Cheating Confessions

Up my older mum's skirts looking up

For years I have been looking up my older Mum's skirts and she seems to let me anytime we are alone even though my Dad is still at home with us. Why would she let me do this with her when she has a husband can any Mums answer this one for me please!!!!!. It all started the when I got an accidental look up her skirt I was 17 at the time and she... [more]

Showing wife’s wet pussy

Well so far I have been able to Email short videos to several guys me sliding my cock in and out of my wife’s wet pussy. Also video of her giving me a blow job, sucking on my balls.! It’s a super hot turn on knowing other men are watching this and probably jerking off to the videos. Knowing her naked body is causing other men to shoot their loads... [more]

My cock

Where can I get my cock sucked in reno


I fucked a guy i met in town on my way home we were both very drunk and it was just a quicky in an allyway with no proction. The bad bit is when I got home I dropped into bed next to my husband who woke up and tried it on with me. Drunk as I was I let him carry on hoping he wouldn't realise my wetness.

Breastfeeding my adult daughter

My girl can make me come just from sucking on my nipples. It’s the best.

My husband forced me to show off my body on a beach. I loved it.

Several years ago, we were on vacation in Spain and went to Mallorca. At the beach, our first day many of the perfectly toned teens and 20-somethings were flaunting their perfectly bronzed breasts or revealing everything nonchalantly. My husband couldn’t help but devour them with his eyes. I noticed his cock stiffen as he would take in one treat... [more]

Friend’s Husband

A friend’s husband and I have been flirting and being inappropriate for the better part of 4 years. What I thought would be a one time fuck up has repeated itself about 8 times.
The way this all started was typical shit: both drunk, he says wife doesn’t understand him, makes comments about how sexy I am and how attracted he is to me, how we... [more]

Her Cheating Exposed And Her Bible Study

I really thought my wife was religious but she secretly was a slut for this black couple. I never went to her so called bible studies. Then an emergency came up and had to get a hold of her at this couple's house where she goes weekly to her bible studies.
I knocked on the door and rang the doorbell no one answered. The door was unlocked so... [more]

Carmen Martha Rodriguez

It was summertime and I was left alone with Carmen Martha Rodriguez in Chicago. She was Born on May of 1965.A huge tits 38 DDDs short full figured woman, a big beautiful woman. It was Afternoon and she was talking on the phone to another woman. I started to rub my dick on her feet. She smiled and told her friend what I was doing. She then got up... [more]

Any married man in Sydney looking for blowjob

Bi married guy here looking for married man who don’t get blow jobs at home. Happy to suck you dry. Be clean and cut if possible. I am in Marsden Park area.


I like watching my wife fuck other men

Watching wife

I secretly watch my wife fuck other men.
Image has had 6 so far. I set up hidden cameras in spar bedroom her first was her friend from work she said he flirts with her all the time. So set up a day where she had him give her a ride home
Because her car was broke down. She invited him in flirting turned in to hot make out session in living room... [more]

Talked wife into it

So been married 15 years my wife is 36 don’t wear make up always dresses plan shy personality which is one of the things that attracted me too her her personality sorta reminds me of Rockies wife off the movie. She is short 5 foot nothing sexy body but wouldn’t know it by way she dressed. I don’t always go unless she really ask me to I usually go... [more]

Mom takes me with her

Mom takes me with her when she goes to store Then stops by her bf house for a hour. She take me so dad won’t think anything about how long we are gone. He don’t pay any attention anyway

Old Lady Next Door

I'm a married 50 year old man and our next door neighbour is a widow of 64. She and my wife have always been friendly, and last year after they'd had a coffee, my wife came home and asked me if I'd help her out by mowing her lawn for her, as it's too much for her now.
I was happy to help and most of the summer I was round there once a week to... [more]

Wife and step son

So caught my wife riding my son She was literally in middle of orgasm when I walked in house. I walked out in shock never told her. That was 30 years ago She would fuck anything that would give her time of day

How to encourage my wife to cheat on me?

I have long fantasied about having threesome with my wife and my neighbour who lives alone after separation. My wife was a virgin when we got married so she does not know what it feels like to have a different size cock in her or her mouth. I have occasionally said to her that she is free to go out and try another mans cock as long as I get to... [more]

How do I encourage my wife to cheat?

I want my wife to cheat on me so I can catch her in the act and tell her that its alright and that we can invite her new found friend to bed for threesome. She was a virgin when she married me so she does not know what other size cock would feel like in her and her mouth. I really want to watch her suck another mans cock. Any suggestions

Wife Loves BBC

My wife tells me she wants black dick cause they are big and needs dick bigger than mine

Married guy but loving cock

I'm Lee,I've been married to my wife for 12 years,never ever thought about guys before until I watched some gay porn,don't know what made me watch but I did! To my surprise my cock had never felt so hard as I watched guys sucking off one another and then getting fucked! I'd never cum so much before either! I was totally surprised! But became... [more]

Wife can't get enough

I recently found out my wife has been meeting up with a past lover and fucking him on the weekends. According to the wife. It doesn't count as cheating if she doesn't sleep with a new guy. She says that his dick has been inside her already so it doesn't matter when or how many times they fuck anymore because she can't get unfucked. I think that... [more]

Wonder how the boys felt?

In agriculture class I got wet and kinda squishy down there when we were discussing breeding animals. I didn’t dare peek but I wondered if any of the boys were hard. I’m embarrassed.

Wife getting satisfied

So I live my wife and love her getting fucked by other men.
She is 35 mother of 3
Slim 5 foot nice figure. Cute sexy smile.
I secretly watch her seduce men all the time
She currently has 7 bf. On side none know of about each other .
So she set it up cause I asked and in 10 hours was able to get them over to house and out back to back.
She... [more]

Men blowjob

I am married. Never have but want a younger guy to suck me off

My Cheating wife's confessions

So my wife and I have been together for almost 16 years,me having been incarcerated for the majority of it, when I have been home I've always been gone for days at a time doing drugs and being unfaithful,my actions have led her to have multiple times been unfaithful,as of recently we have adopted a new lifestyle (mostly by my pressing)... [more]

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