Turning the tables

I recently found out that my husband of 21 years cheated on me. He had a threesome with a friend and his friend's wife when he was over at their place watching football. I learned about it from another guy who was there and told me about it.

I told my friend Nina at work that my husband cheated, and she suggested that I even the score. She gave me the numbers of three of her guy friends. They were younger, early 20s, and I'm 44. I called the guys, said I'm Nina's friend, and that I wanted them to come over Saturday for "a good time." I didn't specify anything else, other to bring some pizzas. I said Nina was going to be there too.

My husband was working that day, but was due to be home while we still had our little party rolling. We all hung out, had lunch, and talked a bit, when I asked if anyone wanted to get laid. They were all in. For the next two hours I fucked all three guys and took more deposits than a bank teller. Nina mostly watched, but got a little too.

My husband walked in on me getting spit roasted and didn't say anything, he just started crying. I said to him what he said to me when I found out he was cheating: "Who turns down eager pussy?" He stood there crying his eyes out and then left to stay with his parents for the night.

We're in marriage counseling now, and our therapist is trying to tell me that what I did was wrong. Fuck that. He started it. I ended it. We both have agreed not to cheat again, but I don't think that my husband would have learned his lesson had I not pulled that train.

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  • I would actually love if I caught my wife doing that

  • Hot ass fuck i would do the same since he had fun whys it not fair I’m just sad it was not me would love to ride the train with to young hotties lucky girl hopefully he learns his lessons


  • .... GOOD GIRL!

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