What happened to the good old days

I’m 52 from the age of 17 to 23 if you only fucked one girl a week you was having a pretty bad week!
I’m being honest, the more you could afford to go out and buy girls drink the more you was fucking.
Late 80s early 90s really was an easy time to have sex.
My dad told me stories about the 60s and that seemed to be the best time to have sex with just about anyone!
Now it seems impossible to get a fuck, I have my own property, two nice cars, I’m financially comfortable, look after myself and ware nice clothes.
Start talking to a woman nowadays and they freak out.
I found out once the lady I offered to buy a drink thought I was dodgy, someone you can’t trust, I was talking to her friend and offered to buy both a drink and when I returned she told me.
What’s going on?

1.1 years ago

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    • My wife and I both fucked many other people during the late 60s and early 70s when we were in college. We both fucked over 30 other people before we got together our senior year. We have been married 46 years and have been together over 48 years. We went to swinger parties in the mid and late 70s where we probably had sex with another 10 or so other couples. I knew that my wife enjoyed sex but I had never seen her fucking another guy until the swinger parties. We stopped around 1980 when we had children. I would like to start having sex with other couples again but we have only had threesomes with other men. Hopefully that will change but I certainly don't have any issues with my wife having sex with other men and I really enjoy fucking her after another guy just came inside her.

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