Cheating Confessions

While My Wife Was Passed Out

My wife had been out with friends all day and passed out early. I was wide awake and horny as fuck. I got a wild hair and put an ad on Craigslist to find a woman. A gorgeous woman responded and we chatted for quite a while. I started getting really turned on and asked her if I could sneak her into the house and fuck her brains out.
It was a... [more]

I also sucked off my neighbor and let him have me

I am a woman, 38 years old, married, mom and pretty much a normal woman. I read the stories on here but I have finished very few, some of them get me turned on while others make me wonder if I could do that or not.
The one about sucking off the neighbor was so funny because I did the same thing except I am a woman, I think the writer is a man by... [more]

Cheated on my wife with her friend

We were at a condo at the beach, this past Labor Day. We all had a lot to drink and my wife passed out early. I was really horny and needed to bust nuts. Anyway, her two friends are staying in the other room both women and both hot and after spending all day drinking with three women in bathing suits I needed some. After m wife passed out I went... [more]

Curious but worried

So I’m married. Lovely wife and really happy. However, for as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to be fucked by a guy. A real intimate experience with lots of kissing and foreplay before he positions his dick against my hole and I know i’ve reached the point of no return before he slides fully in to me and fucks me as he wants.
I’ve found a... [more]


It's a very long story so I will just be blunt and shorten it . The truth is it's partially my fault . I have been a really big tease with the group of men doing the construction of our addition to the back side of our house . Most of these men have known my husband for years . The other day I noticed that they were all outside drinking coffee... [more]

I secretly watched as my neighbour was fucking my wife

It was in the summer and we had been invited to a barbecue at the neighbour’s house. The wine was flowing freely and we were having a really good time. As the evening progressed, some of the guests moved inside leaving the others dancing and talking in the garden.
My wife was clearly a little bit drunk and had been flirting shamelessly with one... [more]

I'm bi

I'm not a big guy I never have been. Since I was a young boy I would put makeup on and wear girls clothes. I have always had long hair so I didn't have to wear a wig. My kink is to walk in trails known for male on male activity dressed like a little slut and sexually satisfy any man that comes along. I have gone to park and rides, truck stops, and... [more]

Awesome vaca

So just got back from vaca in Panama beach. Was in a pretty nice hotel that's on the beach. Went out pretty late to smoke and chill in the hot tub. Was around midnight. I walked up and a guy was in it. I startled him because he was naked in it. He said, "Shit dude. Sorry. Didn't think anyone would be out here this late."
He started to stand up... [more]

Pics and videos

My buddy has shown me so pictures and videos of some slut ( his words ) that he has been fucking. He shows me more and more almost every day. He has never shown this girl's face. I think it's my wife but I am both afraid and nervous to find out for sure. How can I actually find out without them knowing ? The things I see him to to the girl are... [more]

Affair with admin

I am married and so is she. I started working here just just over a year ago and was instantly attracted to the sassy blonde admin. She is ten years younger and dresses really sexy. She has really nice legs and a big butt, slim waist and nice hips, but her boobs are small B cups. Her lips are jut naturally puckered and her eyes are blue, her hair... [more]

Kinky fetish

I look young for my age , I am 26 and have been married for two years. Immediately after getting married my husband's boss through us a small party. It was then that I had a daddy or father figure issue. During the party I was wondering around in the house trying to find a bathroom without a line in front of it. I had no choice but to sneak out... [more]

Clingy chick won't let go

My wife got her 3rd DUI and has been in an in-patient rehab a couple of hours away. She's going to be there for another three weeks. While she's been gone, I've been hanging out with one of our mutual friends named Cindy. We've known her for years, but she's more of my wife's friend than mine. Cindy has been going through some rough times, and has... [more]

Got home early

Well last weekend I was working a long shift and my boss told me to go home and get some rest for the next day so when I got home I seen 6 cars at my house music was on and loud. And I cloud hear. What sounded like some one hammering. So I go to go in and this guy I don't know trying to stop me and tell me that the party is over I can't. In well I... [more]

Don’t know what to do with Wife, she’s a slut

So we have been married for 5 years, she is 33 and I am 37. When I met her she was single and dating a lot of guys but I thought she would settle down with me. She hasn’t. She tells me “I like taking dick” and she is uncontrollable. I have shared her with other guys so that I can make sure she is safe and not in danger and she can have sex with... [more]

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