I Didn't Know 2

If you read my first confession you know this....if you didnt here is how it started....

A few years ago, I received a surprise phone call from a guy I had spoken with just once on a dating site. He told me that he had tickets to see VanHalen this coming weekend and wanted to know if I would go with him.

All I knew about him was he was cute and seemed sweet when I talked with him on the phone. I decided to take the chance so I told him I would.

I had been a divorced soccer mom type for a number of years, didn't feel very attractive and never did anything exciting. It was hard finding a relationship. I am 5' 2" tall, 114 pounds and petite. I have brown hair and blue eyes and my breasts are small (30C).

he introduced me to my inner exhibitionist self.

This time I had told him that I wanted a tattoo. He said that he knew just the place. It is a biker bar in Dallas called Strokers. We headed there one July Saturday night to drink, shoot pool and get my tat. It’s a dive biker bar with a patio out back where the band plays. There is also a trailer set-up for tattoos.

The trailer has one whole side that is a window so folks can watch people getting a tattoo. it looked like it had been converted from a food truck to now a tattoo parlor.

After we drank a few beers, we headed to the trailer.
I wore my usual cut-off Jean shorts, a button-down white blouse that I tied midriff and a pair of white sandals. We walked inside the trailer and the first thing I realized was that the tattoo artist was a guy that had been asking me out on the same dating site where I met the guy I was with. I told my guy and he said, "this will be his lucky day!" At the time I wasn't sure what he meant by that, so I turned, to picked out my favorite tattoo.

As I spoke with the artist about placement, I noticed a crowd gathering at the large picture window to watch.

I wanted the tat adjacent, and very close to my freshly shaved pubic mound on the right side.

The artist told me to lay on the table. I saw that I would be laying on the table with my feet toward the crowd. Before the artist could say another word, my guy said "take off your shorts and panties".

The artist quickly said that I could leave my panties on and began to close the blinds on the window. “Leave them open!” My guy told him so the artist did. my man then turned to me and said, take off your panties.” I did then climbed up on the table.

The artist just stared and said nothing.

what turns me on the most about this guy i was dating is how people did whatever he told them to do. including me.

Once I was comfortable, the artist positioned my leg to ensure it was straight. my man moved my other leg so I was now spread, The crowd and the artist could see my well-lit body and between my legs at my dampening pussy.

I laid there with my pussy exposed for more than 30 minutes. When he was done, I stood in front of a full-length mirror. With butt to the crowd and admired his work. He bandaged my tat and told me to leave it covered for 24 hours and had me get dressed.

We headed back into the bar to shoot some pool. As we played the band started not 15 feet away. MY guy noticed that a couple of the band members were checking out "my ass" every time that i took a shot.

my guy told me to covertly unbutton the 3 top buttons on my blouse. When I did and the blouse gaped allowing more exposed breasts then I was used to. When I bent to take shot, the blouse teased by showing almost everything but hid enough frustrating the band members. This was fun for me.

We played 3 games and had a few more beers and decided it was time to leave. As my guy headed for the bar to pay and I told him that I wanted to go look at the bikes outside.

When he left the bar, I was window shopping in the bike store next to the bar. There was a limo driver standing by his limo watching me. my guy waked up next to him and said “she’s pretty huh?” he said “She sure is!” that made me feel good.

he told him that I just got a new tat and asked if he wanted to see it. He said he would so my guy called me over and told me that he wanted to see my new tattoo.

I modestly opened my shorts and carefully peeled away the bandage ensuring i didn't expose too much. "Give us an obstructed view of the tat. Pull your shorts and panties down to your knees and take the bandage off for a minute.” my guy commanded.

When I did as i was told the limo drivers jaw dropped as he stared at my tat and shaved pussy. “You like it!” My guy asked him as I just stood with my pants down.

“Yeah!” he said. “You want to see all of her?” my guy asked. “Hell Yeah!” he said. My man turned to me and told me to "take off my shorts and panties and walked to the truck. Then takeoff all your clothes and lay on the front seat in the position I put you in to flash truckers."

The truck was across the parking lot and next to the street. They watched as I walked bottomless to the truck and opened the door. Once I was in the truck, I stripped off the rest of my cloths leaving me completely naked. I assumed the position requested as they walked over.

When the limo driver came around the door, he was greeted with a completely naked me with my legs spread wide. I even took off the bandage. i thought i heard him gasp. “You can touch her tits and pussy!” my guy told him. He reached out and put 2 fingers in my soaked pussy just as his clients exited the bar. “I have to go!” he said and ran off. I stayed naked for our ride home.

I love how he makes me feel.

Jul 10
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