Fetish Confessions

Great luck

I moved into a new house about a year ago and recently discovered that I have a great view of my neighbors master bathroom shower.
The neighbor is a mid forties woman in pretty good shape, definitely a MILF. My house has a bathroom window that faces her house and for some reason only like the bottom two thirds of the long rectangular window in... [more]


I would love to lick a women’s asshole that has a nice bubble butt. I want to bury my face between her cheeks and lick away. I want to stick my tongue in and out of her asshole.

Aunts thongs

Every time I visit my aunt I use the bathroom just to go into her laundry bin and suck the taste and smell of her ass from her thong strings. Around a decade ago, when she was in her late 30’s, I found a g-string on her bedroom floor with such a thick skid mark in, i spent the best part of an hour sucking it clean! Ever since, Iv only ever wanted... [more]

#1 fantasy ( lived )

My husband and I have had the same fantasy for years. We constantly watch this video of a wife laying on the ground blindfolded and her arm's are tied around a tree. In the video the husband waits until a stranger comes along and screw's his wife. Like I said we both have a thing for this video. It has taken a long time to get the nerve up , but... [more]

I cant stop, I'm addicted to the look men have when I flash them

Maybe its just me, but I love being in public and revealing a bit much and seeing the expressions. By the time I get home I'm soaked and my dildo makes easy work of the situation. I fantasize about sharing pics of whats under my skirt while I'm at work.... anyone know any sites to meet men who want this or other fetishes?

Snapped a pic (upskirt)

My wife and I had another couple over for dinner. I work with the guy, but it was the first time I was going to meet his wife Olivia. She was very attractive and had a great body. She was a fun personality too. She wore a black mini-skirt, but it was nice and not too slutty. It went down to her mid thigh, a few inches above her knees.
After... [more]

Eddie's resolution

The first time was for me, a whole new experience of what I'd accept in my life. Not only seeing her take Eddie's cock in all her holes, but also acknowledging my wife's need for more sex than I could offer her.
Yes I could have walked away, and yes we would now after this length of time, be divorced. Yet the circumstances of how I ended up... [more]


I have a fantasy of laying on my back naked and to have loads of men surrounding me ejaculating onto my body.

Creampie cleanup

I am a married male in my 50s. I have a huge desire to lick and suck a woman's pussy clean after her husband or boyfriend has fucked her and given her a creampie.
Sometimes my desire is for my wife to bring her female friends over and have me suck them clean after their husbands or boyfriends have filled them with come.
Other times, I... [more]

Apology and confession

I was just told that I needed to apologize immediately for posing as a Dom and for living like a macho Alfa male.when in actuality I'm just another sissy bitch bio.i finally was found out and after getting introduced to the belt I'm now a chastised bitch.ive lost the right to my little dicklette and lost the right to wear boxers anymore, all in... [more]

Sister in law foot fetish

I have a foot fetish and I think my sister in-law knows I have
I’m pretty sure they hacked my computer and found photos of her feet on my computer as my home page had been changed to a photo of her in high heels
I started to notice when she would come around home that she would show me her feet a lot more than normal and now I’ve started to go... [more]

Peeping on Males

I was speaking with a like minded pervert and voyeur, recently . She's much younger than me, and much more hi-tech in the pursuit of her desires. She'll place hidden cameras and use drones whereas I'm old skool and use binoculars to access open curtains or blinds. She and I both prowl sex clubs, and x-rated cinemas, never participating, just... [more]

New man, a cuckold man.

Never having once suspected my wife of cheating on me, I didn't think the noises of sex in our home when I entered, were that of my wife with another guy.
I immediately thought as she's very highly sexed, she was watching porn and masturbating. Something in the past I'd regularly come across with my wife.
So not thinking anything bad, I walked... [more]


I'm very young way too young but I reaaaaally wanna fuck some older man. I love being a slut and the thought of being used by an disgusting old perv turn me on

Bicurious or not

I have a fetish of crossdress get. But I have no desire to be with men
I do a***play but don't take it further.
I have a GF who we have amazing s** almost every night.
But when she's not around I will toy myself.
Even tho I don't desire men. Does this make me bi. Or even crazier. Does it make me gay?
Prostate play is amazing. And I... [more]

Being manly yet feeling pretty? Actually yes!

I am very masculine and enjoy long powerful strides when i walk. I make sure to stand back up straight and shoulders blocked as my confident gait exudes the certainty of my prowess... yet once through the front door of my home those long sure steps quickly transform into dainty quickness with toes outstretched and calf muscles clenching one side... [more]

My Gay Sissy Life

I have told you all before that I am a gay male sissy. I have been dressing in girls, then ladies clothes since I was a young boy. I have cultivated my appearance to that of an attractive woman and have even developed my breasts to a lovely sensitive 38B.
I am wealthy enough to buy myself the most sensual lingerie and sexy floaty dresses. I live... [more]

Belly fetish

Im 19, boy, straight lives in delhi, any girl with a slim belly want to get punched, or want to punch me in the belly, hard on navel can contact. loves when a girl punches deep in the belly and i can punch very sensually and deep which will turn you on. so any girl with slim belly who want to punch or get punched reply to this comment.....

Showing wife

I have on many occasions hidden my phone and have had sex with my wife while letting strangers watch us. I have also shared many nude photos of her with men.

Dirty Talk

U should try " eh chat " it's an anonymous chat room where u can safely roleplay 1 on 1 (just text / no cam) It's hot.

Babysitting and doggys

I use to babysit the 2 kids next door when I was 12 to 15 well I had just turned 14 and I was sitting again and horny as all hell and fantasizing about getting caught by the parents playing with myself I had my pants down around my.feet ant my shirt rolled ul and i6 was into just a few little sips of their Apricot Brandy boy that stuff made me... [more]

Impregnating my Teenage Daughter

I have had a thing for young girls and teens for years. One of the reasons i met and married my wife was when we were both early 20's, she still looked like she was 15. I loved that about her.
Anyway we have beautiful 14 year old daughter. I have been attracted to her since she was 12. She is very pretty, small body, nice firm figure from... [more]

I love secretly being a tease for my sons friends

I think for me it started after I caught one of his friends staring at my legs when I was wearing a skirt. Its exciting for me to see how they can't keep their eyes off me, trying to catch a peek when my son isn't looking. One of them also was looking down my blouse this summer while we were outside, I caught him in the corner of my eye. Since... [more]

Wanting to fatten up my girlfriend

I want to feed my current girlfriend to around 250 lbs (or at the very least around that). At the time of this confession she is currently a tad chubby but nothing too hefty. I’m wanting to fatten her frame up to something more noticeably big. The idea of her ass and tum being plumped up gets me excited. I don’t know why but it would make me... [more]

Cruel mummy

I'm a grown guy who lives with mum but I want her to b cruel with me strip me and spank me red raw over her knee and give my a good fingering before burning my buttocks with a red hot iron before turning to my cock and but it with a ruler before thing me down and gagging me while mummy gets needle and thread and sews my pee hole shut

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