however love cross dressing and being made up and wearing wigs this is mainly at home or with a couple of friends and their female partner's that feel the same way, I have for the last 12 years wore panties, bras and nighties and extended... [more]

I'm a zoophile

Ok so when i was thirteen i happened to see two neighborhood dogs havin sex and it really aroused me. I never forgot the way it made me feel and as i got older my interest grew...i tried a few times over the years to "play" with a few dogs but didn't have much success...still the desire grew...finally i happened across a website that caters to... [more]

Im lesbian and i find young girls attractive

I'm a lesbian and ive been having fantasies recently about having sex with young girls. 12 and below. i dont know why but i just do. the thought makes me really horny and i just want to watch kiddie porn. I'm 15 so its not...that bad but still. even as I'm writing the thought really makes me wet. all i can think about is a little girl eating me... [more]

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