Cheating Confessions

Sister's Keeper

Ok... My sister in law is just insanely hot. She always comes over to my house to hang out with my wife but the clothes she wears are either tight or revealing. Last time she came over was at a family reunion where she wore this tight red dress and she kept watching me. She even grabbed my crotch under the table and stroke it without people... [more]

Truth or dare

So how do I start? My live in boyfriend and I decided to spice up our sex life. We have had a great relationship and he a is real good man. I was married when we met and he has always been curious if I would cheat on him because I had with my husband. So a few months ago he suggested we play the truth or dare sex version on our Saturday night... [more]


Years ago Christy baby sat Tod and his wife Marie. s children and she had this big crush on him and being a young girl she let it happen and they became lovers of a sort. When he would drive her home afterwards she let him talk her into giving his a blowjob and she did this several times.
Tod was a Major in the Army and their affair lasted only... [more]

Teasing and toying with an affair

I’ve been married for 13 years and never cheated, ever. I’m male in my early 40s. Great relationship with my wife (F, same age). But the sex became infrequent and dull. I decided to keep my mind open to explore the possibilities outside the marriage. I set up accounts on a sugar dating site, Ashley Madison, and Tinder (where I also was seeking to... [more]

My 48 year-old BBW wife goes black

We are Andrew and Tiffany both 48 years old married for twenty two years with one 20 year daughter who is in a accountent and my wife is a real estate agent also she is bbw standing 5'7 and 245 lbs with 42 Dcup boobs ,are life was normal just like anyone else would expect and are sex life was what you thought it would be good when ever... [more]

Black love intro

Often look back at my introduction to my black cock addiction with affection as there’s nothing like your first time ♥️
1986 RAF Brize Norton husband was away on a two month exercise in Norway I’d only been married a few months and living in a second floor married quarter flat. He’d been away about two weeks and I was really fed up so one... [more]

Boyfriends Little Brother

I’m 21 and my boyfriend is 26. He’s the middle child in his family and he has a younger brother who is 18 and whenever I’m over my boyfriends house I like to dress slutty in case his brother is around to see. I’ve caught his brother staring at my tits a few times and have even noticed his cock gets hard when I’m around and I really want to take a... [more]

Inadvertently admit I'm bisexual

So my wife and I were sitting on the couch and she asked the question that every woman asks their man. Would you get remarried if I died? I said, "Immediately? No. Ever? Probably not." She said, So you wouldn't have sex again?" I said, "You didn't ask that." She said, "How long before you would have sex with another woman?" I said, "Probably... [more]

Caught but Forgiven

I fucked my Chinese assistant and her roommate. I’m engaged. It was exotic and I don’t regret it other than causing my gf pain. My gf was out of town and I went to dinner with my coworker and then to her house. Chinese are very curious about western men. I responded we aren’t like
Chinese men in bed. I told about the positions, circumcision, etc... [more]


My fiancée and I had sex outdoors when we first started dating because of no options. It felt liberating mounting her in the woods. Years passed, but lately we mentioned it and did it again. Same great feeling. My fiancée’s best friend was hiking with us once when the urge struck. Her friend is open-minded and my fiancée is bi (I am secretly very... [more]

Subtly encouraging my wife...

I’ve started making it easy for my beautiful wife to cheat. Let me explain;
After 10+ years of marriage I caught my wife cheating. She cried and said it’d never happen again. I was stunned and hurt but not really surprised. In college she was the girl every guy lusted after.
She’d always liked “bad boys”. When I realized she was... [more]

Im cheating with my lesbian partner’s bestfriend

So I have a lesbian partner for a year. We live together and she provides me with everything that I need (she’s a bank manager) and a beast in sex. Though ive had relationships with men, I enjoy her company a lot and sex is also amazing.
One day she asked me if its ok if we teach her lesbo friend to eat a pussy for the first time. Her bff never... [more]

She drinks and can't remember

I’ve been dating this girl for the better part of a year. I like her, though I think she likes me more than I do her. She’s a fun, got a sweet personality and a killer body. Beautiful face, auburn hair, great legs, ass and absolutely perfect tits. They’re probably C cup, but I don’t know for sure because she rarely wears a bra and truly doesn’t... [more]

I've had sex with the dad of my best friend

I caught my boyfriend of 4 years cheating on me with one of my best friends. I'm 19 and he has been my first (and only) upto then and I wanted to marry him sometimes. Ok, we over the last time had a lot of arguments and it did not run good. So I have been more upset with my friend. Having sex with the boy of someone who one is friend with is a... [more]

Sex after smoking a blunt

Came home the other day to my lovely wife sitting on the sofa smoking a blunt. I asked her why she didn't wait for me, all she said was, "just get naked now and sit down next to me and we can cuddle". So I did. How ever, she was still dressed. She handed me the pipe and I took a few puffs off it and it sure was smooth, and didn't take long to feel... [more]

Colleague's wife nude photos

One day my colleague in the next room called me for some help on his hanged computer. I sat on his computer and started to sort out the problem. Just midway Boss called him to his chamber leaving me alone to fix his computer in his cabin. After fixing the glitches and rebooting I just was checking his temporary folders and saw some .jpg files. To... [more]

Chance meeting

The last time we argued as we did that night, I told myself if he ever brought up my libido again, I'd seek out a man to satisfy what he obviously was finding difficult to cope with.
Unfortunately and I do mean that, he couldn't resist having a go, as I used a dildo to carry on the orgasms he'd begun for and with me.
His comments were very... [more]

Married women put single gals to shame in bed

One of the hottest women I ever fucked was a married woman. She was sort of plain looking and a little overweight. But when I was naked with her for the first time, my head almost exploded. She had the thickest, blackest pussy hair I'd ever seen.
I immediately went down on her and ate her to orgasm twice. She was so wet and sweet tasting. ... [more]

Neighbors wife

I helped out my neighbor about ten years ago all the time, they have moved since then so have not seen them in a few years now. He was a good guy just not very reliable sometimes and borrowed stuff all the time. His car broke down once and he was really bummed because he told me as we were working on it that it was going to have to sit in the... [more]

Crossdress ideas..

I've been straight all my life. But in the past year or so I've been trying on skirts and other items.
I was always afraid of penetration. But I finally decided to try it small. And worked my way up to a large dil** I would suddenly dress in lingerie and a skirt. And go out for a late drive. And find someplace quiet to toy myself. I... [more]

My wife's sister.

Me and my wife met at a young age.
We always had an amazing love life.
Her sister would visit us every other day. Or we her.
It was a friendship mainly.
But recently my wife started working a late shift and I just recently finished a major project.
So here I am waiting at home till the next season and her sister comes by even when wife... [more]

Love married women

Married women are the best! There is nothing more erotic and sensual than taking married woman to bed and making love. I have been with 30 plus married women now, and I have chosen to only have sex with married women from now on. You think your wife never would? I can tell you that’s total BS. I have been with married women whose husbands... [more]

Cheating with married woman

I have been cheating with a married woman for years. We dated in college and started talking online after we were both married. One thing led to another and we started having sex again. The sex is incredible and neither one of us wants to stop. Recently she told me, while I was inside her, that she wanted me to get her pregnant. Needless to say... [more]

Showed myself masturbating video to an office lady

We male colleagues used to watch porn on my computer which was in a corner of the big hall with partition on all sides. Once we were watching some thing interesting and this lady aged around 45 who is a widow who was engaged in our office as cleaning staff came to our cubicle. She was of some loose character and I have at times seen some of her... [more]

Sex clip of wife with boss leaked over internet

My wife came back from her official tour and she had to mail some documents or something I am not sure, her laptop was on and her email was open when I entered her Room which she use for home office purpose. I had just made a coffee ( I am jobless and retired to home management) and was bringing the coffee tray to her room and saw she just... [more]

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