Too many cute co-workers

I’m super into a guy at my job who works the morning shift, we'll call him Mike. For nearly 4 months I’ve been trying to didn’t time with him but he’s working two jobs and having health issues so we haven’t the chance to do much… I recently made out with our other co-worker, we'll call him joey… it kind just happened we smoked together after work and we hugged goodbye, which turned into a really long hug... When I pulled away we ended up face to face, and then his face was on face. It felt really good to be kissed again after almost a year and he is a phenomenal kisser... I really liked it so I did it again tonight… we smoked together after our shift tonight and made out again…He even came up behind me as I was packing up my bag and pressed against me, I could feel that dick was hard… I’m not super worried about my mike finding out because… Well, javy is married… I feel terrible but I want to keep sneaking around and making out with him until my crush is available. I know that it makes me a terrible person... And i feel I guilty because I really want to be making out with Mike instead....I think i might be a slut...

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  • I work in a moderately sized office, about 30 employees and 70% are male. One of the fun things that we allow is that I give out birthday kisses when someone has a birthday. The boss is cool with it. Some guys request a kiss on the cheek, but some want to smack lips, which I'm happy to do. The most memorable was a kiss with one young guy that turned into a make-out session. The boss made us call that our break, lol. I've even given kisses to two women at the office. It's fun and nice.

  • I was the cute girl in the office with 8 male co workers and for seven months I kept5 to myself and then one Friday after work Terry a married co worker caught me in a vulnerable position my car had a flat and no spare and he offered to take it off and get it fixed and I accepted his offer.
    Over forty minutes later he returned with my tire and put it on and then came into my car and started in unloading onto me about no service stations around fix tires anymore finally he went to a tire store and they had it done in no time. and it started in pouring down rain and he asked if I had far to go and I told him about 17 miles for I live out in the country a bit and then he started in asking about the land I live on, if I had any animals and neighbors and he crept closer to me before long his hand laying in my thigh and I made no effort to remove it and then he kissed me god did he ever the second kiss I kissed him back and we made out in my car for nearly a hour and we both became naked and made love three times in a Renault Gordini.

  • It happens. I used to work in an office building that had a big insurance company as it's main tenant, packed with hot, beautiful younger women and milf's. Would see a certain few all the time, and became friends with them. One was a cute, petite blonde with a great ass and smile, and just enough "wrong side of the tracks" rough girl to her. We'd go to lunch sometimes, and every time we did, would end up kissing and with our hands all over each other.

    That became telling our respective offices or managers that we were "going for the mail", which was in a central location in the building, nicely next to an unused storage room. Sex in that room became almost a daily thing with her. Best thing was, we both knew we wouldn't "be together", or a couple. It was just great sex with a hot little woman who had a dirty girl mentality. Sucked when the insurance company built their own building down the road and I didn't get to have at her every day.

  • Did this happen in a city named Austin

  • Lol no

  • Er he's gonna eventually wanna fuck you.Married guys sometimes don't get it enough and he'll just see it as an opportunity to get some pussy.

  • Don't be a slut, but enjoy the kisses. I'm married, never cheated, but I love kissing guy friends on the lips, with tongue too.

  • Omg see I thought I was crazy. I love making out. But I'm not tryna fuck someone's husband. I legitimately just really wanna kiss him lol

  • I told him "you're trouble" he said "of course, all Geminis are trouble" (I'm a gemini too) I said "I should probably stay away from you" his response was to kiss me on the neck and so I asked him "you're not going to make that easy for me are you" he of course said no and then kissed me haha

  • Hahaha well hes married so I'd really hope not. We made out again tonight and felt each other up a bit. We usually leave together but he left early so I took a "smoke break" haha ugh. Yeah as bad as it is I think I really just want to keep making out with the married guy when I can while I wait for my crush to be free. Cuz he's focused on making money rn not getting laid (sad I know). I don't even wanna sleep with the married guy, just want him to keep leaving me going home horny lmfao ugh. So good.

  • If Joey or Javy or whoever is married, then you can make out with him all you want and still go back to your boy crush when he is free... the guy is married, he just wants some pussy, get that cock.

  • Get all the cock you can get. Just better hope the one guy you made out with doesn’t go whacko on you when you dump him

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