Trying to go 40 days

So, I recently made this pact with myself that I am going to go 40 days without getting off. That means no sex, no jerking off, nothing.
Yes I know that there is a movie about this - kindof where I got the idea.
Anyhow, I’m on day 12 and I feel like I’m scratching out of my skin. I’m starting to think about it way more than usual and I notice every hot girl that I’m around in detail. I’m trying hard though. Any advice from someone who has made it to day 40?

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  • Well geez, sounds like marriage except no whacking! Im on day 100 something without sex but spank it every morning and every night.

    This would be fun to try though I don't think ill make it 3 days so kudos to you!

  • I only made it to day 17 before I went nuts and basically fucked my wife five times the following day then she laughed and told me she knew I could never go that long without.

  • I couldn’t do it unless in my Hospital bed

  • Keep busy

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