No interest at all

I’m beginning to believe I have some sexual problem, I’m 26 and have absolutely no interest in sex or any pleasure for myself, I recently met with an old friend and she told me she can’t stop masturbating, she said she does it in the car at work basically anywhere she can quickly do it.
I never seem to get any urges to want to do this, I know what feelings you get from an orgasm I’ve been in a few relationships and I can honestly say for the last two years I’ve never touched myself in that way.
My friend has tried to encourage me and I have given it some thought but still no interest in trying.


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  • Try some different things, maybe watch tv in the nude and walk around the house as a nudist.. point is, to look for things that will bring out some excitement in you.
    You never know, something simple might do it for you? Get the mail when the mail man is at the door with a see through nighty...or rub on it with the front door slightly open so there’s a risk of being caught.
    Find your buttons, everybody has them.

  • You mentioned a "few relationships". Did you have sex, and was it enjoyable ? You should have some degree of sex drive. I've seen menopause take the starch out of a libido, and some people have a low sex drive, but a complete lack of interest might be something you want to bounce off a doctor.

  • People who masturbate make better lovers, masturbating is very healthy physically and mentally and should be practiced by everyone. They did a survey on masturbating, 90% of people admitted that they masturbate, and the 10% that said they didn't masturbate are likely lying.

  • I read the same article and find it amazing that people are afraid to admit it.
    How did we get here? A normal human act and it’s being taboo and hidden.

  • Could just be a phase for you, mental stresses? Might want to see a Dr. though, don’t want to lose it all together.

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