Birthday Gift :

Wife has a birthday soon . Thinking that since she will be 69 yrs . old would like to let her pick 6 guys to fuck her on her birthday . These 6 guys would tell her what they wanted her to do to them and she would preform actions requested . Would love to watch 6 guys do her watching her suck cocks while the other 5 explore her body . Sucking on her titty's while she is sucking on one guys cock . The other 5 one guy on each tit , one eating her pussy the other just feeling her up . Before they all leave they all fill her pussy with as many loads as they can .

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  • Why not ask her what she wants? Tell us more about her. Is this the first of different cocks she’ll be trying and have y’all been talking about this for some time

  • We have had threesome and she has fucked two other guys , seems now she says she is fat and ugly

  • I have a group of four nice young very well hung guys from work do me about four times a year, my husband does not watch ( he goes out for the day) but he does have camera's set up so he can view the action whenever he likes to get horny, I can assure you it is very tiring as all do me vaginally, anally and orally plus our sessions last around four or five hours, by far the best is when I have one in my mouth and another humping my arse doggie.
    I feel so sure your wife would jump at the opportunity, just broach the subject one time after you have fucked her.

  • Thank you good idea

  • Please let us know how you go darling, I really hope it works out, I am sure she will enjoy it.

  • Let me tell you what's wrong with this post.
    1. You are going to 'let' your wife pick the 6 guys; like she needs your permission ?
    2. She doesn't get to choose what they do to her ?
    3. This is for your pleasure, (not hers) because you want to watch her perform specific acts.
    Tell you what, why don't you just buy her some cleaning products, to 'help' her clean the house, or better still why not buy her the ingredients to bake a birthday cake which you can eat.

  • I also think five would be the correct number, never had that many myself but it sounds yummy.

  • Just need to talk her into doing this if you have any suggestions in regards to accomplishing my wish let me know

  • Well simple talk to her, I am sure you will soon know if it's a goer or not.

  • Thanks

  • That sounds so nice you are obviously a kind caring husband, I really do hope you can arrange a few decent well hung young studs to do her, maybe you should just get five mouth, cunt, arse and one on each tit then rotate, I am sure she will love her birthday present, please let us know ?

  • I will let you know

  • Will let you know

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