Fetish Confessions

Looking for sex

Dear naughty posts.
I am a 37 year old white male I weigh 400 pounds and white and my penis is 6 inches cut and shaved.
I I love girls with Down Syndrome I think they are so cute.
I have had several girlfriends in the past and they are all going down syndrome.
Unfortunately I am single right now.
I am looking for any cute down... [more]

Can you really have your cake and eat it too?

Since I was a young man I always loved the curves of a woman's ass. As I've gotten older my love of ass has only gotten stronger. It's all I think about some days. The fantasy of getting behind a woman, bending her over and tongue fucking her ass before I slowly slide my thick cock inside her drives me insane!
As I've gotten older, I have... [more]


I want my boyfriend to beat me and rape me and pimp me

Friend Close Friend

Well where do I start, I was six years old when it first happened and I was using the boys outside Lavatory at my Elementary School. The only light source in the cold stone building came from the lack of it having no roof. I turn to zip my fly gently and there close beside me was Alan a kid from my class, his out reached fingers closed around my... [more]

Adult diapers

I am an older MWM and have always loved pee play. I recently tried adult diapers for the first time on a trip to Walmart. I drank a lot of coffee this morning to make sure I would need to pee. It is about a 20 minute drive there so I had the urge before to even walk in. I grabbed a cart and walked around until I was in an aisle with few people in... [more]

Why is it?

I should probably be paying a therapist to help me answer this question, but I wonder why I'm attracted almost exclusively to older women. I'm a 23 year old guy, and by "older" I mean women in the 30s to 40s range.
I define myself as heterosexual, and while I find it pretty easy to date around, women around my age aren't that attractive to me. A... [more]

Plastic panties

I am a straight married guy and have been wearing sexy panties all the time with matching bras at home and nighties for years it is our secret fetish and we love it.
Recently I have been ordering specific panties and Femme wear from on site Sissy stores particularly Plastic, PVC with nice ruffles and French maids outfits they are just so horny... [more]

Creampie For The wife

Sex with the wife has always been hot, she and I click in bed and Ive never felt so comfortable with another female, and there has been a few!
However, I love it when she cums as I driving into her hot pussy - all while telling her that I want to see her taken by other men. Nothing spurs her on more than me describing her all erotically dressed... [more]

What kind of dirty would you want to see?

I've been with my wife for 12 years now and we've built up quite the repertoire of kinky sex fun. In fact, we've been able to accomplish some kinky stuff that we can't even find in porn (surprising, I know). We also have 3 kids and way too many bills to pay, so we figure why not see if we can record some of our exploits and sell them for a... [more]

Turned into a little panty wearing cock slutqq

I was 13 years old my cousin was 15 I went over to his house one afternoon as they lived across the street when I got there he was up in his bedroom reading Sex book I didn't know what he was waiting until he asked me if I wanted to read something to but I said okay and he threw a bucket filled with erotic Spurs I was caught off guard but I... [more]

Messy Humiliation

Im posting this possibly for a second time, my internet crashed shortly after i submited it the first time
For as long as i can remeber i have been "cursed" with multiple fetishes; wet and messy, leather, pvc, latex, to mention a few. One of my earliest wet dreams that i can remeber was of the girl i had a crush on at the time falling face... [more]

Sleeping beauty

My wife took sleeping pills after a few nights of insomnia. This has happened before and she was dead to the world. I took a video of undressing, touching and eventually giving her a facial. The next day I showed her a video and she said she liked it. She Said she liked being my canvas.
This time I was prepared. Waiting about two hours I... [more]

If my wife only knew

I often get off thinking about my wife being gang banged by a group of strangers while I watch.
Seeing her take a man in each of her holes as I encourage her to be a whore is always on my mind. Sometimes it's younger guys, sometimes well hung black men, but always with her being pleasured over and over.
I want to see her covered in cum from at... [more]

I can't seem to stop

I went to an adult theater. There were booths with glory holes. I figured why not, a mouth is a mouth, right?
What I didn't expect was for the guy on the other side to stick his cock through the hole first. And, I certainly didn't expect to find myself on my knees sucking that cock. I doubt know whay came over me. It was just hanging there. I... [more]

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