Fetish Confessions

I Get Off From Oral Orgasms Better

I'm a Bi-sexual female who loves her pussy licked eaten by females, males and K9's. It gives me really great sexual orgasms. I guess it started when I was spending time at my girlfriends house. I slept with her in her bed. I woke one early morning horny after partying the night before. I was too busy playing with my breasts and clit that I didn't... [more]

First time public

Well wife had found a item she been looking for but had drive ipswich to collect so as saturday went to get then do bit window shopping after well after the first few dozen or so shops was standing in changing room area while wife tryed a dress on i chosen well when she come out in well i was wow so sexy so much gave instent hard on and found out... [more]


I am a sissy who is home alone like many of you are for the next few weeks during this lockdown. i am looking for some ideas that i can use to punish and humiliate myself to give me something to do and to amuse others. Please let me know if you have any ideas. i can post things as i do them.

My 11 year old daughter is dating 30yo

I found out my daughter is dating a 30yo guy that she did babysitting for. I helped her hide it from Mom. I saw him at Walmart a few days ago and I shook his hand and said hows it going and he said very good!

Watched a guy rough up my wife

My wife is 33 and we decided to try the cuck thing. She likes being dominated but had no idea the guy she was talking to on the internet was a mean bastard! I told her I was just going to watch and not interfere. He slapped her around and rough fucked her. She was crying and struggling with the stuff he did to her. When he was done he walked her... [more]

At the club

For years now I have developed certain kinks and fetishes. One of them involves public sex (fingering, oral, etc). At the dance club I frequent, there is this cougar mom, Sheila, who kinda likes me (or at least likes to tease me), she pretty much knows I wanna fuck her and she knows I get a hard on on the dance floor when we dance together (it's... [more]

Fun evening

Well what a time we all having housebound but dont mind just me wife and teen friend at home well normal evening tv chilling as can not go out well went bed other night having cuddle and started get more fun soon was under duvet between wife legs lick sucking etc not realizing that teen girl had gone bathroom and now was standing in doorway... [more]

Squidward tentacles

As a teenager i fell in love and had sexual attraction with squidward tentacles. I'm serious. I remember myself kissing the television when i was watching him in spongebob. At nights i was hugging my pillow and rubing my vagina on it thinking it was squidward. Now as an adult i don't have sexual attraction on him anymore but i stiil like him very... [more]

Gym fuck buddy

I'm a guy in my late 20s. I do pretty well in dating and sex with women my age, but from just a couple of experiences, I've come to realize I've never been as excited and satisfied as when I've had sex with older women. I don't know why.
That led me to being fuck buddies with a woman from my gym. She's in her 40s, single and childless. She's... [more]


I am a male, and since my 20s, when I first met and had a sexual relationship with an older woman for the first time, two things happened: I developed an almost exclusive taste for older women (10-20 yrs my senior) and also a fetish for their footwear, specifically stilettos... Why? because I love the feel of the heel on my body, digging into my... [more]

Stepdaughter panties

I have been sniffing and licking Nicholes panties since she was 12. Love to fill them with my cxx. Been unloading in food too.. love to watch her eat, knowing that she's swallowing my seed.

I want to be a fat feedee. Fattened Up Massive.

I want to be fed, fattened up and cared for by a loving female feeder. I want to be fattened up into a massive 600lb blob.
I want this so damn badly; My life is pretty sh*t so being this extremely fat and taken care of is the only thing that I can see bringing me happiness. At least then I'll have somebody to love who loves me back abd I'll be... [more]

Need someone to help my with my fantasy

I have previously said my confession that I have always had this fantasy where someone eats my pussy in The Macy’s fitting room because it’s always empty and there is no one there on the lingerie fitting rooms. If someone wants to help me with this fantasy, not fuck but just eat my pussy and suck on my huge tits let me know. The Macy’s that would... [more]


You could say I have a fetish for women in pantyhose. It’s an absolute turn on to see pantyhose on a women wearing a dress and a nice pair of heels. I really like black. My girlfriend knows this. She came over one night with a long coat on. Underneath she was wearing black stockings, garter belt and silk panties and bra with heels. This was such a... [more]


My girlfriend is very much into dom ,bdsm and cbt and she has always liked to slap ,kick my cock and balls and even dug her heels in but recently I had to hold very still why she inserted her heel into my japs eye OMG that really hurt stung at first but she was fucking me with it really but it was so painful but she really enjoyed it not sure what... [more]

Im a sissy

Ok since iwas 10 ive loved girls clothes esp lingerie at 10 i started with step moms she had great stuff sometimes id cum while i was puttin on the stockings or tight body shapers over the years i wore realtives gfs wifes never totally caught but alot knew and didnt say i still do now its total slutty outfits riding dildos and cumming like a... [more]

Dogs give mind shattering blowjobs

I've always pissed outside whenever I have the chance. Last week a friend asked if I could pop by and check on her dogs, because she was going to be out late; take them outside, food, water, make sure they don't get bored. I said sure, why not, because her dogs are awesome companions. So, I show up and the dogs and I cuddle and spoil each other... [more]

Sharing wifes photos

One of the biggest turn on's I get is showing nude photos of my wife. Either to some friends or random strangers online. I am not sure why this is so hot to me but I love it. I have read that a lot of other guys and some girls have the same desire. What do you think about this?

Cross dressing confession

I have confessed that I cross dress to my ex-wife. I have told her that I have taken her lingerie, dresses, shoes, and some jewelry. I have told her about stopping at rest areas after visiting her, changing into her clothes and then I would try to find guys that would let me suck their dicks. Usually there was someone willing to let me.
... [more]

Tongue Fetish

I have Tongue Fetish..
Meaning, I get aroused just by seeing a long beautiful tongue of a women.
I got married a year ago. Besides other factors, my main attraction for her, that influenced me to make the decision to marry her, was her long and beautiful tongue. I've seen it in her Instagram post.
I kissed it, licked it, sucked it, as much... [more]

Over mum's knee

Hi I'm a 17 year old guy and I really don't know where this fetish has come from but I have a very strong urge to be out over my mum's knee for a bare bottom spanking I was never spanked before but so want it done and I hope it would be very embarrassing for me ,do you think I should ask her?

I want to be kidnapped, kept tied up and gagged

I have a fantasy of being kidnapped, tied up and gagged . edged and not being let to come. keep me naked, in neoprene, compression leggings, jocks in NC

Masturbation over young girls pictures.

This is all my father fault, how I am. I'm a 40 year old unmarried woman and fucked up sexually.
When I was young maybe 7, when my mother would go out, my father would take me to his home office lock the door and make me strip. Then he forced me to masturbate while looking a pictures of young girls age, some dressed some nude. He masturbate... [more]

Addictive to reading confessions

I love reading people’s confessions, I’m a very fit 52 yr old guy with a massive sex drive. Being single and love to cum reading the confessions on here

Following School Girl

Today I followed a School girl from the middle of town to the school gate because she had her bright red thong showing above her grey School skirt. My hard on was showing in my jeans as she spun around to see who was following her and I exposed myself before running off

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