Enjoyed Thanksgiving this years was the best ever

I’ve been divorced from my wife for about 2 yrs my job had me away from home and we grew apart. I’ve gotten over our breakup but haven’t had anytime since my job keeps me so busy. Back when we first got married we had a threesome with my best friend I wanted to watch her fuck his bigger cock. It was the most intense sexual experience I had ever had we had many threeways over our marriage with him. This thanksgiving he came into town to visit we enjoyed dinner with friends and was after hanging out. We started to talk about our three way joking how fun it was he explained how sexually frustrated he has been with his wife going thru metaphase. I had one time brought up in the phone wanting to compare our cocks. He had a nervous sound in his voice bringing up wanting to compare, I could read thru the conversation this was to get some sexual satisfaction he needed. I felt turned on and also felt a desire to sooth his sexual frustration. We had pulled out our cocks and he asked me if I was ready I reached over to feel his cock seeing how he would react. I figured if he jumped away I would go with the pace but he didn’t move away I stroked him a few times. Then leaned down sucking and stroking his cock moving into the 69 position as his hips raised I gagged on his huge cock. I gave him the best BJ I could with this being the first time I’ve ever done anything like this. I had the best time sucking him throating as much as I could and drained his cock. I went to my bed after we didn’t talk about it I didn’t know what to say. Not sure how much long it was maybe 20 minutes I was so horny I went back I crawled on his bed he was startled he said you wanna suck my cock again. I didn’t answer I just started sucking his cock he twisted me around we was now 69ing. Going at it maybe a half hour he twisted me over and around putting my legs over his shoulders starting to shove his cock up my ass. I screamed in pain YOUR COCKS TO BIG, he kept going I tried to relax as he kept trying I wanted to try him. I wanted to help him get his needs met but he was too big and we stopped. No regrets I’m not gay I feel it as just a sexual experience and helping my best friend.

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