Fetish Confessions

Anyone from PH?

Any one here from Philippines that are willing to share their freaky, hot, naughty, weird or even incextous sex stories. I am more than willing to hear them. I have an open mind to anything. Let me know and I'll drop my email.

Stomach Pressing

I am a 300 pound 17 year old girl and I love to have my giant belly pushed inward. Especially having someone punch my stomach. Im getting turned on just thinking about it. Only problem is i wish i had someone who would push their fists into my gut. Or even better to sit on my stomach with their full weight. The heavier the better. I want to feel... [more]

I love chests and shoulders

If you're of legal age, strong, in good health, I'd like to sit on your chest or ride on your strong shoulders for lots of fun. I weigh 175

My bf got me addicted to beastiality

It started with him asking if he could cum all over my tits, and let Max lick it off. Max is his black boxer. He’s a beautiful dog, he really is. We did that a few times.
Then one day he called Max over while I was on my knees giving him head, and directed Max to lick me from behind. This got me super wet, especially when he shoved his fat... [more]

Racist white men vs. Black Girl

Are there any racist white men out there who secretly want to fuck a black girl?
I have a submissive fantasy about being used by a group of racist white men who are lustful of my body, which is slim waisted and firm. I'm [not actually open to this, stranger danger] but very curious to know if you're this kind of person what you would do with... [more]

I started smelling panties early

I started sniffing panties when I was about 8. I would hear my mother having sex across the hall with guys that brought her home. I could hear her moaning and as I grew more curious I would stand outside her door. The sound of him pushing in and out of her wetness and finally the way she would exclaim "Oh God you're making my pussy cum!!!" Would... [more]

Mother-in-Law's Too Small Stilettos Worn at Wedding

When dating my soon to be husband, I learned that my mother-in-law Pat had the most delicious collection of classic stilettos that I'd ever seen. And we both wore a size 8 to 8 1/2 narrow so I could wear her awesome stilettos! Like a good MIL, Pat let me wear any and all of her shoes. I was so excited as I have quite the shoe fetish especially... [more]

He had the PERFECT Dick... (part 2)

(Continued from Part 1)
This became sore of a little 'game' we played. I sucked him off every day for the next couple of months. I would always 'just happen' to drop by and find him taking a nap with his monster dick hanging out and I would suck him off.
Toward the end of the Summer, it was a really hot afternoon, and I was in a mood to get... [more]

He had the PERFECT Dick...

This happened a long time ago but I've never forgotten it. I was a typical, restless 15-year old teenage girl in a hurry to grow up and experience life.
My home life sucked and I didn't have a car or a job so I'd take long walks. I was few blocks from my house when I smelled pot. It smelled like REALLY good pot.
I just followed my nose and I... [more]

Fresh cream pie

I am a crossdresser, I love my wife to go out and f*** some other guy/guys and then come home and straddle my face and let me eat their cum from her pussy. Yummie, and it drives her wild.while I am dressed in lingerie, we plan on having another guy come over and have sex with her while I am laying underneath them licking his cock and balls as he... [more]

Babysitting part four

So, I've been given the opportunity to babysit them hot sister's that I usually babysit; The three year old and the six year old with a body to die for. So, in the bath the three year old would begin playing footsie with her hot six year old sister. She began increasing her leg and it began touching her sister's pussy area. After I dried bith... [more]

Girl Who LOVED to suck my Dick...

This happened decades ago but I still remember that Summer like it was yesterday. I was single and was renting a home in a typical suburb. I'd been living there a month or so, and one day I decided to fire up a bowl of pot. An hour later, this young girl drops by and tells me she lives up the street. She said she was walking down the street... [more]

Home Depot and Lowe’s Flashing tits

I can’t help myself. I like to wear a tight little cami and “accidentally” “unknowingly” let my tit pop out just enough so my nipple is showing. I walk around Lowe’s and Home Depot, and all the male employees stop to see if I need help. Of course I ask all kinds of questions while they stare at my hard little nub. Then I go home and play with... [more]

Sexy photos

I have a large collection of nudes from people I meet on line. Some I met personally and had sex with. I take pride on my honesty that I dont let others see my collection, as I want them to continouosly flowing. Once one photo leaks, i will lose everyone's trust and will no longer receive them. This is why i have an online acct that no one knows... [more]

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