Cheating Confessions

Coffee stand

My husband and his buddies keep going to one of those bikini coffee stand's. It started getting to me , I mean why go ? Most say I'm better looking and have a way better body. Well it finally got to the point that I Said something. His friends and him said that they're not naked it's no big deal. I decided to go and see for myself. The girl was... [more]

Affair with a woman 30 years younger

Since two years i am having a sexual affair with obe of my ex students. I am 60 she is 30.
We love each other; i can talk and be intimate with her mzch better. We have real good sex; tried crazy things; bondage; watersports - she is open to everythin new..
My wife since 30 years is not interested in body contact at all; since 10 years. But you... [more]

Would it be ok?

So the wife went out of town to visit her sister in Florida. I would have gone but something happened at work and I had to work. I texted her the next morning and asked how she was. She said, "Good. Haven't been down here in a while. Horny tho. Real horny. Wish you were hear to fuck me." I said, "You could use your toy." She said, "Left it in the... [more]

Best blow job

When I was 15 my family sent me to my cousins to spend some summer time with them which was about 30 miles away.
One night when I was sleeping I felt someones hand rubbing on my crotch. I had no idea who it was so I was very scared. I tried pushing whoever hand it was away and I finally notice it was my 18 year old cousin. She tells me to be... [more]

Hall pass

When I seen how my wife was acting , and how she would stare dreamingly at a old friend of mine who stopped by for a week. He was on his way to work in Alaska. So anyway I could tell immediately that she was over the top attracted to him. I made a door hanger out of red cardboard and later that day I pulled her a side and handed to her. I told her... [more]

Caught wife

My wife is 35 years old and has had two kids but still looks great! We have a great sex live and never any complaints for her.
I was able to leave work early one day and when I got home I found her in bed getting pounded by a young kid that was hung like a horse. I just stood there watching them until she seen me standing there, she got up and... [more]

Hell hath no fury

Under the influence of alcohol, I once tried to persuade a married woman in the same neighborhood, to tie me up.....stupid, stupid! Turns out she and my wife were acquainted, and the neighbor was happy to tell her! I wondered what happened, one Friday evening when I came home from work, and was met with the sexpot my wife could easily be when... [more]

Wife's bday present

The other night I was in the living room watching a show. Wife was in bed relaxing. She texted me with, "I know what I want for my bday." I said, "Your bday isnt for 2 months." She said, "Still. I know what I want." I said, "Ok. What is it?" She said, "I want a good pounding." I said, "You don't get that already?" She said, "I mean, it's ok. Not... [more]

Respecting Elders

School is out and I've been spending the summer at my parents' house. I've been staying busy by working a little on the side, including rebuilding a deck for a lady a couple of houses down named Christy. She's 64, lives alone, and has been a friend of the family for decades. I'm 20. She's known me forever.
Even at her age, she's still a... [more]

Nasty crackwhore

Last week, my wife was out of town visiting her parents. I was feeling really horny and decided I would go out to a local bar and try to pick up some strange for a night, as I had fucked only my wife for the past 8 years.
After a couple hours of drinking and striking out with the ladies, I decided to walk back to my apartment and just beat... [more]

Can't believe it

I had cameras installed in the back yard , after many times of people stealing things. They don't work properly on the recording part but if a motion detector is tripped I get an alert on my phone. I then can watch who's there in real time. For the past two weeks I have watched literally watched my wife skinny dipping with some younger men in the... [more]

Hot...but does nothing for trust

On Monday I had an early finish at work, (lunchtime) so I thought I would surprise my wife and turn up and take her out for food. I pulled up in the driveway, I could hear music on, (She likes loud music as she cleans) there on the living room floor was her friend Louise laying there while my wife was on top tribbing her. Both naked and soaked... [more]

Pregnant but not with my husband

I’m pregnant and it’s not my husband’s.
I (28F) met this 20 yr old on the subway to work over a month ago and he’s been fucking me almost everyday for a month. He’s twice as long and three times as think as my hubby; with an athletic build. I’ve only ever sucked my hubby off twice (wedding night and honeymoon) but I let this boy fuck me in all... [more]

Man on man..why?

I have been married for 30 odd years, my wife and I have a close relationship but for the last few years we have not had much sex.
I tried playing with a cock some years ago but I never really enjoyed being with a man in that situation. I enjoy mens company but I am not attracted to them sxually.
Why is it then as soon n as I know my wife is... [more]

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