Am I being a prude?

I’ve been married five years and my husband is the only man I’ve ever been with. We have lots of good sex and it’s very satisfying for both of us. But lately he’s been trying to convince me to have a threesome with another woman. First of all I have no interest in being with a woman so this would just be about him having another woman, which hurts my feelings. But more important I thought our marriage meant it’s just the two of us in bed. I love my husband and want to make him happy and do any sexual thing he desires. I have not set any limits and he knows I will and do perform any sexual act he desires. But doing something myself and allowing another woman into our bed to do things with him are two very different things. He’s really pressing about this and I worry he will cheat behind my back if I don’t give in. What should I do? The only person I’ve told is my sister and she says leave him but I don’t want that. And by the way, I asked him what if I wanted a threesome with a man and he said no way ever. I didn’t want that but was making a point. I need some guidance.

Jul 12
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    • Tell him that since he wants a WMW threesome and he won’t allow a MWM threesome then he needs to allow you a night with the man of your choice and that he doesn’t have to be in the room to watch (though you prefer), but he needs to stay in the next room for your protection.

      He will likely say no. But if he says yes then go on line and find a well hung handsome black man.

      Also dictate that your desire needs to be fulfilled first.

    • Put me in the camp of "I'll do anything sexually to please you except have other people in our bed". Ask if roleplaying would be enough for him. If not, your marriage has an expiration date.

    • This is exactly our arrangement. The RP sexy dialogue is hot as hell. But it’s just the two of us there for real. I’ve known at least 1/2 a dozen couples who’ve delved into real sharing. One is still together

    • Turn the table sis! Tell him if he sucks a dick fir you, you might give in. But stick to your guns and if it's not something yiu want, then make it perfectly clear to him. If yiu feel the marriage is over, fuck it and ask for a 3some with another dude, but leave him out if it happens. Every man's fantasy is a 3 some, but at what cost. We just leave it a fantasy in our relationship. My wife turns the conversation on me, I'll ask if I can do anal, she's like you first. Or I'll ask for a 3 some and she'll say, with another man first.

    • Stick up for yourself. Tell him no explain why. If your love is mutual he should understand.
      Ask him if he would suck the cock in mmf situation

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