Wanting my hubby to take charge

I’ve been married for 15 years and deep down would really love to be my husbands slave. We have a pretty vanilla relationship so how do I explain to him what I want? I love my husband more than anything and want to submit to him with him taking charge. I want to call him Sir. I want him to order me to do sexual favors for him. I want him to punish me if I’ve been bad. Even if I’m not “in the mood” I want him to take charge and use by body to pleasure his needs. How do I get him to see this is the life I want? I don’t want him to think I’m a freak.

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  • My wife wanted me to treat her rough during sex and talk disgusting to her Unfortunately I never did , its not in my making I had to much respect for her . Anyway one day I walked into the bedroom my wife was in her bra , I noticed bruises on her boobs and arms I asked her where did she get the bruises from, At first she had no explanation , Then she said some boxes at work fell on her but over time i noticed more bruises in other places , Then one day I bumped into her best friend and she accused me of hitting my wife , I said I never have and never would , Then she said what about all her bruises , after we talked it was a mystery to both of us . We are not together any more she was having a affair with a guy who liked being rough with his partners and she liked that . The guy I met one of his partners one day and she told me what he liked doing to her and he was doing the same to my wife , and from what she told me my wife loved it .

  • I led my wife into this relationship. It started by having her kneeling between my legs. That was very strange to her, but we started there. She was given basic rules like calling me Sir or Daddy. She walks to my right side always. She is not allowed to roam down aisles in stores. She has 5D's she lives by - No Danger, Disrespect, Disobedience, Dishonesty, Distancing. The key for you is to start living "as-if"....start doing these things - "as -if" you were his submissive. He'll come to expect them. Tell him you have a NEED to kneel before him. My wife asks me if she can kneel now. It's part of our life.

  • You're a dream. I once had a very explicit relationship like that, when my then partner felt excited when I took full control and acted in a very dominant fashion. She even used to initiate arguments with me sometimes,
    only for the sake of driving me mad so that the sex would become revengefull, thus harder. I used to punish her by fucking her in the asshole. It made her crazy.
    I miss her...
    But back to your point, some men are not like that, it's not into their personality to be dominant. You are missing something, indeed. Too bad, life is so short.

  • Definitely talk to him about your feelings and buy the things you want him to use on you. I had to take the initiative with my husband always telling him to just ask me to do things or have him just do what he wants when he wants. I ask him on a Friday evening after the work week what is something you have always wanted to do sexually and that has spurred quite a few wild evenings.

  • Just start indicating in small ways being subservient to him as much as possible, talk to him as well about your thoughts.

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