Fetish Confessions


I like being naked outside.

I enjoy....

...fucking the folds on BBWs. Very similar to titty fucking but better

Pencil Skirts

I love wearing women's pencil skirts that are nice and tight fitting. Any other men share this fetish ?

Erection during spa massage??

Hi My wife has just bought me two massages for a local spa. I plan on having the first one afternoon after work. I am, however, desperate to take a Viagra and lie there with a full on erection during my "therapy". What do masseuses think of this? What do women think of this? Thanks

WTF is going on

I have a super hot girlfriend who has the nicest ass I have ever seen. Her panty collection only consists of thongs and G-strings. Recently I have noticed that she wears bikini style panties to work. She wears tight fitting pants as part of her uniform. I commented that I could see her "pantylines" and I know how much she hates showing... [more]

Toys! Toys! and more Toys!

I'm a truck driver and ever since my wife stopped taking care of my needs I have started to use toys in my rectum. She has no idea about what I do. I take my toys with me and then when I'm laid over I use them in my sleeper. I have huge 10+ dildos that are over 6 inches in girth and huge trailer hitch butt plugs. It's lots of fun. I have made... [more]

Crusty Cracks

I'm a 42 year old male who loves to eat ass. Both male and female. I especially love to eat ass right after you take a dump. Please don't wipe. That is what my tongue is for. I will lick all around your anus and lick those dingle berries right up. I love the taste of sweaty dirty ass crack. Yes do I. Plus if you haven't bathed in a few days even... [more]

Sensitive nips

I am male, late 60s, have this fetish for last several years. My nips are too sensitive, I frequently tease and massage them and get quick erection. My wife is aware of this and and suck on my nips for literally hours and masturbates me at the same time. Often she lay astride on me so that she can suck on my nips and I too suck and massage her... [more]


I don't when it started but I have this thing about whippings of any kind. I get so turned on by them. Like when that stupid ass kid got caned in Singapore for vandalizing cars. He deserved more than just three stokes. I love the way their bodies shake when they get caned. Their red asses jiggle with every stroke of the cane striking flesh. Skin... [more]

I love eating poo

What can I say. I get excited and turned on at the mere thought of eating one of my wife's bowl movements. I especially like them after she has had corn. Not canned corn but fresh corn on the cob. Give her shit a special kind of well nutty flavor. She squats over my hairy chest and lets loose a big long shit snake full of yellowy cornels. Then she... [more]

Loving Having Sex with Skanky Drug Addicts

I love having sex with women and young ladies who like doing heroin and cocaine. It's such a turn on seeing all the needle tracks in their bodies and the willingness they have to please me as lord and master. I call them names and laugh while they cry and beg at my feet. For this reason I don't wash my feet for several days so I can make them lick... [more]

Anal sex

I have a fetish for women asses. I love a nice bubble butt. My new girlfriend is not into anal sex. She won't even let me lick her asshole. I miss fucking ass. Every girl I been with I fucked in the ass. The last lady I was with never got fucked in the ass. I was her first and she loved it so much. She would ask me if I was going to fuck her ass... [more]

My nieces

One summer stepsister came down to visit and stayed a week, she had two cute young daughters and as soon as she came down she wanted to to go out with my parents so they let me “babysit” them. They looked so hot and always asked if me to make them stuff so I went downstairs to make mac n cheese and blew a huge load into the cheese somehow managed... [more]

Driving naked

I love going for a drive naked. It all started when my husband had me flash a truck showing them my breast. I became very aroused doing so. I loved how the driver almost lost control trying to get a better glimpse of me. I can still see the drivers expression when he saw my bare breast. My hubby was really turned on and we found a nice place to... [more]

Ugly women

I'm your average guy nothing notable. I have an average life. My cock is average too. But I have found I so enjoy fucking the ugly women nobody wants. Fat, ugly, or just plain average ones every guy passes up. Yeah I have found they are actually good fucks. A little weight or a bit of a belly doesn't bother me in the slightest. I will fuck all the... [more]

Oral Fixation !

It all started when my wife voiced the desire to watch me suck her lovers cock. At first I resisted and pushed back. But I had to admit that I have always had a secret desire or fascination with penis's. Probably cause mine is not very large. My wife loves to make fun of me and humiliate me when she is having sex with one of her lovers. So I... [more]

I watched my girlfriend suck a guys cock

We both wanted a threesome so we found this young college guy about 20, we are both in our 30's , to make a long story shorter, my girlfriend Melissa called me into the living room , I was in the kitchen , he was taking his shorts off as she stood near the couch . When he pulled his shorts off, he was sporting a 8 inch cock i'd guess . She... [more]

My nieces

I forgot what day it was but I remember I was told to watch over my nieces again while everyone left the house and my nieces were asleep at the time so I put on a bunch of clothes to make me sweat heavily (even more than the summer already makes me do) while I went for a long run with their little small spoons down my pants under my balls and... [more]

Horny for older cocks

I'm twenty four years old and I'm a very fit tall ok looking young man. Lately I have the desire to be drilled by an older man. Like 50-65 would be my range. Something about the idea of an older sexy man with his sexy cock in my mouth or ass really turns me the fuck on. I guess I want to be fucked good by a daddy type white color sexy older man... [more]

Pics of men's butts

I have been watching male porn and been getting turned on. I would like to see some pics of a nice male bubble butts. Gay or straight.

I think I'm strange?

I love to go down on my pooch. He seems sexually attracted to me. He's just a mutt I picked up at the pound. I love to sleep in the nude and he gets under the covers and puts his nose right in my crotch and licks me. It felt so good. I have a boyfriend but he's kind of a lousy lover. I named my dog Benjamin after my father. I usually lay around in... [more]

In need of a good spanking

I really wish my boyfriend was into things like BDSM. He is an amazing man and I intend on spending the rest of my life with him. I wouldn't say our sex is bad...but there are some things I wish he would do with me. I've tried getting him to spank me but he feels like he is hurting me and it turns him off. I keep telling him I'm not some delicate... [more]

Well Trained Girlfriend.

Well, I have always loved pointy toe high heels. Do not know why I always have. I also really have a fetish for professionally dressed women. (Pencil skirt, secretary look). Well I have the most incredible woman now. We’ve been together for 8+ years and she does literally anything I want. She’s incredibly submissive and wears anything I ask her... [more]

Shower vids

I constantly take hidden videos of both my wife and my daughter when they are in the shower. I then show the videos to men and suck them off as they watch and tell me what they would do to them.

I trained my boyfriend to eat his own

I will do anything as far as sex goes if he does for me. Which he does.
I love to make him eat his own cum.I have him with his feet and ass up in the air against the wall , head towards the carpet , I make him leave his mouth open and I aim his cock towards his mouth and make him jerkoff and cum in his own mouth. Sometimes Ill jerk it for him.I... [more]

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