Fetish Confessions

The smell of sex

I love the smell of my own pussy when I'm turned on. It makes me want to go down on another woman and eat her out. That delicious scent of arousal makes me even wetter. For the very first time I made myself squirt last night. It was the most euphoric orgasm I've had in a long time. I want to force a woman to squirt for me over and over again. I... [more]

More to the story...

One night my girlfriend and I were having sex, rather loud sex by the way. Unbeknown to us we left her bedroom door open. In the missionary position, her legs up in the air, and me laid fully on top of her (she likes the pressure of my chest on her) I feel a cold nose in my ass, then a warm tongue on my balls. That sent me over the edge and I... [more]

Joys of remodeling

I bought an old house when my kids were older teens. I began to remodel the bathroom which happened to be adjacent to the master bedroom. I pulled the old paneling from the wall of the bathroom and that evening I noticed a light in my bedroom closet. When I checked, the back wall of the closet was unfinished and there was a slit between the planks... [more]


I'm a 18 year old guy and I still get bare bottom spanking over my mum's knee it's so humiliating but deep down I love it especially when mum has others over to watch

I want older men to fuck me

I want to have my pussy eaten out by an older man. I have always imagined a man 10+ years older than me licking my pussy and having me suck his cock before burying his cock deep in my pussy and fucking me until I cum hard on his cock. Then keep fucking me until he cums deep inside of me.

Back massage with feet

When I was 17-18 my dad worked out of town during the week. I would always try to get my mom to rub her feet in my back in a massage motion. When she would get close to my shoulders I could smell her feet near my face. I would cum in my pants , it felt so good.

Panty smelling and shoes

Did anyone enjoy smelling their mothers shoes and worn panties growing up?

Stealing and wearing womens panties

I have had a panty fetish ever since I was 12. I first jerked off with the sheer white panties of my babysitter, who was around 21 at the time. OMG! The nylon felt soooo fucking good on the head of my small cock. I also jerked off with my aunts panties. Then I began stealing panties from laundry hampers of my friends sisters and mothers and... [more]

Silky ladies underwear

I am single male but I love wearing silky ladies underwear and ejaculating in them. I want to be taken by a man while I am wearing ladies clothes and pretend I am his wife while he fucks me, I would be his faithful little woman with a large todger which he could masturbate while he has sexual intercourse with me. I would adore it!!!

I fancy preteen's

I fancy preteen girls - From 5 - 14

Almost Caught by MIL

My MIL had an issue with her adjustable bed. I went over and found and issue with a broken airline I told her to go to the nearest auto part store for an in-line piece. I gave her a piece of the hose for them to size.
When she left I got 2 pair of her worn panties and a pair of her heels to smell. I went to her extra bedroom undress and... [more]

My girlfriend brought another guy in to punish me

We experimented with bondage and had a lot of fun with it. Mandy says you never let tie you up though,so I said next time you can. Mistake.
We got into it,she tied my hands to the footboard of the bed,standing and said ill be back. About 10 minutes passed and im like wtf. Then she came back in with a guy. Now im really like wtf . Mandy says you... [more]

Making her cum in her sleep

My wife is slim and attractive, in her early 40s. She has a great body but has always been relatively straight-laced and has a low sex drive. About a year ago in bed, during the night I rolled over and inadvertently found myself pressed up against her from behind in a spooning position. She has a great ass and I naturally found myself getting... [more]

Nice means butts

I would like to see pictures of men with nice bubble butts.

Fart play

I’ve recently discovered fart porn on the web. I was surprised that it really turned me on. The sights and sounds of a hot girl farting leaves me wanting to jerkoff every time. I’m not into being humiliated I just like that it’s so taboo I guess. I would definitely love to have my nose buried up a hot farting ass. The louder and longer the fart... [more]

Filthy panties

Like a lot of men I adore sniffing panties. What I discovered is I really love it if the panties have skid marks on them. The aroma gets me as hard as the pussy smell. I love inhaling the stink of pussy and ass sooo much.

Hamper boy to girl

I started out wearing older sisters bras pantiesas young boy,at night id go to dirty cloths hamper in room next to my bed room,at firstonly tried on to see what it felt like looked like, seeing donna walking around in at home age 9 seeing her nearly naked all time. masterbated at night when all sleeping,her bras panties made me feel so good, as... [more]

Naughty boy

I want a strong woman to pull my pants down and bend me over her knee and spank me on the bare ass and then walk me over to the corner and make me stand there on display for others to see.

What does your wife’s pussy smell like?

I absolutely love the smell of a woman’s pussy. It’s such a turn on the take off her pants, pull down her panties and sniff and lick her pussy making her cum. My wife has a musky deep scent, sometimes mixed with a slightly mild pee scent, awesome! What does your wife's pussy smell like?

I want to make my husband a cocksucker

I'm a 28 yr old marred female. I have just recently given birth to our third child. I've always taken great care of my body, so with just having a baby, I still look good. My husband can't keep his hands off me. Expecially since my breast are now full of milk all the time, our baby isn't consuming as much as I'm producing. So what our baby doesn't... [more]

Wearing my tail

My husband likes me to wear my tail when we’re out in public. I get embarrassed because I know people know it’s sexual and they know something is in my butt. But it feels great and I do kind of love when he stands beside me and strokes my tail.

Horny rope bunny

I really love bondage sex. It turns me on to feel helpless. Having my legs tied to be spread open and my wet cunt in full view and my hands tied above my head makes me feel exposed and vulnerable. Perhaps being blindfolded would add to my anticipation. Being unable to see creates an opportunity for me to get aroused when I'm unable to see what's... [more]

Phone sec

I met this guy on craigslist and he likes me to tell him how I'm going to fuck his wife. He tells me what he wants me to do to her and invite my friends over to fuck her. I love it and I jerk off doing it. Sometimes I say I'm going to fuck your ass in front of your wife and he loves it b

Hairy Girls are the vest

When I was a kid and saw a Playboy magazine all I can remember is being mesmerized by the hairy pussies. The thick dark bushes really got my young cocks attention. Ever since then I’m consumed with hairy pussy. I loved the shots of the girls on all fours where you could see if they had hairy assholes too. If they did , I would jerk off all over... [more]


When I was 18 a 36 year old women seduced me and it was incredible for my ego. While I was on my back and she was sucking my cock, she lifted my legs up and started to tongue fuck my asshole. It felt unbelievably great and I didn’t want her slippery tongue to ever stop lapping my butthole and my cum filled balls. I held out as long as I could, I... [more]

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