Fetish Confessions

Bbw butt obsession

I am a 60yr old male transplanted to rural America. I've always had erection issues. Thought maybe I was gay but guys didn't really do it for me. But eating bbw pussy and ass I really do love doing. Wife has a gorgeous ass but has never really been into ass play. When we were dating pretty much ate the pussy whenever I wanted. After marriage she... [more]

My Fantasy

Ok I have this fantasy from a long time but let's say I was partially able to watch it come true but it didn't come true but I still wish that I get my fantasy come to life again here it goes.
Me and wife have been married just about 25 years and we are in our 40's we have kids and parents all living together. We come from a good family... [more]

I love to piss in bed

I am a heterosexual older male and I love to piss in bed. I put on a pair of briefs and masturbate in them until I feel horny enough to want to pee in them. Then I push out a small amount of piss, to wet the front of my briefs while I lie on my back in bed. After a short while I push out as much piss as I can, so my briefs are completely soaked... [more]

Penis sleeve

I went shopping the other day and came back the nicest penis sleeve I saw, looked very real and huge. At night I put a prolonger to last longer, took a viagra, had the sleeve on and came to my wife. Started licking her pussy and ass until she pulled my head to her and whispered in my ear FUCK ME.
At some point she couldn't take it any more, her... [more]

I got my wife very drunk and called home a guy

This young guy that I know from a social network site told me that I am very lucky to have a great wife over the time he told me that he likes my wife. I was furious and insulted him saying he is an incel but later I was aroused by the thought of a young guy expressing his love for my wife.
Over the time I got more and more obsessed with this... [more]

Household Objects

I enjoy seeing how many household objects I can use as dildos in my sissy asshole. Not just at home, but at work, in school, in hotels. It’s an exciting challenge. Plus I enjoy the excitement of knowing objects I use to fuck myself and get off will be handled by others sooner or later. I always try to fit a doorknob in if I can (I always need lots... [more]

Hairy Fun To Be With The Gal Of My Dreams

I always desired a woman that was sort of hairy. My fetish started in high school. There was this Latin brunette girl. She wore pantie hose over her hairy unshaven legs. As she walked up the stairs I noticed she was very hairy in her crotch area while looking up her skirt. Sometimes when she sat in a class room she didn't keep her legs closed... [more]

Wheres is that 1 woman who gets off peeing herself?

So i have a strong pee wetting fetish and im a4 life long lover of adult diapers. Im a 32yro man0 and the Only thing i like more than wetting an5 wearing myself is watching a woman wetting8 herself. Intentional and deliberate female1 wetting, accidentally wetting, it really doesnt7 matter. Bed wetting. Jeans peeing. I want to no0 only find that... [more]

How can I get my boyfriend to force himself on me?

Just to be clear I don’t have a rape fetish, I just want him to take me roughly when I am not initially in the mood. He is just so goddammed polite! Always waiting for permission and making sure I am enjoying it. I just want to be fucked hard!

Bending over

I just love to go out in a short skirt and bend over in public to show my ass and a little glimpse of pussy. I know the girls will think I am a slut but i think the boys like it and it does make my pussy very moist.

Pee play

My wife and I like to have pee play from time to time. I first mentioned it to her when we had married about 5 years. She didn't want to engage in it at first but she started getting interested as time went on. It helped that I told her that I had been peeing on myself since I was 12. The first time I was super horny and had an erection that I... [more]

How to get mutually pleasured by a four legged companion

I am 33 a recent mom and stay at home wife my husband travels a lot due to his work and he brought up the idea of sharing me while he is at work but even though I really need some company I can't build a physical relationship without any emotional attachment with the guy.
My husband is alright for me to explore what I need but I think if I bring... [more]

Marina Joyce feet

Anyone remember Marina Joyce? She was a big YouTuber who went missing and then came back a few years ago. She seems like a nice person. The only thing I watched from her was a video compilation of her showing her bare feet. Those soles were so hot. I came to them hundreds of times. Marina has such sexy feet. What I wouldn’t give to sniff in... [more]

I'm a dirty slut

I love being a dirty slut and letting pretty much anyone fuck my married pussy

I'm obsessed

I'm seriously obsessed with watching my wife get fucked by huge well hung black men. I'm a white boy raised in a mixed family adopted by a black man when I was around 5 years old.
Every night I would hear my mom screaming and for years I thought she was having a nightmare or something.
Then around puberty I figured it out. My mom was getting... [more]

Who’s creaming my panties???

I’m a 16 year old girl and someone is jacking off in my worn and clean panties. They’re only use my nylon or satin and lace panties. They don’t mess with my cute cotton panties. On my panties who ever doing it is soaking the crotch of them with there sperm especially my worn panties. It get aggravating in the morning when I put on a pair of... [more]

Our most perverted exposure

I have always had this silly fetish about exposing my wife of 15 years to others. She is well aware of it, and rarely will go along, like doing a down blouse in front of some guy or "accidentally" giving them a peek at her skimpy panty.
One hot summer day we went to our community swimming pool, it was around 2 PM and the hottest part of the... [more]


Was sitting at the end of the bed and my wife had the laundry basket full right on top her dirty panties. She was sitting at the end of the bed . When I grabbed them licked the crotch she called me a sicko freak. I laughed as I was leaving she said no kiss I gave her a wet one and she grabbed my hard cock and said see you tonight daddy

BJ Whore

As a bi man I love giving guys a long wet sloppy bj to a happy ending. I also fantasize about being a cheap whore. I realized I could combine the two quite nicely. Now I “charge” my men a dollar to suck them off. It excites me, but them as well. It’s not the money of course….it’s the raw excitement that I am sucking cock for money…therefore a... [more]

Butt play

I've always enjoyed putting things in my butt. I can remember being a very little kid and putting the barrel of a toy tank in my butt. Over the years I used different things and eventually started using my wife's vibrators. She knew but never really had much interest in joining. Over time she expressed a little desire to join me and of course... [more]

I'm a dirty slut

I love being a dirty slut and letting pretty much anyone fuck my married pussy

Gym Bag

I used to work at an insurance company and there was this female co-worker I thought was crazy sexy. A bit older too. I’ll call her Suzanne. I was in my late 20s and she was early 30s. Both married. She used to work out at the gym during lunch a few days a week. I generally worked late and had the place to myself after about 6pm until the cleaners... [more]

Feet pleasure

I don't remember when exactly was the first time I kissed the feet of one of my ex girlfriends. It opened a new perspective of lust and enjoyment.
After my wife takes a shower, I like to hold her foot and start kissing it, rub my face against the bottom of the foot, pushing my tongue between her toes and suck them all, especially big toe and... [more]

Cross dresser used and abused by 41 big black cocks

I am across dressing sissy and several years ago after getting me extremely highwas talked into z,dressing up and going to an adult bookstore in Louisvilleafter we went in I had to pee so I headed to the mens room . My friend followed me in and slapped a handcuff on my left arm, The other part was attached to a pipe and suddenly found myself... [more]

Closet sissy

I'm a sissy. I legitimately have any tiny cock; about 2 inches soft, and 3 hard(it never really gets hard any more due to masturbating a minimum of 3 times a day). Besides hormones, there's no real way to shrink it further which I'd love to do, so my plan for the last 5 years or so was, and continues to be, to masturbate so much that it physically... [more]

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