Cheating Confessions

She got her wish

We had been friends with them for a few years . Yvonne was really my wifes friend , but i had been out a few times drinking with her husband . Every chance she had , Yvonne would sit on my legs facing me , pushing her ample breasts in my face .She would also put her hand on my groin , trying ot feel me through my clothes . My wife knew that Yvonne... [more]

More Excitement Than Wife Can Do

Wife and I don't get along. I needed to get my head straight so I decided to visit this couple that use to be dear friends of mine before meeting my wife. My old friend still cheated behind his wife's back that I learned from her. They said I could use their guest room. His wife gotten really heavy. She and I almost had a thing going when she was... [more]

Son wife share room

I'm hoping my son is thinking how to get my ex wife , hes started well saying he can only book a double room 1 bed, I'm imagining him pounding my ex wifes tight pussy and she taking his young cock. I hope they enjoy their holiday.

Wife friend

My wife cheated 2 years into are marriage I was hurt and full of anger especially finding out the guy bareback her shot his load in her and sent her home. Well I did not know ended up going down on her that night. I never forgave her even till this day but we stuck together and yes I have cheated never felt like I had gotten her back till now. One... [more]

Magnificent information

I am not sure where you’re getting your information, but great topic. I needs to spend some time learning much more or understanding more. Thanks for wonderful info I was looking for this information for my mission.

I made my husband think it was his idea

My name is meranda and my husband's name is Eddie. I've got triple D tits and a nice big ass and long legs. Guys are attracted to me and they say I've got nice dick sucking lips and I'm good at it. I really love giving head to men and always have since I was a teenager. I love to swallow cum, it's my reward for a job well done.
So I've gotten... [more]


I have been tutoring a college student on his piano. Very interesting bright great personality learns quickly funny and smart with a great personality.
His five foot ten inches he is in great shape being a cross country athlete on scholarship for track and field and a GI bill. He is foreign from San Juan Puerto he grew up on the Atlantic coast... [more]

Wedding day

My husband likes the fact that I have kept my unwashed pants from our wedding day, but he doesn't know that the stains are from an ex and not him.

Any wives out there wanting to cheat?

I am happily married, but I want to fuck other men's wives who are not getting any sex or enough sex and want no strings attached sex with an older guy (65).

I'm a peter eater

Went to a concert with my brother in law Peter my husband had been called in and had to work.
Peter and bother in law and mark my husband could be twins except perter is several inches taller and two years older then mark.
We hang out normally Peter only has a beer or two but fresh out of the air force Peter smokes pot with me. We end up with a... [more]


So I am married and have been for almost 20 years. And still happy for the most part. Sex in the beginning was amazing and still pretty good after 20 years. However my wife is not into certain things I would love to do and do to her, but she won't. I have a fantasy that I think of on a daily basis, even the thought of it makes my cock throbbing... [more]

It’s what friends are for

I’ve been bisexual since high school. My best friend and I have been having sex for going on 20 years now. Not in love or anything like that. We have both had girlfriends through the years but sometimes a guy needs to just get a nut. I’ve been married 10 years. My wife knows about my friend and our history. Craig was my best man at my wedding and... [more]

Guilty I suppose

When my wife's mother showed up one day to visit with her, my wife at the time was supposed to be out of town to visit HER Mother. Her Mom lived about 2 hours away at the time and had the bad habit of just dropping in unannounced about twice a year or so when she came to our town to shop at the huge shopping mall we had. She and her husband lived... [more]

Still Able

My youngest daughter's step-son suggested I use this forum to come clean about my past but first I must confess that I had sex with him last night, and each of the three nights before. This over-equipped teen reminded me how much I enjoy sex, and how wrong I was to stop doing it eight years ago. I didn't think he'd ever stop.
My name is not... [more]

Older is better

I’m a 33 year old wife my husband is 36 and we have two kids I love older guys 60 plus my husband is supportive of me having older men in our life we have even done some threesomes with older guys I am 5 foot 7 inches tall 136 pounds I have long black hair green eyes large natural boobs and well kept black pubic hair I love any kind of sex and... [more]


Ich bin Mike und lebe in Dortmund. Ich habe einen eigenen Garten und erfreue mich jeden Augenblick daran. Zudem faszinieren mich Asien sowie alternative Medizin und so muss ich nicht immer gleich zum Arzt und teure Medikamente einnehmen.

Neighborly fun

I’m a man married 30+ years and have always had gay sex fantasies but only for older men. The ideal situation materialized when my wife and I moved recently. I became friendly with an elderly male neighbor in a wheelchair. Initially I thought he was a kindly old man but soon learned of his voracious sexual appetite…for me. With meds he gets quite... [more]

Step Daughter Made Me her Cuck

My step daughter is a gorgeous light redhead with large breasts and thick thighs not fat by any means. She’s in her thirties an RN with a very good job. She move back home after her and her husband split. We have always been close watching football and drinking some beer on the weekends. I’ve always thought she was sexy. Her light red hair and... [more]

Silver haired fox

I fucked my father in law he is 66 and was visiting. I'm 25 tiny 4ft9in 130 pounds.
Phil is 5ft11 180 pounds.
I just had a baby six months ago I'm very fertile not on birth control.
My full tits and my pudgey baby fat turned him on.
His confidence and powerful personality turned me on and he is strong and in great shape looking like he is in... [more]

Fucking to my Mother in law

My mother-in-law is 35 years older than me and I had to stay at her house after my marriage with my wife.  After some time, due to a grudge she had with her father-in-law, she had decided to live alone in the house and the father-in-law to stay away from the house.  Over time, I felt a change in my mother-in-law's behavior and she was becoming... [more]

Into the beds of men

I just got finished recalling and listing all the men I had gay sex with while married to my frigid bitch wife after she totally emasculated me. She did such a good job she pushed me to men. Not that I didn’t have fantasies before. But not enough to act on. I had oral or anal sex, giving or getting, with 35 that I can recall. And some of them were... [more]

Sex at work

I have had sex at the work place a couple times. First time was when I was working nights. One of the operators wife’s from day shift would stop by to see me around mid-night after she was done working at the restaurant and we would fuck in the bathroom. This was fun but not like when I worked at a factory that was closing the manufacturing... [more]

Cold front

Wife hasn’t given up any pussy in 8 months. Always an excuse. Headache, too tired, just ate, not showered. About 4 months ago, a buddy from work who is in a similar situation, decided to do something about it. We were talking and I suggested we help each other out. He asked how. I said, “We take things into our own hands.” He said, “Like you and... [more]

Friendly Neighbor

My wife and I moved into a new house a couple years ago. Detached garage with a driveway that drives back to it. I was in the garage getting things organized and getting my wood shop tools set up and my neighbor came by. It was an 85 degree day so nothing too hot. I was wearing just some cargo shorts. No shirt and no underwear. My shorts hang a... [more]


He's older than me by 5 years, not much now but when we met I was only 9. That just made it easier to convince me to do things, weird naked things. I never would have done anything if it wasn't for the queer porno books he stole from the drugstore. He told me the truth, mostly. But he said whatever it took to get me to first suck his cock, then to... [more]

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