I’ve always wanted

I’ve always wanted to try and suck a man dick. Don’t get me wrong I consider myself to be straight and love pussy. I’ve had this fantasy of taking a cock in my throat for a while now but I’ve never acted on it.

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  • Go for it nothing wrong with sucking some cock. My wife loves it when I help her suck her lovers cocks along side of her. She even puts it in my mouth. It's wonderful doing this for another man. I do feel feminine when I suck cock though but that's fine. We do have another side to us that many are afraid to talk about or let out. There are times when I'm just with my wife I feel feminine and it's great. So go ahead and give some head you'll be fine. 💋😋🐛

  • Thanks for all the comments, I’ve recently got back from a meet with a guy I met on Grindr, sucked him off in his car. The only downside is that he didn’t last long and blow his load in my mouth before we went any further. Turned out he was a one load kind of guy :(

  • U must be a good cock sucker. Lol. I would love to have you suck me. I never had a guy suck me.

  • Hehe I would if you are in the uk x

  • You can suck my cock and I will suck yours. Then if you like I will fuck you in your sexy asshole good and hard.

  • U can fuck my ass while he sucks me. That would be great.

  • Damn if your near me in the uk fuck yes

  • What are you waiting for? I've been married three times, fucked more women than I can ever remember, and I enjoy sucking a cock dry. And if you really want something exciting, take one up the ass while you suck on another.

  • That’s hot

  • I would love to suck and drool all over a really stiff cock at a gloryhole. The bigger the better with a huge tight pair of balls too

  • I felt the same way for a long time then had the chance to try it and it was great I loved it

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