Cheating Confessions

I like men to tribute me

I like to send nude pics and see the cum a guy leaves on me. My husband does not know.


I fantasize about my husband’s family all the time. Think its the forbidden thing? His brothers , dad nephews it doesn’t matter. When I am alone and play time I pick one and fill my dreams.

Daughter's husband

Before my daughter began her relationship with Carl, I had a very sexual affair with him.
My husband and I had briefly split up when I discovered he'd been letting a young slut give him blow jobs at work when we were dating.
So during that break in our marriage and a few weeks after we got back together, I was involved in lots of extremely... [more]

My wife

I have had a co worker seduce my wife and she don’t know i set it up

He's always working

When he's here I tell myself I'll never cheat again.
But as soon as he's working away again, I'm out at the bars picking up guys who I know can satisfy my hunger for rough dirty sex.
With my husband, its passionate, loving and sensual sex. We often take hours pleasuring each other, and that's fine with him as his penis isn't so big.
But before... [more]

My adult spanking

Growing up I’ve always had an interest in spankings. I’m sure it all started from being spanked as a kid. I’m a happily married 52 year old white male. To give you a better picture of me, I’m 6ft, 195 lbs, short red hair, smooth body, 5 1/2 inch cut cock, decent shape.
My curiosity to receive a spanking grew more and more. I was wanting to be... [more]

Wife admits and I make a deal

My wife admit a few nights ago that she's been fucking another guy since this past summer. I asked how often they have sex. She said that she didn't want to upset me. So I asked her again. 3-4 times a week. A very good friend of both of ours. She said she's fucked him with me in the house. I asked her if she wants to keep fucking him. She thought... [more]


Would live to find someone willing to take the time to seduce my wife. When we were younger i had a guy do it and i watched through window. She did not know I was home and don’t know to this day. It was easier then. She’s 50 now don’t know if it can be done Easily. Anyone interested?


I was home alone last night. My husband is gone all week driving truck and won’t be home until Saturday night.
His brother stopped over to see him thinking he
Was home. I invited him in anyway and we sat around drinking wine.
Long story short we started kissing and next thing i know he was in me.
We fucked and he left.
Now i feel guilty . I... [more]

My brother in law

I had an affair with my sisters husband. It went on for 3 years. At first it was exciting the forbidden fruit. We would have some intense sex. I would climax when i felt him unload in me. We stopped after we almost got caught one time. I have never had a orgasm that intense since.


Well David and I have been married for several months and he works for his father that owns a construction co.

David works on a crew and his foreman's name is Roger and he is a handsome man but he is a real jerk thinking he is women's dream come true and I cant stand him.
He knows this and he constantly teases me with bold suggestions... [more]

Neighborhood friend

I'm 27, married, and a stay at home mom with a 3 yo boy. A woman bought a house down the street and I befriended her. She is 32 and has a 2 year old girl, but I saw her jogging and walking her dog and made friends. She just got divorced, but she made out well financially to live here.
We chatted and we had major friendship chemistry. We talk... [more]

Cheating Makes Better Orgasms

I always was interested in my step dad since I was fifteen. I gave hints but he kept his distance from me. I let him see me in skimpy clothes and placed my hand on his groin under the dinning table, but I couldn't entice him. I started to date guys and step dad would catch us making out on the sofa. When I turned eighteen and my body matured a... [more]

Other confession sites not as real!

I guess you can say I cheated on Naughty posts, I went and looked at other sites that people use to post their personal thoughts and experiences. I have to admit, this site has more realistic stories and better writers. With the exception of the goofs that have to write garbage in the comments, this site is the best I’ve seen.. of course there is... [more]

Wife sharing is it normal ?

I have been married for 15 years and lately for some reason I sometimes look at my wife and wonder what it would be like to watch her have sex with another man.
Lea is still a very attractive woman that teaches physical Therapy to older men and women and to tell the truth we still are not what you would call sexually active but we have sex maybe... [more]

Call me

Looking for a straight man to call me and talk about cock

White men sucking black cock

White men sucking black cock Call me

She finally says it

Wife has always told me that my cock is good for her. I know that my cock is far from the biggest. I'm 4.5 inches long and 2 inches wide.
A month ago I convinced her to have sex. I was fucking her doggy style. It kept popping out. She said, "You know what I want for my birthday?" I said, "What's that?" She said, "A man with a real dick to fuck... [more]

Bad foot 2

So I met up with the wife and asked her if anything exciting happen while I was awayno she said there where a couple fucking so I watched then moved on ,oh I said shame I missed that, so we found a corner by the big dune and put down our towels and settled down,with in a few minutes she's playing with my cock ,we were both stripped off so I... [more]

Sexual drift

My husband worked away quite a bit after our daughter began to go to pre school nursery. I got incredibly bored and unbelievably horny during that time. I'd masturbate a lot, but was careful not to open the blinds as our home faced an industrial estate.
The one afternoon with it raining I figured there'd be no one looking in, so I striped off... [more]


I am a 50 year old married white male.
I’ve been secretly wearing my wife’s things for the past five or six years.
When craigslist still had a group to post ads to meet other people, I was contacted by an older gentleman. We emailed and texted back and forth for a while. We finally became comfortable with each other and set up a meeting. The... [more]

Office manager pt 2

So after we had fucked there was no going back we both knew that this was going to keep happening,I had her every lunch break in the boiler room I would take a big rolled up piece of foam and some fur type throws and make a bed up there get undressed and wait for her to come up ,she would strip and get on the make do bed I would go down on her... [more]

Bad foot 2

So I gave my wife a bit of time ,then appeared sorry baby I took so long but foot really hurting me ,that's fine she said, what you been up to I asked ,nothing was watching a couple fuck early ,ok I said anyone else watching ,no she said just me
Let's get some sun,so we lay down strip off and start to fondle each other not long in to it and a... [more]

Office manager pt2

Ok so after the fuck in the disabled toilet things got pretty intense,I have a van I use for work so it became our bedroom for a while on and off,I brought a big piece of foam and about 4 massive soft throws it was ideal ,she knew a place like a country park that was localish to where we worked,I got to thinking if she's been here before ? Anyway... [more]

I think she suspects something

My wife and I have been married for 12 years. I’m 45 and she is 31. I’m handsome, pretty fit and moderately successful. My wife is intelligent, quite pretty, very fit and somewhat reserved.
I travel a lot and work a lot. I am sometimes mentally absent from our marriage. It’s nothing personal against her it’s just I am very busy with work and... [more]

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