How to get the best Deal

I wanted to get a c class rv, my wife was ok with that if I got a good deal on something I could sell easy enough if we found that we did not use it as much as we thought.
We looked at new, that was too much for me to think of. We started looking in the paper and on the computer, then we thought we would start looking at some dealer's.
We went into Pa. They had a lot more than NJ. As we started our search,we found the dealer's that had new and a little used, did not seem to want 5to spent much time walking around, they would say those over there are open you can go in and let me know what you think.
After a day of that we lost interest in a place that was more on the new Rv side.
So the next weekend we headed out to some dealer's that only sold used.
It was warm out and my wife was wearing a nice little skirt and a scoop neck top without a bra on. On our way to our first dealer I joked and said maybe if you show off your leg's it might help the price a little. She looked at me and said I thought of that and that is why I'm not wearing a bra either.
It's always been an adventure doing thinks with her once I told her how much I get excited when she wear's outfit's like that.
Her thought was I really wanted to go look and she really wanted a good deal so lets have fun looking.
The first place we went to was an older looking place that had a lot of RV's to look at and the salesman was very willing to show us around. As I would be talking about the motor or how many mile's is a lot for an RV is she would be looking at how it was laid out and what was where, and by doing so making it look like she was unaware that when she would bend over you could see her chest or when she would sit someplace that you could see her little white lace underwear.
When I would be starting to talk about price, at that time she would say something like, we need one that you got a good deal on so we can get a good deal also. Or let us know how or what we could do to get a better deal. And most often she would be bending over or sitting with or leg's open enough for him to get a good look under her skirt.
Depending on the salesman and how busy a place was they would say something like, well maybe we could work something out. I would have to go and check the number's to see how much room I have to work with.
So went back into his shop and came back out in about ten minute's and said he would really like to make some kind of a deal, but what we have here now has been gone over by already there cleaned up and are all running well. I looked over at her and she said well, can you let us know when you get something in that you know run's well but still need's some Tlc on the inside so we can look at it before you clean it up, would that make it easier to make some kind of deal. He said that might be possible, but you might have to come out to look at it on short notice, I looked at her again and said well what do you think.
She asked if it would help if we left some kind of a deposit or something to help you find something that we might like. He said know you don't need to leave a deposit, but what kind of deal are you looking for?
My wife asked if I wanted to look one more time at the other trailer behind this one, and he and I can talk figure's.
Ok, that sound's good. I left and went into the other trailer and as soon as I did opened up a window on the side to hear them talk. I heard no I'm no longer married. She asked a girlfriend? nope, not one of those either. Then how much can you be the one who decide's on the final price. He said all that he bring's in. So if you can find us one that you can make the final deal on, and if you are willing I think I can do something you might enjoy to help with that, and if that is possible maybe I can give you a little down payment.
He said if you think that might be something you would be willing to do, that would be great.
My wife said well tell me this what is this thing over here as she bent down in front of him, giving him a nice look at her chest , as he came over she looked up to see him looking at her chest, she grabbed his hand and put it down her top and asked if that was ok? yep, that is very nice. Then took her hand and put it on his crotch and ask if he would like her to see what was in there. yes that too would be real nice. She open his pant's pulled down his underwear to see he was now hard and happy. without any hesitation tried to put his hole cock in her mouth and then teasted it, and sucked it, and then asked yif he would like to cum in her mouth? he said yes I want to very much. I could hear both of them when he came, and after he had pulled up his pant's, she said next time I need you to want to cum in my pussy it's so wet right now, will you do that for me please.

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