If I go to the play

My wife and I had planned on going out to dinner in a small river town about 40 minutes away. The day before she said there was a little playhouse nearby that had a play she would like to see and we could go to dinner later after the play. She know's I don't like plays, I said ok, but you have to do something I want. She said really ok what? I did not know what at the time, but I would think of something.
Katie's know's I like it when she does not wear a bra and her top is easier to look in or down.
I got home from work and was getting ready to head out, when Katie said if you want I might have an idea as to what you might want for going to the play. Yes, dear and what would that be? Katie had told me she had picked up a top that I might like her to wear but had not worn it yet. Maybe that would make you happy? I said well that is a great start, Katie said she would try it on for me. Ok, She came out a minute later in a linen top with a wraparound front, it had a semi small print and a deeper v neck and 3/4 sleeves. It looked great, but at the time she had on a nice little lace bra. Katie said well do you like it, you can see in a little from the side, you like that. I said it's very nice now if you would take off the bra. Katie said really it open's up a bit more if I bend over or lean forward. I just smiled and said remember I have to go to a play.
Katie said ok, no bra. By the time we had gone to the play had dinner and walked the town a little Katie had shown her chest, nipple's and all, to more men that night than any other by far. After a while she said she just gave up let them look, at time's you could just see the waiter looking at her tit's with nice hard nipple's and Katie would just let him look. It was a great night for many a man

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  • I think Katie, started to like it, I hope you are still out there doing this, it never get's old to see a nice looking woman with an open blouse.

  • My husband has bought me many blouses like the ones you described and I never wear a bra when going out. Two weeks ago Saturday evening we went to a club for dancing and drinking and god I got felt up to many times to count even got five guys to cum in their pants when they would rub themselves upon my thighs.
    Even snuck out to the parking lot with a Black that really got my attention when dancing with me, god he did me good with his 11 inch tool four times, loved his lips on my nipples.

  • That was a great night, I have asked Katie if she would like to have sex with someone, if we had the right place right time. She said if all the stars align, and I would like him to be young, college maybe a bit older but not much.

  • Yes, she is and did a great job pretending she did not know they were looking.

  • Your wife is so very nice letting the guy's have a perv I for one love her

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