The Toilet

Its a question and put crudely if your husband or boyfriend enters the bathroom while your having a shit, are you ok with it ime not, if I am in in the bath he will cum in and have a shit while ime there he doesn't seem bothered him, I prefer to be alone, or am I a prude, any comment would be appreciated please,

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  • Does he cum in your bath and then take a shit ? I'm confused. I can see why it would bother you if he came in your bathwater while you were enjoying a bath, worse still, if he took a shit in your bath while you were in it.

  • Nothing wrong with wanting to be alone for that kind of thing. I don't want to be in the bathroom when my wife is dumping, or want her around either. Peeing is a whole different situation, I like watching her pee, especially when were outside. She likes to hold my cock and direct the stream of pee

  • Just shit on his face once he won't come in again

  • My wife was into giving me head while I was on the toilet. A few times I cummed real hard as I was shitting too. We have moved onto other things....


  • My husband loves watching me take a shit, he then pounds my ass and then takes it slow, so he can see if I'm brown creaming on his dick . He cums hard then

  • Great then do you lick the cum and shit off his cock?

  • Hell no

  • Your filthy you goon.

  • It's *You're

  • You brought it up

  • Fuck no, I would ever do that to my wife. lazy and disrespectful.

  • Why?

  • Because how the fuck can it be lazy?!

  • Gaylord

  • We are a family of campers if anyone needs a shit outdoors, you just squat and do it with out privacy its no big deal if anybody is watching

  • My husband uses the toilet when ime in the bath, what ime going to say is weird when he has a shit it turns me on seeing him sat there with his pants down doing what's natural

  • Same

  • My wife would not go near the toilet when I have a shit she even opens all the windows and doors on that level and gives a good spray before I exit, however I can walk in on her with no problems.

  • I've been married 10 years and my husband has never heard me do a fart. If I need a dump I go to my neighbours. Y'all just nasty asses

  • Your kidding, what go to the neighbours to go to the toilet ? your neighbours and you are very strange

  • Well my neighbours are also friends. They know I won't dump in my own house, so they used to it

  • Your OWN home should be your sanctuary, free to do anything you choose. Especially basic human bodily functions.

  • It's too embarrassing

  • Very strange, your queer.

  • Ummm yeah you're a prude

  • Its just a poo! Get over it!

  • I never understood people like you. Your man licks your fucking genitals ffs- it don't get no personal than that! And you can't let your arsehole spit your food out on a toilet? Grow up.

  • You're definitely the problem here. Prudence.

  • Get a grip woman!

  • Why is this a chrstimg confession? Do you feel like you're cheating your poo out of privacy?

  • *cheating

  • My wife and I have three kids and busy lives. We try to keep our privacy when dumping, but it's nearly impossible, so we just learned to live with it.

  • Do you wipe each other? Try it, my wife and I do it and it really makes us feel close

  • Yes we use to wipe the shit off each others arseholes, when my husband first suggested it I thought yuck but with a bit of persuasion I agreed to try it
    I thought why not, I remember the first time, I told him I needed the bathroom he came up with me and stayed in the bathroom I expected him to wait out side he was the there while I had my shit, what I didn't expect was to be so turned on doing something so personal with an audience when he wiped mu arse my vagina was wet, when I did the same for him he had a full erection, anybody who hasn't tries do so, I know some will be disgusted by what we are doing, we don't do it all the time,

  • Bet you fuck really hard after he cleans you up......

  • I'm currently sat on the toilet having a shit, and my husband is sat on the rim of the bath having a general conversation with me. We agree you are a fucking prude! Hide nothing in this house!

  • Pinch off a big one

  • I would say that you are NOT a prude. I'm pretty open about all things sexual and personal with my wife, but seriously, taking a shit is one thing that just demands privacy, and, like really, who in the fuck wants to smell someone elses shit? I can't even stand smelling my own most of the time. You should tell your man that you are not comfortable with the situation and if he respects you, he will give you some privacy.

  • Yes, you are a prude, but so fucking what? You are allowed to not enjoy sharing a room with someone taking a crap.

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