I can’t stop cheating

I’m a married woman now. My husband always used to want me to have sex with other men. I wasn’t into it. Eventually while at a nursing conference though I had sex with a lovely black man. Wasn’t planned just happened. Since that time I have cheated more and more. Now it’s a near daily occurrence. I have tried to stop but I can’t now that I know how easy it is for me to find a lover I can’t stop. I wish I could at time. My husband is great and actually a very skilled lover but the naughtiness of cheating turns me on so much. I still have never told him I’ve been with other men. And at this point it’s been many. I’d like to get some feedback from you guys. Also I’m willing to share my experiences if anyone is interested.

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  • I am 23 married for the past 2 years and since I've been married I have had many different men in my life that I did when I was single.
    I let men pick me up when I go shopping and now I get laid daily from our neighbors son who's only 17 but he's black and man is he ever hung.

  • I'm 18 and white and I'm just as hung as he is I'm 4 inches hard

  • This is very awesome :)

    Cheating is a kink and an addiction - I know because I have it as well (married 39 yo male). I also am a bad influence, convincing co workers and friends to cheat...

    Anyway, definitely share some of your experiences! I'd love to know whether your co workers know about each other or not.

  • My affair started much the same way. I flirted with a co worker. Called each other our work wife and work husband. Well we went on a business trip together and after a few drinks we ended up in his hotel room where we were like rabbits. We just didn't stop. When we weren't in meetings we were in one another's rooms just doing it.

    It just grew from there. The lies. Sneaking out. And then another business trip with another male co worker I ended up having sex with him as well. I can't help myself. I'm having sex with two guys from work, my husband. And almost any guy that hits on me if I go on a business trip alone. It's crazy how it starts and just doesn't stop. The excitement of it is out of this world. So I know how you feel.

  • As long as you are proud of yourself being an adulterous whore, you have nothing to worry about, 'cept maybe the menagerie of STDs you will likely contract and give to your husband. Good luck with that, whore.

  • What is your address? ;)

  • I have the same problem , I purposely put myself in a position where random strange men will come across me naked. I also have the addiction or whatever you call it of sleeping with my husband's friends.

  • Do you have sex with most the guys that see you naked? I like to go shopping in short dresses that when I bend over show off the goods.

  • Admit it, You are now a slut for black cock

  • Not just black cock

  • Your fucking up and causing yourself alot of grief. Simple answer. Tell your man you want to swing as a couple. Your guilt will be gone. You get what you NEED. And everytime he fucks a woman your secret guilt will lesson. Also you should make attonement by licking his lovers cunts clean after he has sex with them. Restores your inner Karma.

  • Please share

  • Yes do

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