Cheating Confessions

I tried escorting

I recently lived out one of my fantasies. I hope my husband never finds out i did this but I tried escorting for the first time.
Its been a fantasy of mine for some time now to take money for sex with some random guy. After thinking about it for a long time and wondering if I could actually do it I finally got to the point where i was ready to... [more]

Mary starr

My wife lets me take all the pics I want I guess because that's as close to for play I will get

I tried escorting

I recently lived out one of my fantasies. I hope my husband never finds out i did this but I tried escorting for the first time.
Its been a fantasy of mine for some time now to take money for sex with some random guy. After thinking about it for a long time and wondering if I could actually do it I finally got to the point where i was ready to... [more]


I love my wife. All my thoughts of what we were are not true. I am smelling her dirty panties watching her call out another guys name. Guess thats that

My boss and I

Two years ago I was on the other side of the state with my boss for work. We were celebrating a huge jury verdict and after closing down the hotel bar we went to my bosses suite for a last drink. At one point, my boss sat down in a recliner and rested his head, closed his eyes and said only one thing more for a perfect night. Without ever opening... [more]

I like showing ppl my naked pics online anonymously

I'm a married lady, but i just like to show off my body to other strangers. I dunno what it is about it that turns me on. Maybe it's because it's Taboo and not woman like for a lady to do something like that. There's just something that turns me on about it. I'm i wrong for doing something like this?


So I been with my wife a good 30 years. I have cheated and so has she and we stuck together thru it all. We have had a good and kinky sex life in the bedroom. But now we her being 58 and being 51 are sex life has dwindled. If course I dont get it up like I used to 4 times a day. But I am still horny or my brain is I think of nastey shit all day... [more]

Man that likes to suck dick

I have been married for 30 years and love my wife. About 2 years ago I started to fantasize about sucking another man. Well I got up the nerve and acted on it. I still have sex with my wife but can't wait until the next time I can suck and be sucked. I love the feel of a cock growing in my mouth and then shooting that warm load down my throat... [more]

I'm gonna take the plunge and visit an escort

This is a long winded read, but I like to tell a story and to give a heads-up to those that complained about another story I posted being too long. So here goes.
I've been with the wife for 15 years now and everything has been good. The love is still there and all that... except for doing the deed. I've brought it up I don't know how many... [more]

I let my gf dog fuck me

I don't why I did it, but i couldn't help it. Fido was just there and he had such a big and meety cock. When my gf left to get food, i just couldn't take and started sucking his cock, his red rocket came out and I could taste his precum after sucking for 5 minutes. Before he came i stopped and pulled down my pants and let him go to town on my... [more]

First time my wife cheated on me (I think)

I know about how it all happened because the guy she fucked told a friend about doing her, and the friend later gave me all the details. One Saturday Janet said she had to go down to a convenience store to pick up some wine. The store was just around from the apartment complex we lived in at the time. I noticed she had a skirt on when she left. I... [more]

My wifes best friend

Shes a curvy blonde. after a day of heavy flirting we ended up at her place. i had her nude in the living room floor and just before I was about to do it. Her roommate came home. I haven't gotten a chance to repeat. And now I miss her


I have a 16 year old neighbour. Out of the blue one day she said. "I've tasted cock before "

Same town

I recently ran into a woman at a store different than the one I first saw her in. I used to ask her if she ever gotten any two dollar bills to save them for me. She vanished until I saw her at the new store. I was surprised to see her and she let me hug her. I asked if I could get her number so we didn't lose contact again. After that I'm not sure... [more]

Brother in-law on my taste buds

I’ve been living with my twin sister since June. I lost my job and her husband hired me so we all work from their house. I have my own room away from them and all to many of their children, which is very peaceful. But a couple night a week my sister’s husband come to my room to collect rent. He has a beautiful cock that I’d love to have inside me... [more]

Tired of boring husband

My boring husband does please me anymore. He has a very big useless dick. If he was cheating on me I’d understand but he’s not. Our kids are grown and out of the house and we could be fucking like rabbits but nope. I work out everyday to improve my middle age mom body and I think I look pretty good. I’m nude at least 80 percent of the day and... [more]

Lazy husband makes me cheat

Every time I walk past my lazy husband it motivates my more to fill myself with as many cocks as possible. But I shower him with all the affection I can. Because twice a month for the last year my best friend and I have a spa weekend. And waiting a the hotel for us are two handsome young men from her job. And they stretch a fill every hole on our... [more]

Sex with shemls

I am a married man to a beautiful wife but oversexed as I am I cant get enough. I always had a curiosity for shemales Shemales. with big asses Many of them pupm their butts with silicone and their butts get so huge , I cant resist so I use the local sex trade paper and find many of them advertising. I call and set up dates and go to their place... [more]

Affair with husband’s boss

I have been married for a little over 16 years. We have 2 beautiful children together. We have a happy marriage and love each other immensely. My husband makes crazy good money so I don’t work. The only problem is I have been having an affair with a man for almost 5 years now. I don’t know why I do it. Probably for the danger and the excitement... [more]

Cheating cock slurper

I was dating a girl from Wales named Carly. While we were dating, I would routinely give other guys blowjobs. She finally found out. It is embarrassing. I cannot keep a cock out of my mouth.


I wanna make a gay video...

Women are Stupid and Useless

Some stupid bitch on Twitch said that if a Man cheats on a woman it's a man's fault but if a woman cheats on a man it's his fault for being a shitty lover. No you stupid bitch it's your fault because you women are too goddamn inbred and stupid to know your fucking place in this world and saying shit like that is like saying "Hit me please because... [more]

Mother in law affair

I am 47 and my mil is 61( had her daughter young) and I might add is built like a shorter version of Pamela Anderson. So a few years back I decided that I should be more kind to my mil. She had always hated me for cheating on her daughter before we were married. And rightfully so. I stopped when we moved in together.
Any way, I made a concerted... [more]

Unleashed the beast

So like 6 months ago I had my very good friend from work, steve come over for dinner. Now, my wife isn't modest in the slightest. She wears whatever she wants no matter who it is that's over. This particular dinner she was wearing a wife beater and a thong. Pretty typical for her house clothes in the summer.
So steve said he was on his way... [more]

2020 out with a bang

I'm married guy 65 ....So I was next door helping the younger neighbor change out the wheel bearings in his 4x4 truck..Laying under on the driveway I could see his wife doing laundry in the garage. She wearing skin tight damn near see through spandex pants sporting fat camel toes. He busy working,she looked my way,made eye contact and rubbed a... [more]

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