Fetish Confessions

Trade wife pics

I've always wanted to share my wife with another man or men. I think she is very hot for 40 year old. Let's trade pics. Don't worry. I will send you some naked pics. That's what turns me on. I want to know what you think and tell me what you would do to her if she was naked in you're bed right now. Don't worry about offending me. You won't. Really... [more]

Castrated by ex wife

For quite a few years my ex wife and me played around with the the fantasy that one day she would castrate me as it always made her hot usually at its best when I had my head between her legs licking and sucking her flooding pussy,
-she used to tell me that was where I belonged and how she so preferred my tongue to my cock and that removing my... [more]

I want to make my husband a cocksucker

I'm a 28 yr old marred female. I have just recently given birth to our third child. I've always taken great care of my body, so with just having a baby, I still look good. My husband can't keep his hands off me. Expecially since my breast are now full of milk all the time, our baby isn't consuming as much as I'm producing. So what our baby doesn't... [more]

Do you spank your wife?

My father spanked my mother and I spank my wife too. I'm wondering how many other families out there practice this too.

Chest sitting for hrs at a time

I love the felling of a women sitting on my chest squezzing my face between thear soft sexy looking thighs i get so wildy turned on and so hard when a women is sitting on me i could spend all day long with a women sitting on my chest squezzing my face between thear thighs just talking about it turns me on ive had many girls in the past who have... [more]

Drinking Breast Milk

My daughter in law after she gives birth produces a lot more milk than the baby drinks. She freezes it and then gives it to the baby when her milk stops. Their freezer was full so about 500 ounces were put in my freezer. She forgot about it and started the baby on regular cow's milk. When I told her about the breast milk that was in our freezer... [more]


I love being barefoot, and having my feet played with is a huge turn on for me. Getting my toes sucked gets me going like nothing else, especially during sex.
Some guys won't do it at all, some only do it when I ask, and others really want to do it but are afraid it will freak me out. Only a few guys I have been with have gone straight for my... [more]

I am a woman who loves to suck dick.

I started sucking off guys very young when I was in High School. The first time was during lunch break. My boyfriend took me to lunch then we parked, after a few minutes of kissing he just pulled it out. I wrapped my hand around it and wondered what it would feel and taste like.
I opened my mouth and started in. I had talked to girlfriends that... [more]

My doctor likes to see me naked

My doctor seems to like to have me naked in her exam room lately. I know you will think this just a fantasy of mine, but what I will describe actually happened.
My doctor is an attractive lady just a year or two older than I am. I like to go to see her and we talk friendly for several minutes in the exam room before she tells me to take... [more]

I let my dog lick my cock and balls

My step brothers have this big female pitbull that usually always stays at home. I usually visit over there from time to time, and I bond with their dog alot, I actually take care of the thing haha. Anyways about 6 months ago I was in the kitchen bored as fuck. My step brothers were doing some dumb shit in there room and it was only me and the... [more]

Chicks with dicks

So me and the wife a little kinky. I do let her peg me. Lately I been looking at a lot of shemale and tranny porn. I think it's hot a chicks what dicks. If she confronts me what do I say you made me this way since you pounded my ass.

Step daughters dirty panties

I love to sniff my 22 yo step daughters dirty panties. She has a large collection of sexy panties. She is a a very hot brunette 5'7 125lbs 36d. After a night out she peels her panties off and throws them in the laundry basket for me to sample. I love to grab them while they are still warm from her body. Some date nights she will even have had some... [more]

Any girls want to tell their dog/horse/boat sex stories?

Not seen much of these stories lately. Any girls want to share with me?

Ladies do you like anal sex ?

I have been reading a lot of discussions on females that like or dislike anal sex and it surprises me that the majority appear not to, just after we were married my husband introduced me to it and was very patient, it did not take long and we both adored it and used it as our birth control method, so if I wanted vaginal penetration he would use a... [more]

I love dog cock

I love sucking dog cock. But I love it more in my pussy pushed all the way in till he knots with me I love when he pushes hard

We got caught

My wife and I got a luxurious cabin and shared it with a couple that we are friends with. We thought we'd be in for the night and my wife and I were having sex. The other couple came in to see if we wanted to have some drinks. Normally being caught having sex wouldn't be such a big deal but what they saw was a bit awkward.
My wife knows that... [more]

Closeted mwm sissy crossdresser...I love cock

Hi I must confess... I am a mwm and a closeted sissy crossdresser.. I am no longer intereseted in PUSSY I only want COCK, Men/TS/TV/CD and sissies... I think I have always wanted this... but I watch sooo many sissy hypno videos that I have become a secret Crossdresser and I have sooo many of my own sissy stuff.... 5 slutty short dresses lots of... [more]

Our German Shepherd

I can't stop having sex with our dog. I am a married female 23 years old. This all started one night while my husband was working a night shift. I was masturbating and our German Shepherd was very curious. He kept coming over to me and sniffing arroud. I pushed him away several times but he wouldn't stop. I was very close to cumming and he started... [more]

I sucked on my nieces panties

I have always loved my niece(not a blood relative). She has always been a good girl and has grown into a great and beautiful woman. After high school she lived with us to establish in state Tuition. She is from a small town in Utah so living in Long Beach CA was a big change for her. Her father entrusted us to keep her safe and protected. The... [more]

Belly punching

Any females out there that would let your partner playfully, lightly, actually of pretend to punch you in the stomach? I know there are girls who like it in stomach/tummy/belly/abdomen. Us tasking if any here. I love punching pretty girls in the stomach. It's highly sexually arousing. The sights sounds and body language really take me over. But... [more]

Stomach sitting

I love it when a guy (who has weight on him like 200-250 lb) sits on my stomach... Forcefull.. Like the thought of not needing able to get up or having trouble breathing is like such a torn on for me is rediculous... Like you can sit on me any time anywhere around anyone it doesn't matter... I love it! You don't let me up until your ready wrether... [more]

Please send me panties

Are there any young women or young girls out there who can help me ?
I love to smell and lick dirty panties the younger the better I have been trying to find any girls or women who will send me a pair of their dirty underwear.
If you would please please please please please please please please please please please please please please... [more]

Mother In Law 50

For the past year i have been living with my MIL and her duaghter, to make it short i have been masturbating or sniffing and wearing my MIL's panties and bras. Usually when she leaves for work at night and my significant other is still at work i'll go into her room and usually look through her drawers, but more so her dirty laundry. I was... [more]

Training Mission

Lt. Jackie
Jackie was a lieutenant in the U.S. Army reserve. She shared this story with me.
Her squad was out on a 3-day training mission. I have never served so I’m not familiar with the terminology but ill tell you what I remember.
She told me that she constantly was harassed by the guys in her unit after all she is a beautiful woman and... [more]

My cousine and a horse

My(m) cousin(f) and i had not had sex yet but we had done some touching and that was good. She was very pretty. Her dad had some land with some cows and a few horses. One day in the summer, we slipped off to the barn. Jan wanted to show me something.
We got there and one of the horses, ed, was in his stall. She told me watch this. She stood with... [more]

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