Fetish Confessions

What women feel about a man with a lingerie fetish.

I'm a 55 year old man who loves wearing all the silky things women wear under their clothes. Brief panties, firm control shapewear, garter belts & all kinds of stockings, short half slips, soft cup bras, and silky camisoles are what I love to wear. Back in the 80's not many women I confided in were accepting of this. Have women become more open... [more]

My Strange Little Fetishes

It’s pretty common to have a sexual fetish. Whether it be feet, boobs, butts, etc., you are guaranteed to find many people that are sexually attracted to at least one of them. I, however, have a few fetishes that are, to my knowledge, very niche and am not sure if anyone would think they’re acceptable. For whatever reason, I developed a fetish for... [more]

Love for panties?

Hi there, I really enjoy women's panties, I consider it to be my fetish. I have a strong desire to want to take a pair out of any one of my friends houses, or a neighbors, or anyone's for that matter, is this normal to be that infatuated with panties?

Having a Mistress

Along with three other girls I am a female slave for a strict Mistress that has a training academy on a private rural property about ten kilometres out side of town, we all work during the week but must turn up every Friday afternoon and leave about three on Sunday to assist with humiliating and punishing trainee male and female slaves along with... [more]

Sexy Toy

I am a male in my 40s married now. I’m technically bisexual but haven’t been with a guy in years. When I was in my teens and 20s I had a cross dresser fetish only in the privacy of another man. I pulled it off very well as far as my appearance and my butt which was perfect. I dated mostly older men and a preference for black men. I’d have sex in... [more]

Squashing Session with an SSBBW

A couple weeks ago, I booked a squashing session with one of my favorite SSBBWs. The session finally happened this last weekend.
As part of the deal, I booked a room at a hotel from a list she gave me. Even though the session was only scheduled for three hours (although I guess that’s a lot going by what she said in her emails), I got the... [more]

Bad mom

Last night my son Dillon and I fell asleep watching a movie. I woke up about 1am and much to my surprise found him with his dick hanging out of his boxers. I was intrigued to find out that he shaved his pubes. I slowly reached over and put my hand on him. He let out a little sigh but didn't wake up. I rolled over a little and started to rub him... [more]


Hi, my name is Frances. I am 35 now and I have this little fetish for piss. I am bisex and I like to indulge my fetish especialy with girls.
I remember this.
On Sunday with my sister, mom and dad I used to go by sea on my dad’s boat. It was a nice wooden boat with a small cabin and a lot of place for mom to sunbathe. Usually dad drove the boat... [more]

I used to get my balls busted by a friend and I miss it

A friend of mine used to occasionally bust me as sort of a game between us. It was never really sexual, just a game that involved nudity and touching the genitals. She would sometimes get undressed as well. Sort of a way to show that she was a very petite young lady, but still could make me feel like I had lost a fight with the devil himself... [more]


Any ladies out there that like putting your men in panties!? I know theres men who enjoy it themselves but i want to hear about women making their men wear them!

Secret wish

Hi. My name is Elvie and I'm from Groningen. I need to be r by multiple people, animals of all kind, and beaten up, t, and r all over again. I'm at the train station every weekday, at 8am

What should i get my sub-m to do?

I have a submissive male that i talk to and he enjoys submitting to md. I however I'm not much of a dominant and need ideas for what i can have him do.

She won my heart giving me her asshole to fuck every single day

When I met my fiancé 11 years ago through a mutual friend, I had no interest or attraction towards her. She called and invited me over for dinner on a Sunday, on the other side of town, and I told her by the time I got over there I would have to come right back. She asked if I wanted to sleep on her couch and I said I wasn’t bussing 2 hours to... [more]

So I wonder how many guys are into this

The majority of people identify as straight, right? Cool.
But I read that shemale porn is the second most popular on the various porn sites.
I have to admit that I was turned off by it the first time I heard of chicks with dicks. But some of them are damn pretty, and feminine. I wouldn't date a femboy, but some of them turn me on.
I have... [more]

I love Indian girls

I love to sniff and play with girls dirty panties.
The younger the better I especially love Indian girls they're so hot I love the way that their bodies look on their nude thank a great tents and great pussies are there any young Indian women or girls out there who will send me a pair of the dirty underwear or any Indian moms with the young... [more]

I like his friends to see me naked

I love to be seen nude,or topless .Im not a model,but I am attractive,small boobs,shaved pussy,small ass.
With that being said ,I love public nudity ,or showing my body off.
He loves that I do it for him,his favorite was at the mall,dressing room,curtains slightly open and ill be nude in there like im trying on clothes,and if a guy happens to... [more]

I used my Christmas money to book a squashing session with a BBW

I got lucky in terms of Christmas money this year, so I decided to book a squashing session with one of my favorite SSBBWs. I just now got the confirmation email and we’ve got a date set and everything. I’m so excited!
I’m leaving out her name and other details now because I’m 15 and don’t want her to get in trouble. Don’t worry about me... [more]

My wife

I’m not sure how naught this really is, but I accidentally left my phone in the work bathroom recently.
When i returned to get it, it had been moved but nothing was open.
But then I received texts from random numbers talking about my wife and how hot she was. Several people talked in detail about her nude body and all the things they wanted to... [more]

Please send me panties

Are there any young women or young girls out there who can help me ?
I love to smell and lick dirty panties the younger the better I have been trying to find any girls or women who will send me a pair of their dirty underwear.
If you would please please please please please please please please please please please please please please... [more]

Belly punching w friends

My friends and I have a stomach fetish. We fondle each others' bodies sometimes focusing on our midsection the most. A few of us punch each other in the stomach for sexual arousal. I get a hard on from getting punched in the stomach and admiring my friends' reactions to getting punched in the stomach. We are all sexy, that is no fatties lol. And... [more]

Present for me really

I’ve bought my wife some sex toys for Christmas. A vibrator, etc. We’ve never done or had anything like this so I figured why not. Worst case we’ll just throw them away. I’ll just tell her I was drunk when I ordered them.
I’ve really bought them as I plan to use all of them on myself when she isn’t in as soon as possible. I’d love... [more]

Me, My Sister and Thomas

Me, My Sister & Thomas
It was the late 90's and I was happily divorced. My ex-was a druggie and had lost all interest in sex (he had a scrawny little dick anyway).
There were a TON of dating websites popping up then and I joined a few. I ended up connecting with this guy Thomas who was also recently divorced. We chatted via email, then on... [more]

My Boyfriend Mouthfucks Me While He's Sleeping...

My boyfriend is 28 and I'm 17 (female). He has a REALLY big dick but it doesn't get super hard. It gets really big and fat but not hard like most guys do.
One night we were watching TV and I had my head in his lap and he fell asleep. I was really horny. He was wearing sweatpants so I pulled down the waistband and started sucking his big FAT... [more]

Closet sissy

I am a married man, but a secret crossdressing sissy. I love the feel of sexy lingerie hugging my body. I secretly wear my wife's, and have even bought some of my own. I fantasize alot about pleasuring men. Especially well endowed men. Lol. I have only experienced playing with another guy once a long time ago. I performed oral sex on him... [more]

I love winter

I love winter. Around September through March my wife "puts on her winter coat" as she says. She stops shaving her armpits, pussy and legs. Her legs don't get very hairy at all. Her armpits and pussy get quite hairy though. I love it. Looks so sexy when she gets naked and all that hair is there.

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