Cheating Confessions

I had sex with my best friend's sleeping wife

This was several years ago. I was at my best friend Mark's house watching movies and hanging out. He had just gotten married, and his wife, Sherri was seriously hot! I lusted after her, and I watched her ass and stared at her tits whenever I could.
That night, she wore a loose-fitting shirt and when she would bend over, I could see her bare... [more]

My wife of 20 years is fucking a 18 year old teenager

Ive not long found out that my wife of 20 years is fucking a 17 year old teenager a friend of our sons ( my sons the same age as him) he was at our house one day looking for our son who was out that day this was 6months ago and i found out by accident and i confronted her and she reluctantly confessed to it, seemingly what happened was that when... [more]

I can't believe I did this

I'm middle aged woman, married with kids. My husband's sister is married to a really nice guy. At a family gathering he and I were chatting and I noticed him trying to get a look down my half opened shirt, I didn't know it was that open. I said what are you trying to do there? He said sorry, that he had a chance to see something he always wanted... [more]

Sluttiest weekend ever

I literally had the sluttiest weekend of my life this last weekend. My friends wanted me and my boyfriend to go to a party but boyfriend couldn't go due to work.
Well I figure I would just go as a wing girl, help my friends out get drunk and have a good time.
I will confess I have cheated before. Bf knows about it and we worked through... [more]

I feel out of control

I'm 34 and I cheated on my husband for the first time last month. We've been married for 8 years. I didn't expect to continue an affair, and now I have gone from feeling a little guilty to feeling out of control. The guy's name is Yanic, and he's 29. I met him through work and he's hot with a tight, lean 6-foot-6 body. He's also very well-endowed... [more]

Friend's Daughter

My closest friend who is 42, has a beautiful wife which I wished I had asked out in highschool. Now he has a beautiful daughter, 16, from her. I never noticed how pretty she was till we went to the carribean together. I couldn't contain the boners I got from her little thong bikinis. She looked just like her mother when she was 16. I snuck into... [more]

New neighbors

Some new neighbors moved into the house behind me about a year ago now and I must admit I was surprised to see they had four kids but our yards are big enough so it was not like they would be right outside my house. I work from home so outside noises can be distracting sometimes but I have headphones I wear when I need them.
A few months after... [more]

Naughty Neighbour

Our neighbour Jim a nice man in his late 50's often comes over and has a drink with my husband and myself. I was 34yrs old at the time. One day while hubby was working I was down on my hands and knees cleaning our front patio. I didn't hear Jim walk up behind me. I felt his hand touching my leg under my dress. I almost screamed ,turned around and... [more]

Wife's friend

I was at the community pool last summer and it was fairly crowded, my kids were having a blast and a few adults had gathered in one corner area. I was standing next to a really lovely brunette who has the most wonderful pair of boobs, just large enough to roll out of her top. After about an hour of back and forth conversation I felt a hand on my... [more]

Camping with older guys went wrong

I had a crush on one of my brothers mates he was called Steve, he was older then me (I was 14 almost 15 at time) and my brother who was 18 and when he used to come over to our parents house for dinner after UNI I used flirt with him and try to touch his feet under the dinner table. Last year Steve texted me and told me he was... [more]

My married female neighbor

This morning my wife of 38 years went out of town for a few days. Well, my married 45 year old neighbor I'll call Ann was working in her garage after her hubby had left for work. She yells my name and ask if I could help her move a cabinet there in her garage since I was working in my landscape at the time. Well, Ann is wearing shorty shorts and... [more]

Party with friends

First of all, I love my husband. I have been with him for over 15 years. I'm 39. we have gone through everything in life. I respect him a lot....
but after so many years, I know it's normal that our sex drive has gone below zero... and fantasies take over. I know my husband masturbates a lot. I know that and it's ok, it's normal. why does... [more]

Diary of a Swinger

Hi gang, how are you all doing? I have mentioned my hubby before and have told you what his good points are: (a) a computer wiz, (b) he has the biggest dick I have seen and knows how to use it, and (c) good at picking up heavy things and moving them about. But that's it, at anything else he is hopeless. We were trying to get a couple, lets... [more]

I cheated on my husband for the first time last night

I am a sous chef in a restaurant. Being a woman and not totally hideous, the guys flirt a lot. I get my ass grabbed, my breasts fondled, innuendos. The usual stuff. I flirt right back. Tease them mainly. They all know that im very horny all the time.
Well yesterday one of my favorite workers was flirting with me quite heavily. We were outside... [more]

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