Fetish Confessions

Cross dress confusion

I started wearing panties 9or10h .mybaby siter started dressing me up in panties show me how to jack off with her panties on and she watched she used to let me suck her titties and eat her p**** I look forward to coming home from school everyday so now I cross stress I sometimes get a motel by myself or with my girlfriend and leave the window open... [more]

Playing House with Alicia

So most people get eaten out I am gonna ball park maybe 13? For girls ? But for me I was about 7 years old. And I was licked to completion by a very bad and probably sexually abused 9 year old girl.
But you wanna know what happened.
So me and let's call her Alicia.
Met durring man hunt. Me and the 3 houses next to mine all had kids living... [more]


I have the urge to bang my sister, I have been having so much of sexual thoughts about her recently , I even kept lookin at her in a sexual way..whenever she walks, I keep admiring her ass... can someone help me out? I love smelling her panties too and masterbate to it

Penis hole stretching

I have been using stainless steel sounding rods to stretch my penis hole for three years and absolutely love it , but can’t seem to get past 10 mm. I have heard of some guys cutting their hole slightly to get larger diameter rods in.
Call me nuts but I’m ready to do it.
Does anyone else stretch their pee hole and have thought of doing this... [more]

Popped in my mouth

There was this old man who was always sweet to me. Bought me and my friends food. At times even gave us gas money since we lived across from a gas station. Never once was he pervy to the girls or us guys. A true gentleman in every way. Once i went over to help him with his stereo and noticed he lived all alone. I snuck out later than night and... [more]

My girlfriend stole her mothers panties for me

I'm just curious if anyone else ever pulled this off? Beyond hot... She knows I have a panty fetish so she stole her mother's panties and gave me her panties and then told me to wrap both pairs around my cock and jerk off while she watched... i filled her mother's and her panties with a fountain of cum in that little pussy part... We both came so... [more]

Diaper fun

I want a sexy woman to diaper me and treat me like a baby while she grinds on my hard dick through my diaper and then we have sex after she gets excited through grinding on me

I’m a virgin

I’m a virgin and I love putting objects in my vagina.

Do you have a foot fetish?

I've had a foot fetish since when I was about 12. I pay for sex when I can afford it, and I usually lick the soles of the woman's feet, suck her toes and fuck her arches before I fuck her. I've also sucked the toes of a few regular women when I've been out: in a porn cinema in Manchester UK that's now closed, at a bus stop in Stockport, and in... [more]

Showing wife

I love showing my wifes big boobs online and telling her the comments at leegolf@aol.com

Sounding my penis

I have been sounding my cock for around 10 years and can’t believe more guys haven’t found out about this exciting feeling. Sounding, the act of putting stainless steel rods down your pee hole takes some practice but worth it.
The feeling is absolutely amazing, like right before you cum but lasts longer
By the time you do cum it just keeps... [more]

Doing His Ugly Milf Mom

It only seems natural for me to bang older women. If my friend Mike ever found out his mother cheats on his dad by pleasing me, he would freak out! I enjoy getting off a lot. I don't like to brag, but most women I have been with are happy with what I have. I'm a heavy cummer and can shoot several loads quickly.
Mike's mom is kind of... [more]

I enjoy sex with my dog

I'm Tammy a 24 year old female and I enjoy having a very involved sexual relationship with my German Sheppard. I've been taking the knott for over two years now and it's the most erotic and pleasing sex I've ever experienced. so much so I have no longer any use for a man. it's so fulfilling and erotic if a dog could get a woman pregnant we'd have... [more]

Three nights a week

Three nights a week my boyfriend works nights, what he doesn’t know is those three nights I’m sliding large objects in my pussy, I love the feeling of something to big to go inside me, the stretching feeling feels awesome, the pressure is key to it feeling amazing, I also love the after feeling, little tender and loose and very wet.

Sissy Maid Hotel Confession

I’m a little bit kinky where sex is concerned, I’m vey voyeuristic and love to crossdress.
I love to listen to sex while in hotels and when a Premier Inn was built just around the corner I had an idea.
Around once a month, usually on a Saturday because it’s busy, I book myself a room for the night.
I check in as early as I can so I have the... [more]

Partner's Fetish Became A Desired Fetish Of My Own

This happened when I was sexually active. My partner and I exchanged sexual fantasy and secrets while we was seeing each other. While we was out and about I would jokingly point out some of the BBW black gals that was out there. "There's one for you to play with!" I would say and snicker.
I invited my partner to my work place Christmas... [more]

Misogyny fetish

I'm not sexist by any means. I'm a guy who's 100% with gender equality and believe women should be treated equally and have equal socio-economic rights. Though I really get off misogyny and/or patriarchy.
I would read about women's oppression from historical past to date to get off. I would feel saddened and disappointed when hearing about the... [more]

Sitting with my tits out

I have the kind of big, second story porch, with big railings. You have to get pretty far up my stairs to actually see on the porch. I like to sit out there, braless, and pull my top up over my tits. No one can tell. I’ve had neighbors wave hello and be none the wiser while I’m basically naked from the nipples down. I’ve even had guys suck my... [more]

Wife pics

Looking for where I can post my wife's hot sexy porn pics she sends me all the time while I'm at work to make my day better.


I like Steve Steve sounds nice, yeah lets call it Steve...

Pussy masks

So i sell used panties but i have a new item that i am selling. I wear a disposable face mask in my panties for a couple days so that it gets all of my pussy juices dried up in it. I am selling these masks where you can smell my pussy all day and in public as well. Instead of carrying panties up ur nose, you can wear the mask because of the virus... [more]

Amazing pussy

So I start seeing this girl from high school after not seeing her for 30 plus years . We are both divorced and soon after our first date we started having sex. She had awesome nipples that were always rock hard , she sucked my cock really good , but it was her pussy that was the star of the show. Nice and tight for her age it gripped my cock and... [more]

WOW I had no idea

Well I measured the biggest dildo I ever had it is 8 3/4 around went 2hr only little ky at the start In some ways it kinda scares me now..

Female Ejaculation..

This is how my pussy squirts, and if I am peeing all over why the fuck do you Care???
What is female ejaculation?
Female ejaculation is when a female’s urethra expels fluid during sex. It can happen when a female becomes sexually aroused, but there is not necessarily an association with having an orgasm.
Scientists do not fully understand... [more]

My solo Nudist vacation...

Im 23, male and a while back I booked a weekend at this nudist resort about 3 hours away for myself.
I had a fantastic time, I live being naked whenever I can either by myself at home or in my room with others home, only one who knows of my little habit is my mom.
The weekend was filled with beautiful naked bodies, fun experiences and a... [more]

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