Cheating Confessions

Lesbian affair

So every now and then my wife will ask if I have any fantasies. I mention the fantasy of a mff threesome. She always says, "I could've had sex with a woman back in the day but it's just not for me. Now a mfm threesome we could possibly do."
So I work 3rd shift in a factory. Off Friday and Saturday. Two weeks ago, we got let out 2 hours early. I... [more]

Her one nighter

My wife Linda used to fly frequently to Chicago to teach a few classes a week then fly right back. Her class usually consisted of 18-25 year males. We had been married a little over 15 years. I noticed how guys were always checking her out. Some would go as far a flirting even if I was somewhere close by. She couldn’t help it, she is very... [more]

I know because I live the life of a guy with a small cock.

Okay. For all you people out there that say, "Size don't matter" or "Bigger is not better" or "Sex is more than penis in vagina, blah, blah blah"... Let me tell you that you are more than likely in one of these catagories:
1. You are a dude with a small cock.
2. You are the wife or girlfriend of a dude with a small cock and your sexual... [more]

I crave inappropriate male attention. I don't know how to stop.

I'll just preface this by saying: I've been with my fiancé for about six years, and I have never once cheated on him. When I go out, I've never danced with/hugged/held hands with/kissed/slept with another guy in the past 6 years, 5 of which were extreme long distance in our relationship.
The issue is, I love male attention. To the point where I... [more]

Considering it.....

I have been considering cheating which probably makes me sound like a horrible person. I've been friends with my boyfriend for a number of years before we started to date, honestly I didn't want to date him because I had a feeling that things wouldn't work so well if we started to date. I was right.
We used to be best friends and then also... [more]

Work offsite fuck

Last week we had a team offsite meeting at a country house hotel, staying over for two nights. On the second night a female co- worker and I (both of us are married and in our mid 30s) stayed on in the bar, got cosy on the couch and I ended up going back to her room and fucking her up the shithole. Best off-site ever!


I’ve been with this bastard Who is a serial LIAR , cheater, he’s a pedaphile, he’s incestive. I didn’t know all of this at first it took YEARS to figure this twisted mans mind and background out. I’ve never cheated on him EVER but I just grew tired of his shit and one day while he was at work. I decided to spend some time with this guy whom I had... [more]

Humiliated At The Hospital

I did not get to the hospital in time for my wife's delivery of our new baby boy. In the waiting room with me was a Middle Eastern looking man. When he was called in, I thought he also was a new Dad like me. When I was allowed in the room, he was there, gloating over his baby, who was obviously much darker than me or my wife. The nurses just... [more]

Her messy undies.

Once, a girl I used to hook up with contacted me out of the blue. We didn’t date - I’d only met her a couple times before that but - she was a very dirty girl. She told me she couldn’t mess around - she had a boyfriend now - but wanted to hang out a bit. One night she asked if she & her dude could stop by to burn one with me. He was an ordinary... [more]

Older neighbor sucked my dick

My neighbor's husband had just passed away and she was constantly knocking on my door and asking me to help her with stuff. She was in her seventies and I was in my early forties at the time. She would always give me long, lingering hugs afterwards. I figured she was just lonely. One day after I helped her fix her pool gate she invited me in... [more]

Wife wants him again

So my wife and I were starting to get frisky and she asked if I had any fantasies. I told her I kinda liked the idea of a threesome. She said, "I wouldn't mind you and another guy." I said, "I was thinking you and one of your female friends." She said, "Well, I haven't totally put off the thought of eating pussy but I'd rather it be you and... [more]

Fucking my boyfriend's best friend

April 7th 2019 was the first Saturday night me and my boyfriend decided to drink whiskey together for the first time we got jack daniels went home and started he ended up getting a call from his best friend who use to chat me up online before me and bf got serious anyway I was low-key happy coz my boyfriend got a bit tipsy and asked me if I was... [more]

I cant stop sucking my boyfriends friends cock

My boyfriend of 3 years has this friend and he is extremely hot,male model god type. I suck his cock regularly and swallow his loads. We have never and will not fuck. My boyfriends cock is actually bigger and thicker,but when I suck Chads cock,I look into his eyes and rub his hard ass, its so hot.
There is something so hypnotic about how he... [more]

Other guy wife

I am very a tracked to other guys wife I what to find a couple and I what to fuck the other guys wife tell he come home then she would tell him how she love to get fuck by fat cock

Cheating on My Girfriend With a Much Older Woman

I was new to the area. I started dating this nurse few years older than me. She introduced me to her mom and the rest of her family. The whole family was at her mom's for the holiday dinners. Her mom's friend Roxy was there. Roxy was the life of the party. We played board games after dinner. I couldn't help notice that Roxy kept messing with her... [more]

Wife offers it up

So I used to work in a restaurant and I have been gone for a few years. So the other day Im talking to one of my guys. He facetimes me for some reason. Showing me his new game room. My wife hears me talking and comes in and says, "Who are you talking to?" I said, "Jeff. One of my guys from a while back." She said, "He cute?" Now keep in mind my... [more]

Wicked Cheating Sexual Fun

I married on older man for security. Now he has gotten limp dick. I been doing one night stands with women and men until my best girlfriend introduced me to her new boyfriend. Judy is divorce. She and I are the same age. Her boyfriend Jon is five years younger. She bragged to me how endowed he was and knew what turns on a woman.
The first... [more]

Mikes best man James.

As Mike and made plans for our wedding he told me then that he wanted a friend of his Jim to be his best man but he had to fly Out from Kansas.
We picked him up at the airport the night before our wedding and I was so excited about the next day I barely noticen him other than to shake his hand as we were introduced.
He would stay with us for... [more]

Softball team pussy

I played on a softball team in chicago. 4 girls 8 guys, the girls all had black boyfriends , even one that was married. I was over at one of the girls houses when her black boyfriend came in and took her to the bedroom.
I sat there trying to watch the basketball game on tv while hearing the moans and jerking off. He left soon after and she came... [more]

I Cheated and I don’t feel guilty

My husband and I have been married for just over 4 years now. We haven't been intimate in bed in over a year. I know that he' been working a lot of hard long hours lately. But when he is home, he pays no attention to me. All he does is watch sports on TV, or sleep. I've tried sexy clothes, lingerie, even walked around the house in just bra and... [more]

Night Shift

When I was at university, I had taken a job working evenings in a bar to earn a bit of extra money. I was the only girl working there and my boss liked me to dress sexily as he said it went down well with the customers. I didn’t really mind as it got me a lot of free drinks and tips, but the guys that I worked with just couldn’t keep their hands... [more]

Mom next door

After I got out of school, i took a job in southern Ohio. I moved into a duplex.apartment. First weekend there,I met the woman next door. She was a stay at home mom of a 1 year old girl. Her husband owned an independent furniture store. He worked 7 days a week,12 or more hours a day. She was bored.Southern Ohio was not like New Jersey.She wanted... [more]

Addicted to strangers

I have been with probably two dozen strangers over the last three or so years. I post ads looking for men who want a woman and can host, so far all have been pretty nice and I have only ended up with multiple men once. I was really worried when the other two came out of the bathroom but honestly they treated me great and it was an amazing... [more]

Unknown Cuckold

I had been in longer term cuckold relations with three other women prior to my first marriage. I hadn’t brought up the subject of Cuckolding with my first wife. After several years she started an affair with another man. She wasn’t very discreet about it. I suspected early on, but didn’t let on I knew. After all I enjoyed the fact she was... [more]

What should I do with my wife's confession?

The other day, my wife and I were talking about sex dreams. She admitted to having a sex dream about a friend from when she was a kid. We're now 50. She said that he once had a crush on her but it was unrequited.
During sex, (we don't have it that often due to medical problems from my deployment), I brought him up later that day during... [more]

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