He wanted me to wear it.

My husband and I once a year would go visit his parents in South Carolina. My in laws are great and we have a lot of fun while we're there, they have a pool in the back, and one of the fairways to the golf course beyond that.
My in laws are down there for a few months in the winter, then head north for the rest of the year. Last year in October my husband was able to take a week off and he wanted to go down to his parents house for the week, He talked to his parents and they thought it was a great idea.
We both play golf and love to relax and check out the area, with thoughts of one day moving down there.
I like to keep things fun and exciting for him, so sometimes when we go out at home, I will wear something that shows a little more of my body, Most of the time down there, we play golf with his dad,so I can't do any of that. But when we are on our own at times being winter still, and depending on our tee time and temperature I will wear a windbreaker and a Polo under that without a bra, a nice soft cotton that is easy to tell when my nipples get hard. He loves that and my little skirts even when he knows they are shorts that just look like a short skirt.
Once we got down there, we had made little plans other than playing some golf, relaxing by the pool and my husband had wanted to go for a club fitting and have new clubs made, and take a drive in some areas we had yet to visit. He did mention to me that without his parents around, I could dress a little more relaxed as he calls it.
The weather was going to be nice the whole time we were there, We got there late on Saturday, and by 11 am were sitting by the pool, Before we got there, his father had someone come and open the pool, it was great. He had someone take care of the lawn year round as needed, and the fairway was less than 100' away from the pool.
My husband had asked that I only bring, what he calls my sexy bikinis, I was good with that. And know need for any bras, I smiled and laughed. That morning I had on a little white bikini, we thought of hanging by the pool for a bit, then going into town to set up his club fitting.
I went in to get us something to drink and as I came out there was a guy looking for his golf ball and my husband was helping he heard it but did not see it land. I went over to see if I could help, and as I did they found the ball.
We stepped back and he played his ball back to the fairway. My husband looked at me and said that was so nice of me to be willing to help look for the ball in my little bikini. I smiled and said I thought you might like that.
The next day again before lunch we had been out by the pool, My husband had gone into fix us some lunch, so I was alone for a short time, At one point I got up to walk around the yard to pick up some sticks that had fallen over night. I was putting them in a pile in the back of the yard before the trees by the fairway, as I did one of the guys who maintain the course had driven on our side of the fairway and I waved him down to ask if he would be able to take the sticks away, He was Mexican I think, and said he would, so as he started picking up the sticks I helped, he said he would get them. I told him that was ok, I could help. As I did, he was very good about not starring but I did notice a quick look when he could.
As I headed back, I could see Tom sitting by the pool, he had a big smile on his face as did I now knowing he was in time to see what I was up to. He said you just made his day a lot better.
As the week went on I found that if I went out poolside mid day I would see my new grounds keeper friend. My husband knew this and would ask me to head out so I would not miss him, he enjoyed me walking around in a tiny bikini in full view of him, and encouraged me to look for sticks to get him to come over and get rid of them while checking me out. My husband would go inside most often when he could tell he was in the area so the guy could look a little easier. That really made my husband horny. And I too was enjoying his attention I must say, it felt good.
Tom had to go pick up his clubs and we were going to play later in the day once he got back. I went out and was feeling very horny and know Tom around to help me, I wanted to have my friend come by and somehow get a better look, I put on a bikini I thought was the thinnest or possibly the most shear, I found that none were all that shear, so I went in the pool to see if that would help, It did but only that it was easier to tell my nipples were hard, I wanted more, I was way too horny at this point.
I put some sticks far enough out that if my friend was to look over he would see them and at least drive over, and I was but had so many thoughts going on in my head. I had my ear plugs in with know sound on, hoping he would think I did not hear him drive up. I was so freaking horny, after a short time I saw him on the other side of the fairway, picking up some brush, I almost went inside I was so nervous. I could hear him drive over to our side, as he got closer he slowed to a stop I think he realized I was topless and was not sure if he should stop or not. He sat for a moment and I thought he might just ride away so I sat up to get my drink and looked over to pretend I just saw him and waved to him, He then pointed at the sticks and I nodded yes, to let him know he could pick them up. He drove up and I got up putting on my bikini top as I walked over to help.
He said he was sorry he did not know I had no top on when he headed over. I told him that was ok, I'm sure you like younger women. He said you are a beautiful woman, I like all beautiful women. And you are not too old. I knew my nipples were hard my pussy now wet, I asked him if he could take a short break, I would like to give him a drink. He said yes, I would like that, we walked back to the house and I said I would get him a drink have a seat. When I went in I took off my bikini and put on a shear cover up I wear when I go to the beach. As I came out he looked over and saw that I had changed and said you look very nice, you are in very good shape. I said thank you and asked him if he could go in the pool before going back to work? He said he would like to but had no bathing suit and his clothes were dirty. I walked over to the steps and took off my cover up and said please. For the next half hour, my friend did me every way he could think of. I got to suck on my first Mexican penis, and he left me wanting more. I the next day I had asked Tom to pick up something in town, knowing it would be at least an hour till he got back. As I saw my friend across the way I waved and he headed over, Today I had on just a little dress, I sat next to him and took his hand and put it under my dress. He got out of the cart took me to the front and bent me over and just started pounding away, then turned me around held my knee's up and kept on pounding. When he was done, he said thank you I have to get back to work now.
Tom never found out and I hope to get back down their as soon as possible.

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