A fun night at the Casio

Let's go to the Casio tonight, just for a little while. I really did not want to throw away money, I never win. Come on, just for an hour or two, we are so close. And how much money are we going to give them? My wife said we can set a limit, and if it would make you happier, I will wear an outfit that will keep your mind off the money. Ok, the Casio it is.
I got ready to go and my wife was just about ready, when she came out she said well is this outfit good for you? I had seen her wear the top and skirt before, but not together, A wrap around top no bra, and a wrap around skirt. Wow, You look great.
We had a short drive over to the Casio, we talked about our limit, and both knew we would be playing slots, nothing else. We would lose too fast. Once we got there we looked for what we thought would be a good spot to donate our money. After walking around for a few minute's she said she saw a perfect spot. Oh boy, Where? Look there, by the three guy's, do you notice anything? Yes a white kid, a black kid and an Asian kid. She laughed and said come on, that's funny.
She said ok who get's the view, I knew her top would open up once she sat down. I said, let's start on this side and if we want we can change side's if the money is going to fast. Ok.
As we walked over to the stools to sit down, my wife asked the kid if anyone was sitting here? He looked at her and said no, as she sat down, she asked him how he was doing? He looked back at her, to respond and noticed her top was more revealing than when she was standing, and said he was about even but his friend's were down. She said well this might be your lucky night.
We started to play and as we did, he was making small talk to my wife, taking a look when he could. After about ten minutes his friends said they were going to try another spot, and asked if he was going to stay, or go. Stay, I'm good here for now.
Not long after they left, he won big, not sure how big, but it was a lot of bells and whistles. He could not believe it, he said it was his first time going and it was his lucky night. She told him, to cash it in and if he was going to keep playing to just use the same amount as when he got there, and it would stay a lucky night.
We played for a short time longer and decided we would take a walk around.
As we started to head outside, The kid who won came up behind us, and told us he had won 2,700 dollars. Holy crap. My wife was very excited for him and told him to remember what she said. He said he tried calling his friends, but got no answer so he was going to look around here for them.
We got outside, and he came back to us. He said that wanted to ask her something, Sure What? Did you guy's win? No, we both lost a hundred dollars. He said he wanted to ask another question,but maybe he shouldn't
She said it can't hurt to ask, He said I don't know about that, Just ask.
He said if I gave you 200.00 dollars would you open your blouse? I just smiled and looked at my wife, she smiled and laughed, really you'll give me 200.00 to see my chest? That would make my night so much better.
My wife looked at me and said you would like your money back? I just smiled and said that's up to you dear. Not here, let's find a better spot. Really, you'll do it, Sure, it will make you both happy.
We went out to find a place for her to open her top without being seen, we found a spot that looked good. He said let me give you the money first. As my wife was undoing her top, she said give it to him, that will make him happy. As she exposed her chest, he just looked at her tits, as I did, and as we did you could see her nipples getting harder.
She said 200.00 dollars is a lot of money if you want, you can feel them too. Really, he looked at me, if she says its ok then I would do it. He started to feel her chest and was so happy, Well are they as good as you hoped? So much better. She looked down at his shorts, and said wow you do like them. My wife loves to see a hard cock, She asked him if he would show her his cock, Really, that would be ok? Yeah, do you want me to give you back some of your money? No, I'll do it. He opened up his shorts enough for her to see his hard on. Wow, that's nice. Can I feel it? Yeah. She held his cock in his hand and as she did, she told him to keep feeling her boobs. It's so hard, would you like me to do more than just feel it. You would? If you do, I will double your money. She got down on her knee's and started to suck on his cock, Let me know before you cum, I'm not wearing any underwear, I want you to cum in my pussy, is that ok? With that, he said he was going to cum soon,     She stood up and looked around and said over here, She lifted up her skirt and led him, Now he was looking at her tits and fucking her, he was going slow, after a minute or two my wife started saying faster, harder, I could tell when she came, He came just after, She asked him not to pull out yet just keep going, she came again, and said ok, as he pulled out she got back on her knee's to suck on him a little more. Then stood up and said I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did.


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  • A "Casio" is a real cheap wristwatch, which, even with the cute little sex fantasy, you would've been better off !

  • I go to the casino alot when my husband is at work or out of town. I have sex with men for money so that I can gamble more

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