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I’ve made a few comments on different topics, hinting at my situation. But I’ve got to admit what’s going on. My husband is a baptist minister. We’ve been married 21 years, it’s pretty good overall. But there’s this woman, she’s recently divorced, 33 years old, she’s struggling with same sex attraction. She’s had a “lesbian past” as she calls it. And now that she’s single again, she’s fearful of slipping all the way into that lifestyle. I’ve been counseling her for some time. The problem is, I think she’s bringing me more to her desires than I am bringing her out. I think of her, in a sexual way all the time. It consumes my every thought. I don’t know if I’m a lesbian, just curious, or what. I’ve never cheated, or seriously considered it before. Nor am I sure how I’d breach the topic. I don’t know what to do.

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  • Any updates? Have you told your husband, or did he find out on his own?

  • Hi all, I’m the OP. I have given into my desires, and contrary to my hopes, they did not fizzle out. I’m now in the middle of a deep, passionate affair. I’m questioning if I am, or ever was straight.

  • My husband and I go on vacation with another couple pretty regularly. The guys are always teasing that when they are out on the UTV's that we are back in the RV park making out. Recently we went out to the dunes and while the guys were out, I was taking a nap. I thought I was having a sex dream when I realized that my gf had her hand under my shorts teasing my pussy. I was so turned on. I continued to pretend to be asleep but spreading my legs a little wider. My pussy was dripping wet. I could hear her licking my pussy juice off her fingers and heard her finger her own pussy. This is going to be a new chapter of our friendship because like you I cant wait to see her again.

  • To just lay, running my hands over the soft curves of her feminine body is the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. I’ve never seen/experienced it from this perspective before. We’ve had sex four times now and I’m on fire all the time.

  • So it’s Sunday morning. I’m honestly only looking foreword to church today because I know she’ll be there.

  • Are you still going to keep up the relationship with your new friend? Will your husband allow it to continue? Any updates?

  • My last girlfriend left me for a southern Baptist minister who was married with 4 children. I'm curious to know if you will tell your husband, or let him "discover" things on his own.

  • I don’t have any idea what the future holds right now. I’m very mixed up. I’m truly sorry for your experience

  • I don’t know if anyone cares to hear from me, and a part of me hopes no one reads this, but I have to confide somewhere.
    She and I met again yesterday, and I, a Baptist minister’s wife had sex with a woman. We spent all afternoon together, the kissing, the exploring, the fondling, it just went on and on. It must’ve taken us an hour to get completely naked. I’ve never experienced sex that was so in the moment. There was no rush to a destination. The attention she gave my breasts alone is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.
    When she, umm, went down.....I now know the meaning of the word “ecstasy”. There is no way I’m giving this up.
    After the longest time just holding, caressing, kissing, recouperating, she encouraged me to taste her. I thought “could I”? She whispered “I’ll help you”. So I kissed my way down, and finally reached her vagina. She had me just hold there, taking in her essence, her scent. It was stronger than I expected, but not in a bad way. It was beautiful. Finally she told me to begin, the taste was also strong, but so right. To bring a woman to trembling orgasm was something I want to do again and again. I’m in deep.

  • Satan is tempting you. He is using this succubus to lead you down the path of unrighteous sin into the very depths of eternal Hell. You must confide in your husband, who will use his Godly empowerment to deliver you from this evil and return your soul to the hands of our Lord and savior. Either that, or he may encourage you to chow down on her pussy while he does you in the ass from behind.

  • Just try it once or a couple of times, if you don’t you’ll regret the chance. I tried and love it an hubby don’t know.😜

  • Ever since I read this response, I can’t get it off my mind. I knew immediately I would not miss an opportunity.
    We met today for lunch. My face felt hot as I admitted to her that I’d had inclination of same sex attraction. She replied “I know hun”. I know I blushed and asked “how?” She said it was obvious to her. I couldn’t look her in the eye. She moved closer and took my hand. She whispered “it’s okay”. I felt her touch my face, I looked up at her as her lips met mine. I couldn’t believe it was happening. Her tongue touched my lips, I parted them, inviting her in. Her kiss was so soft, sensual, not assaulting like a man. She placed my hand on her breast. I’ve never felt one that way before. It felt so right. We touched, explored
    each other, kissed for the longest time. I could have stayed with her all night. But I had to go. I’m in deep now. I don’t feel the guilt I expected. I can’t wait to see her again...tomorrow.

  • So is this something you carry on now?

  • You know what to do. Kiss her deeply and have sex. It’s ok, Jesus won’t mind

  • Threesome with you, her and hubby!

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