I have had sex with my sister, many times. We did it once drunk, and it was the best we ever had and we started craving it. As soon as we did it sober we knew it was a big problem because we were loving it. She liked being punished hard and humiliated, which I like to do. At the moment I have her on strings. No other guy opens up to her fetishes and fulfils them, she likes pain and I like to hurt her. But I have split personalities. That is extremely horny me, when I’m sensible I hate it, I try to figure out a way to stop myself when I’m horny. But whenever she just smiles or bites her lip or if I can see a tiny bit of that perfect body I lose it and we go all out with each other. The way things are going we are addicted to each other. Sometimes I love it sometimes i hate it. I don’t think I’ll be strong enough to stop, she’s so sexy and perfect, I could cum myself just thinking about her. I need to stop but I can’t make myself


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  • I am 16 and my older brother 18 him and I have been lovers for the past 2 years. He is very dominate and I am submissive and I'll allow him to do what ever he wants to me. He wanted me to do a 3 some with him and his best friend at high school who happens to be Black and last summer we did and god I never had a cock so big I hardly could even take 3/4 of him to start with but little does my brother know I have been fucking hid friend now 3 to 5 times a week by him and I alone. Sometimes it's just a quicky till he cums in me other times he fucks me for well over three hours and I get sore but I love it. He usually visits me in my room but when others are at home we go for a walk in the woods and he becomes a animal fucking me all over the place .

  • So what’s the problem? Sounds like you’re well matched.

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