Cheating Confessions

Diary of a Swinger

Hi gang, how are you all doing? I have mentioned my hubby before and have told you what his good points are: (a) a computer wiz, (b) he has the biggest dick I have seen and knows how to use it, and (c) good at picking up heavy things and moving them about. But that's it, at anything else he is hopeless. We were trying to get a couple, lets... [more]

It's not all my fault

Yesterday we had a BBQ/ party to celebrate the first day of the year over 80 degrees. Everyone ate and drank too much of course. I noticed while sitting cross legged my husband's friends were all standing in a little group and smiling and giggling. I then realized they could see my panties because my mini skirt was just a little hiked up in the... [more]

Wish I didn't

My best friend is single and well known to be a flirt and she is also known for having multiple partners. I am married and really have had no intention of ever cheating or anything even remotely close to that. She has been after me for awhile to come over one night and have some drinks in her hot tub with some guy's she knows. I finally caved in... [more]

Coffee stand

My husband and his buddies keep going to one of those bikini coffee stand's. It started getting to me , I mean why go ? Most say I'm better looking and have a way better body. Well it finally got to the point that I Said something. His friends and him said that they're not naked it's no big deal. I decided to go and see for myself. The girl was... [more]

Vinegar fetish

The smell of vinegar always turns me on, anyone else?

My wife of 20 years is fucking a 18 year old teenager

Ive not long found out that my wife of 20 years is fucking a 17 year old teenager a friend of our sons ( my sons the same age as him) he was at our house one day looking for our son who was out that day this was 6months ago and i found out by accident and i confronted her and she reluctantly confessed to it, seemingly what happened was that when... [more]

What is the worst sex you have ever had?

We see all the good sex stories, how about starting a thread on the worst!

New job

I recently started a new job as the maintenance guy at the company my wife works at. I am normally stuck down stairs making sure that the electrical panels and other things are on line and working properly. At first the guy I'm working with wasn't very talkative , then one day he just out of the blue told me that there was some big shit happening... [more]

Fucking the handyman

Oh my god I cannot believe I'm doing this. My husband is out of town on a business trip, the kids are at school, and I'm home alone horny as hell with this young guy hanging drywall in our garage. It's a father-son team and we've used this company before but this time just the son showed up without his father. He looks to be in his late... [more]

Help wanted please

I am totally new to this and I am looking for help for Dominant friends .
To cut a long story short , my husband has not touched me sexually for 3 years , I then found an Ad he had posted looking to meet Dom/Dommes to become an oral slave to them , I was and still am livid with him .
When I questioned him about this , he broke down in tears... [more]

Breast feeding

After reading about all the breast feeding stuff lately i thought id share mine. I've put this under cheating but I kinda think it's not cheating... here goes, my husband and I have 2 little ones, I tandem feed both. Father In law walked in unexpectedly the other week, an saw both little ones latched on, with me wearing just a nursing bra and... [more]

My first gangbang

I had my first gangbang last week. I am a married white 30 year old female and my husband has no idea that I cheat and do these things. I have cheated on every guy I have ever been with. So that being said one of my black lovers has been teasing me about fucking him and some of his friends. I finally agreed and he set it up last week. After my... [more]

I confess

I'm now 7 months pregnant . As soon as I told my husband that we we going to have a baby the sex stopped. I wasn't even showing yet but still he found it disgusting and would not hear of it. I'm don't know how to explain how incredibly horny I would get and still do. It's like an uncontrollable fire. I was able to make it a month by masturbating... [more]


I cheated on my husband when he went to bed early during the last camping trip. I stayed up with my friend and her husband playing cards. We all drank very heavily and she started throwing up and went to bed shortly after. Something just happened he was flirting and saying how he has never been with a beautiful woman like me and how he always... [more]

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