A mother’s Love

I am 43, my son is 19. I’m married to his dad but he drives a truck across country so he’s gone a lot. My son and I have always been close, and I’ve always been very open with him. That is, there’s never been a time in his life he hasn’t seen me topless, though not in a sexual way. He slept in my bed at least half the time his dad was out until he started getting erections. It’s been a few years. Well he’s been dating this girl we all really liked, not too serious but he was really starting to fall for her. From a woman’s point of view I knew it wasn’t mutual but that’s another story. So last night the inevitable happened. I was already in bed when he came home very distraught as she had dumped him. He got ready for bed then came into my room wearing only boxer shorts (nothing abnormal for us) and told me about it. I laid the covers back and he climbed right into my bed and I held him like I haven’t in years. We talked and I petted and caressed him for the longest time. I don’t know if it’s normal for a mother or not, but I’ve had many occasions to have very strong sexual desires for him, but I’ve never acted on them. That said, I felt him becoming aroused. He tried to keep it from me, but I was very aware of it. As we laid face to face, me petting his face, something came over me and I kissed him gently on the lips. He pulled back, we stared into each other’s eyes for the longest time, then he leaned back in and open mouth kissed me. Needless to say the nature of the moment took a hard turn from there. We made out like lovers until I was so hot. I grabbed him by the shoulders and rolled him on top of me (well i gestured, he did it). I’m the throws of passion he was inside me before I knew it. My panties off to the side , him through the opening in his shorts, making passion filled love to his mother. After only a few minutes he pulled out and let go on my tank top. It felt so wrong, yet so right. We held each other for a while, then shed our clothes and did it again, then again like only a young man can lol. So here I am, early in the morning, feeling not regretful, but conflicted. What have I done? I actually had sex with my own son. But I loved it so much. Am I a monster? Am I sick? I just had to get this off my chest.

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  • There is nothing wrong with having consensual sex with your son. But problem is doing it behind your husbands back.

  • OP here. I really appreciate the encouraging words. We’ve been an item for awhile now. The love making is something I’ve never felt with anyone. He gets very jealous when his father is home, he knows what I have to do. But luckily he’s gone three days for every one he’s home. I’ve encouraged him to stay out longer, earn more money. I don’t feel the guilt I did originally. Thanks again

  • Society says is wrong but me and mum have been fucking for 5 years it is one of the best amazing feeling and wonderful I was 39 and she was 61 when we started so don't worry what people think just do what makes you happy

  • Right or wrong, I can’t stop. We’ve been like a newlywed couple now. I’ve never had sex like this. The intimacy between a mother and her son is like no other. The more comfortable we get with each other and what we’re doing, the better it gets. OP here btw.

  • Yes do it if he fells good with this and keep it secret from your husband
    will you let your son cum in you?
    Dont listen to others thay say its not good
    I guess he and you had a great sex and the pleasure has intense

  • Hey I read your post about dog love? Have you????? Tell me about it. OP here

  • Hi, OP here. I’m still a little conflicted, but I can’t stop wanting him. And the feeling is definitely mutual. This is definitely the most intimate sex I’ve ever had and for the first time ever I dread hubby coming home. Right now my son and I are like newlyweds around the house. But what kind of jealousy is this young man likely to experience when I have to perform my wifely duty with his dad? I know I shouldn’t have gotten this started. But it’s so good.

  • It's so good because it's so naughty. You are right about your son being jealous about you having sex with your husband. You may just have to cut him off, your son is a better lover anyway.

  • I disagree, he loved it as well

  • Don't do it again! Not with your son. Go have an affair with somebody, but not your son, for god's sake.

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