Girls school

I was 17 when my science teacher offered to coach me with my up coming exam after school. She took me to her home and began to touch me sexually. She put her hand under my skirt, rubbing my pussy over my panties. I was so embarrassed when she bent me over the back of her sofa, pulled my panties to the side and found out how wet I was. It was hard not getting horny about her licking my pussy with her thumb pressed against my butt hole. She kept telling me how good I tasted with her thumb half way up my anus, I just let it happen. I remember a man walked inn completely naked telling me "I want to see my husband's dick in your mouth" as she held my arms pinned against the bed watching his dick pushing inn and out of my mouth. It turned into a two hour dirty threesome and ended with a butt full of sperm while she videos tape me getting corn holed to keep my mouth shout about getting worked over. It was the next day when I felt embarrassed about what I did, but not much I could do about it. Some times I feel guilty about having so many orgasms but if I feel horny I'd do it all over again.

Apr 14

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