Cheating Confessions


My MIL is just 8 years older than me. I started fucking her even before I knew her daughter. She was 31 years old the first time I fucked her. She has the hottest pussy anyone could imagine, and its even tighter than my wife's. Now I'm married, I still fuck her at least once a week. Her best friend lets us use her house. Neither my MIL's husband... [more]

Collateral damage

I had a post for well hung black guys to fuck me and fulfill a fantasy of mine , my husband was out of town and my daughter was over at her friends for the week end. I was at home enjoying three huge black cocks using me however they wanted when I got a text that my daughter was at the door to unlock it and let her in. I put my robe on and went... [more]

Doing more than a favor

I am a white girl in my mid 20s and look nice, I was in a financial bind and had to sell my box chevy. the guy I sold it to was someone I worked with and he said if I would take him by his place he would get the money and take me home since we lived on opposite ends of town..He was black. when we got there he invited me in and and I thought... [more]

Helping my husbands friend

My husband has been incarcerated for about 3 years. about 2 months ago he asked me if it would be ok if a friend that was getting out stayed at the house till his family could come get him. I said well I don't know who is it, he said White. well first of all White is black and I have met him only twice. the only thing I remember about him was... [more]

Cum filled kisses

The bf likes to stay late with the boys playing bball so i get a ride home from his idiot friend. i give him a big juicy kiss when he finally decides to come home. What he doesnt know is that i suck his friends cock all the way home and the weird taste in my mouth isnt from eating salty snacks


I watched as my third wife brought a dog home to fuck her.he was to young and unable to control. I made her suck his cock instead.

Thinking about my Ex cheating makes me cum!

My Ex cheated on me years ago with a work mate of mine. Broke us up, It killed me at the time, only months after having a child with her as well. So it hurt like hell for a very long time!!
Anyway years later, completely moved on, no pain looking back anymore at all. I've now found that while building up to an orgasm, be it with my wife or... [more]

Lost in a bad part of town

It was getting late and we were lost, frantically searching for a hotel. Nothing seemed recognisable and we were both tired from the journey and then as we turned into a side street there were three guys on the corner smoking under a street lamp. These were the first people that we had seen in the past 30 minutes, so I wound down the window hoping... [more]

Cuckold busted!

We have always been a very open family and encouraged our kids to have open discussions with each other and with us. My wife and I were in a cuckold relationship prior to having kids so they grew up knowing their mom was going out with "friends" while dad stayed home with them. As our kids got older (teens) they realized their mom was actually... [more]

Did she cheat

I would like your comments don't hold back say what you think happened , say exactly , no matter how bad . my wife phoned me from work telling me she was going out that night , she said make sure water was hot , when she got in she asked me for a new razor , said could you get my clothes I want and put them on the bed . when she came downstairs... [more]

Caught my wife checking out black guy

Last summer at the pool I caught my wife checking out this black guy. His trunk were wet and clinging to his body. You could see a long shaft pressing against the cloth. He was longer soft than I am hard and she couldn't take her eyes off of it. I feel so inadequate now. I asked her about it and her face turned red and she tried to deny seeing it... [more]

I cheated with my BF's best friend

I found out my BF made out with another girl when he was on spring break with swim team.
I'm in a class with his friend so when we were doing a partner project at his apartment, I flirted and we ended up having sex.
I went to my BFs apartment and had sex, and I even made him go down on me.
He has no idea, and I haven't broken up with him cuz... [more]

Insatiable Wife

When I started dating my wife I very soon realised that we were not matched in our sexual appetites. She has a very high sex drive and was always the one to initiate sex. I was a bit shocked the first time Walking home, when she would push me into a shop doorway and unzip me and we would fuck right there while people were walking nearby.
In the... [more]

I am a cheater

I've been married for 11 years. I've cheated on my wife countless times. 4 women (had sex with each more than once and one was more like 50 times) and probably a dozen men. I don't feel bad at all. It's not love. It's just sex.

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