Fetish Confessions

Stretching wife's pussy

I like to push the limits sexually with my wife and lately I have really been into loose pussy and gaping pussy porn. I have started using as many fingers on her as possible in the hopes that I can eventually fist her. She was not exactly tight to begin with so I quickly went from the usual 3 fingers to 4 fingers. After 4 fingers became "the... [more]

My Cum Fetish

It would be interesting to know if other women have a cum fetish also. I think it started when, as an eight year girl, I watched a teenage boy masturbate.
This started me on the road to jerking boys off so i could watch them shoot cum.
The first time I went all the way was when I was twelve and as he was fucking me, my mind was... [more]

Getting her drunk at dinner

I must confess, when taking my wife out to dinner, I love to get her started with her drinking her favorite beer. She'll typically have 2 nice and large 22 ouncers! This loosens her up for more potent booze! Next I get her to down a couple of Long Islands, by now she hits the ladies room to pee. When she returns she has undone a button or two from... [more]

I talked my wife into fucking a friend and his dog

We have been watching a lot of nasty porn the nastier the better and came across girls with dogs,horses, ponies, donkeys, fish, and eels. So when I fond out my friend was getting his dog to fuck him in the ass every-night I took my wife over got her and him drunk and next thing you know she was sucking him with a huge dogs cock knotted in her... [more]

Classmate's Upskirt

Just last year I was in highschool, I always sat infront of a girl wearing short skirts and keep my phone recording behind me, after classes I would cut out te boring bits and have like 1 hours worth of sexy panty action. Also because I knew the girls it made it that much hotter

My first experience and what it became

I have a nice Great Dane, had him for about 3 years or so. He's normally quite docile around people. So about three ago, I came back from soccer practice, I was 15. I took a shower and went back to my room. My dog was laying on the ground. I bent down to pick up a pair of panties on the ground. My Great Dane stood up and mounted me. I was pretty... [more]

My nights.

I like to wake my boyfriend up with sex. He likes it too. I swear, im telling the truth 100%. Im 16 & he is 19 & we have our own apartment together. I love the way he looks when hes asleep. He looks so peacefull and vounerable. I love laying my head on his broad chest and putting my hand on his stomach, & then sliding it dowwwwn. I just have to... [more]

Daughter's Friend

My 17 year old daughter's friend came over for a sleep over one night. When they were both downstairs, I passed her room and saw her bag open. My fetish tenacity lead me to take a pair of her panties and toothbrush. I locked myself in the bathroom, and jerked off with her panties in my face, and toothbrush scrubbing my balls, dick, and even the... [more]

Naked woman

I live near the beach and my wife asked me to take the dog for a walk one night. I wasn't to please but I did it anyway. When I got there I notice a woman on the second floor of an apartment flats watching me but pretended not seeing me and totally undress in wide open window and walk around and even bended forward. I thaught I got a hart attack... [more]


My dad would spank me all the time it was just his go to punishment that after a while really did not hurt much at all. I was about 15 and he pulled me over his knee and when he pulled my pants down he was so fast when he did it that my underwear went right down with them. I felt the cool air on my privates and when he came down the first time... [more]

My wife WILL try anything

I never in my wildest dreams thought that my wife would let our dog lick and enter her. We have been together thru most of college and 5 years married, no plan to ever leave this woman.
We were sitting around watching a football game and she was drinking her usual wine I think she was a little bored with the game because our team was winning by... [more]

I'm a zoophile

Ok so when i was thirteen i happened to see two neighborhood dogs havin sex and it really aroused me. I never forgot the way it made me feel and as i got older my interest grew...i tried a few times over the years to "play" with a few dogs but didn't have much success...still the desire grew...finally i happened across a website that caters to... [more]

Hot clients daughters

My company was hired to install hardwood into the entire house of a 5 member family. 2 parents, grandma, and 2 teenage daughters. One is 16, the other 17. To speed up work, we were given 1 week and the whole family went to a hotel. One is 16, the other 17. I out of the 4 people assigned to this task, started upstairs in the bedrooms. The other... [more]


I have owned 2 bull mastiffs, Caesar and Anthony for 4 years now. I've owned them from pups. Now they are full grown and weigh about 140 lbs each and when they stand on their hinds they are about a foot taller than me. Each has become very protective of me over the years. I have to keep them penned up outside if I have a date come out to my... [more]

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