Katie give's in

Katie and I went to a party that was being held by an older ( late 50's ) couple a while back. When we were asked, we were also let known that some of their friends think its clothing optional out back, pool side.
When we met them it was at an art showing a little place for local artist's. Katie and I had noticed a nice painting and up came this couple we talked for a while and ended up having dinner with them.
The night of the party Katie had asked what she should wear? And if I planned on going in the pool. I told Katie it was going to be warm and she heard as I did that they might have some friend's out by the pool not wearing much if anything.
Katie said then how about no bra or pantie's a skirt and a linen top, maybe a bit see threw. I told her that will keep me happy all night.
When we got there it was already after nine, Katie thought later would be better the people would already be relaxed and having fun. Tomas opened the door, and was very happy to see us and glad we came, He told Katie she looked lovely. We headed to the back of the house and saw his wife Tammy in the kitchen prepping some food. Tammy also told Katie she looked beautiful.
Tomas took us to the pool area and introduced us to a few people and had to go back in and help Tammy. Someone came up and asked us what we wanted to drink, and took us on a little tour of the area.
As we were walking around Katie saw here first sign that they were telling the truth of poolside nudity, a nice looking woman in the pool without a top on and then a guy sitting poolside with nothing on. Katie whispered in my ear, how big do you think it will get. I told her it depend on what you do with it. Katie smiled and said we just got here, let's relax and drink a little.
Shortly after Tomas came out and asked if I would like to see his barn, he had put up for his artwork, he said it was old timber, with all exposed beams.
When I came back Katie was talking to a guy who was making drink's and Katie was his tester. Katie was sitting on a bar stool not more than ten feet from the pool. As I started to get closer I noticed that when Katie would turn to test another drink her leg's would open a bit, enough to realize she was not wearing anything under her skirt. When I got over to Katie I could tell she was having fun and relaxed.
One of the women came over to me and asked if I wanted to play pool volleyball? I looked at Katie and she asked I would first have a drink with her and then she would join me. Bye now one woman had no clothes on and two topless and two men with nothing on. Katie said you brought your bathing suit? I told her yes I would change when she was ready, Katie would not be happy if I was one of the naked people it only works one way with us, and I have no problem with that.
After we had our drinks, I told Katie I would change and be back in a minute, she said ok, she would be right here. I came back and Katie looked at me with a smile and said You ready for this? I told her I can't wait. Katie while still sitting on the bar stool, pulled her top off over her head, the guy making drink's and I just watched with pleasure as she undressed,
Katie stood up and dropped her skirt, Damm she looked good, Katie walked to the pool and jumped in. I went to put my drink down and the guy with us said you must have your hand full with that one. Yes, but it's a lot of fun, so I went and jumped in to join her.
I started to play volleyball and Katie stood nearby watching. Not long after Dave the barman came over and asked her if she was ready to try another drink? Katie said sure, and asked if he could take a break and chat a little. Dave said sure, Dave had on a bathing suit, but looked to be in good shape.
After a little bit I saw Katie head over to a seating area that was very nice and not as much light, mostly candle lite.
After a while I went out to get a drink and walked over to see if Katie wanted one, Katie was still naked and looked great sitting next to Dave. A few minutes went by and I was asked to play another game. Katie said go ahead, I'll be over in a little bit.
After a short time Katie and Dave headed over to the pool,.On their way they stopped and got another drink, while doing that, one of the men without any clothes on came over and asked Dave to make him a good one. Katie and this guy Peter walked over to the pool, Dave brought the drink's over and they all sat on the steeps of the pool with Katie in the middle.
After a little time went by we were done playing volleyball, I went over to talk to Katie and her two friends. We all went over to the other seating area, I sat on a nice chair, very comfortable and Katie and peter and Dave sat on a couch that was also very comfortable. Now we all had drink's and Katie saw a pack of card's on the coffee table, and said to Dave, how about a card game? Dave said sure, what do you want to play Katie said, one hand, high card win's if I win you take off your bathing suit. Peter laughed and said I don't know Dave look's like someone want's to see something. Dave said and why do you want to play this? Katie took a drink and said what he said.
Dave said and what if I win? Katie said, then you get what you want. Dave looked at me and said, and how come you get to keep your suit on? I smiled and said Katie has seen mine. Dave said ok, Dave won the hand, so Katie said two out of three, Dave won the second hand. Katie looked at him and said just take off the suit and tell me what you win.
Dave stood up in front of Katie and dropped his suit, Katie said nicely, can I touch him? Dave said if you do he might grow, Katie smile and said lets see how much. Katie started to stroke his cock and balls, and as she did, said look he is growing, he might be happy. Peter said what about me, I want to be happy, Katie said you should do what make's you happy.
He said but you"re sitting, Katie put one knee on the couch and kept one leg on the ground and leaned forward to suck on Dave, Now Peter had full access to Katie's now wet Pussy, as she sucked on Dave peter started to slid his fingers inside Katie's pussy, and finding it very wet stood up and grabbed her hip's and put his cock inside her. Katie let out a nice sound of pleasure. Peter started to go faster and harder and Katie was trying to keep a good handle on Dave's cock. After a few minute's went by Dave came in Katie's mouth and Peter had just cum in her pussy, Katie stood up and turned around as she did you could see Peter's cum dripping from Katie's pussy. Katie started to suck on Peter and in just a moment Dave would now be holding her hip's and pounding on Katie, This took a little more time. When they were all done Katie stood up and said this was a great party we have to do this again sometime. Katie looked at me with a big smile and said we ought to head home. I said ok lets go find your clothes. When we got to the car Katie said how tired are you? I said I'm ok what are you thinking? Katie said I want you to finish me off please. We got home and I got to finish Katie off. Katie is a girl who just really like's to enjoy a man's penis when she get's a chance.


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  • What a lucky lucky man, I want my wife to do this soo bad

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    all they did was ruin my legal career stop men loving me and put me down all the time as if I have no class, but ronaldo was in jail and ros lies for him still. i mean why would a money make pigs better when they abuse virgins to makes sure men won't date them? is that what june taught at her school? when in truth they did abuse that woman in the canals who said he was stalking him.

  • Dreadful i can't believe how many times he wrote katie fgs

  • I remember the first party we were at that my wife got naked in front of everyone. Now she host nude home parties. Life is good !

  • Wow 63 wtf

  • Oh my fucking god you wrote "Katie" 63 fucking times - SIXTY FUCKING 3! I couldn't even read the story past the5th Katie so i just went through counting!

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